Gypsum Ceiling Painting Method

If there is a desire to paint the ceiling made of plasterboard with your own hands, then you should take a roller, for example, velor or mohair. It should be in two sizes. For coloring the main area - width 300 mm, and for corners - 100 mm. In addition, it is also worth buying a paint tray, where there is a special grille, about which you can remove excess paint composition.

The painted ceiling, which is made of plasterboard, looks particularly good if its coating was selected correctly. It is very important to remember that the light color space visually expands and makes it brighter, but the dark one - on the contrary.

In addition, it is necessary to give preference to matte paints, which can not only visually enlarge the room, but also hide the disadvantages that are better on the surface than glossy ones. Performing repairs in the house, do not forget about the furniture. By the way, living room cabinets can be purchased at a specialized company.

After the tone of the paint is chosen, and the surface is prepared, it is necessary to start painting it. First of all, it is necessary to glue the walls around the perimeter of the ceiling with adhesive tape so that the paint from it does not fall on the surface of the walls. Then close the doors and windows so that there are no drafts. Pour the paint into the tray and roll the dunk in there, removing the excess paint from the grate.

The first strips should be applied across the premises with a size of 0.5-1 meters. At the same time, the new strip should close somewhere 15 cm. After covering the entire ceiling with paint, wait until the layer dries, after which the next one can be applied. A small roller is used in the corners.

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