Gyms in Simferopol: review and reviews

Now in fashion with young people, and not only,adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Visiting the gym is included in the list of activities for active people. In Simferopol, there is quite a lot of competition among such establishments. Therefore, citizens can choose for themselves the appropriate option for price and location.

Where are the

Gyms in Simferopol are in differentareas and have a different focus in sports. There are institutions that focus on fitness or strength training of clients. In many, there are classes for the rehabilitation of clients after injuries by experienced specialists in this field.

Simferopol gym

A lot of halls have several rooms, and in them clients conduct different classes for healing and bringing the body in order.

The most popular institutions in the city are:

  • 90X60X90 - st. Bela Kun, 5;
  • Citrus - st. Ushinsky, 4;
  • Flex - pr. Kirova, 36;
  • Hulk - st. 60 years of October, 8;
  • Neo - st. Frunze, 32A;
  • "Avatar" - st. Dmitry Ulyanov, 16;
  • "Breeze" - st. Railway, 5;
  • "Zeus" - st. Baturin, 4;
  • "Olympus" - Prospect Vernadsky, 20;
  • "Chic" - st. Dybenko, 1.

These halls are equipped with modern simulators and have experienced trainers on their base.

Gym "Maximus" in Simferopol

This sports club is located on the street. Sevastopol, 59. The hall is open from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 to 23.00. On Sunday, work is reduced - from 12.00 to 19.00.

gym Maximus Simferopol

This sports club has an area of ​​more than 260 m2. There are several rooms with a variety of simulators and sports equipment. Recently, new equipment was delivered here:

  • professional cardiovascular equipment;
  • duplicated dumbbell rows;
  • professional lifter vultures;
  • disks;
  • power frames;
  • bench for press;
  • platform for deadlift;
  • shockproof rubber floor covering.

Thus, the equipment of the hall is constantly updated and improved. Here you can also train using:

  • a large set of dumbbells;
  • cardiozone;
  • equipment for fitness exercises;
  • rods, etc.

Features of the hall

In the "Maximus" the cost of the subscription is includedwork coach. Therefore, each visitor will receive attention from an experienced athlete. The coach will show how to properly use the simulators and with what exercises and loads you need to start newcomers.

Simferopol training simulator prices

Also in the sports club are held all kinds ofshares. In honor of the holidays, there are good discounts for the purchase of season tickets. There is a "freeze" season ticket for serious reasons. This means that the client, having purchased several visits in a row, can suspend their action due to illness of their own or the child, as well as for other valid reasons.

Such a democratic approach, "Maximus"differs from other simulators of Simferopol. Prices for a visit are also acceptable, taking into account the lessons with the trainers. Customers can not pay extra money for the attention of professionals. For example, "Unlimited" subscription (valid in the morning and in the evening hours) for a month is 1500 rubles. for adults and 1300 rubles. for students.

Gym "Globus" in Simferopol

This sports club is located in the Centraldistrict of the city. It is located on the street. Trubachenko, 10A. This club works closely with the bodybuilding organization of the Crimea. Therefore, to take advantage of the help of experienced athletes in this sport is easy in this Simferopol gym.

Gym Globus Simferopol

Here you will find professional equipment for building an ideal body and a sports form. In the hall you can count on many exercises for power load.

The sports club is open from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 to 23.00. On Sunday, the work of the hall is reduced from 10.00 to 18.00. Thus, clients can train both before and after work.

Features of the gym

In the club "Globe" are held as individual,and group lessons. Experienced coaches work with clients. In the hall lessons are held on martial arts. This room is equipped with bags and other necessary equipment.

The building has a modern systemconditioning. Therefore, the halls are always fresh, and they are filled with clean air. In the locker room is a large number of convenient lockers. In them, clients quietly leave their personal belongings for the duration of the training.

This room is equipped with several showers. Therefore, visitors after training leave the club full of energy, strength and vivacity. After classes, they can safely go about their business, without stopping home for a bath.

There is a sports bar in the building. After training, customers can enjoy a delicious cold or hot cocktail. Here, useful and natural drinks are prepared, which restore strength after intensive exercises.

Guest Reviews

On different Internet resources you can find a lot ofstatements about the work of this or that gym. Some visitors complain about the dirt in the locker rooms and the lack of hot water in the shower. Such negative cues often concern small simulator halls of Simferopol. Reviews posted on the pages of companies in social networks.

On the positive side, characterize the work"Maximus" and "Globe". In these rooms, according to visitors, is always clean and fresh. In large sports clubs experienced athletes often work. They support themselves in the form and thus stimulate their students to take further actions to change their shape for the better.

gyms simferopol reviews

Large gyms in Simferopol haveequipped parking. Therefore, customers can come to the trainings without fear for their transport. Users on the positive side relate to all kinds of actions that are carried out by gyms in Simferopol.

Due to such events, many visitors canbuy yourself a subscription for more time. Girls of the city are more likely to attend halls with fitness loads, and guys are more likely to note in the reviews the work of clubs aimed at strength training.

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