Grinding a marble floor: how to return the surface to the same shine

Marble floor is able to give any interior the grandeur of the royal palace. Luxurious coating indicates respectability and artistic taste of the owners. To marble did not lose its attractiveness, it should be looked after. The glossy gloss of the floor dims over time, scratches and damage appear. Restore the original gloss will allow grinding and polishing the marble floor. The complex of restoration works can be entrusted to a construction company or performed independently. Following the special technology, the stone surface returns to its original appearance.

Grinding marble floor

Wear factors

Marble floor with proper care will last more than one century. The main enemies of the material are abrasive particles and dirt. The sand remaining on the shoe has sharp edges scratching the coating. Fine dust or spilled drink penetrates the pores of the marble, where they gradually accumulate, depriving the floor of the shine.Damage to natural stone can be a mechanical effect with the application of force, for example, rearrangement of furniture.

Marble floors are often used in public buildings and institutions with high traffic. Gradual abrasion of the coating after a few years will lead to the need for restoration. Acid-containing detergents are able to wash off the protective polish and dim. The complexity of the restoration depends on the degree of wear and damage.

Preparatory work

From the room take out all the furnishings. Within reach should be sockets, plumbing, sewage (for filling the rotary machine and draining dirty water).

The recovery process begins with an assessment of the depth of damage; if they are significant, you will have to remove a large layer of material. Such work is carried out by a die of a rotary machine with grain 30. Before the start of sanding the floor, the chips and scratches are covered with polyester glue or special putty. When preparing the mixture, a pigment is added that matches the color of the floor.

Installation of chips with marble glue

Phased sanding coating

Restoration begins with the removal of a layer of stone in 1-3 mm.Professional teams for this purpose use special rotor cars. An expensive tool on a small footage can be replaced with a grinder with a diamond wheel. Work is carried out on a wet surface, so it is necessary to provide water supply. The removal of marble chips occurs by rotating the cups with large abrasive elements. This stage is called coarse grinding. After processing the entire surface, change the circles on the consumable items labeled abrasive 100-200. Grain of a smaller diameter softer effect on the base and removes the minimum layer of stone. In hard-to-reach places, grinding is done manually. In circular motions with application of force, the surface of the coating softens and cuts off. It is quite difficult to achieve quality similar to machining, but in such places it is usually not required.

When working with the grinder, you should avoid pressure on the tool, excessive force only slows down the movement of the disk and can lead to overheating of the motor. The rotary machine, on the contrary, when weighting the working part provides better processing of stone. But it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the engine and prevent it from overheating.Dust rises during the polishing process, so for safety reasons a protective suit and goggles are worn.

If the seams between the plates require replacement, it is performed at this stage. Old material is cleaned and replaced with stone putty, which was used to seal chipped surface.

Cleaning the marble floor seam

After the composition has dried, the final grinding of the seams is performed. Restoration of floors takes place in two or three stages, accompanied by the replacement of used wheels with fine-grained 400 or 600 grades. They provide fine polishing of the stone.

The dirt remaining from the marble chips, mixed with water, is completely washed out. The best unit for this purpose will be a professional vacuum cleaner that has the function of collecting water. The engine of the vacuum cleaner is protected from liquid with a rubber cap. After drying, some varieties of marble require the restoration of a firming layer. For this purpose, special adhesives are used.

Polishing coating

The next stage of the restoration of natural stone - polished. After sanding the marble crust floor becomes matt,polishing technology will help to add shine.This process involves the elimination of even microscopic scratches and bringing the floor material to a mirror shine.

The tool remains the same - a rotary machine or grinder. Home polished marble unit is performed with a power of 800 watts. To perform it, diamond-coated metal circles are replaced with flexible discs called "turtles".

Polishing wheels - turtles

Consumables with an abrasive of 50 to 800 are required. Fine-grained coating gently brings the surface to the desired smoothness and shine. In the process of work, the stone base is moistened with water, moisture helps to cool the working parts of the grinding machine.

A small room can be processed manually. A polishing tool is assembled from emery paper and holder bar. You will also need pumice or sand, paraffin, felt or felt fabric. In a circular motion, the surface gets rid of scratches by abrasive particles of emery paper, and then paraffin is rubbed with a soft cloth until it becomes shiny.

To increase the durability of marble chips and natural stone will help impregnation - treatment with a protective composition.The basis for impregnation are: wax, silicone or paraffin. After its application, the surface becomes shiny, a varnish film appears, which repels liquid and dust. The mixture to protect the coating is applied on a dry and clean basis. After two minutes, rub the wax, manually or using a mechanism with a felt nozzle. The composition does not have to buy, it is easy to prepare at home, mixing in equal parts solid wax, rosin and turpentine. The mixture is heated in a water bath until the ingredients dissolve.

Sequential execution of the process will give excellent results:

  • smooth smooth surface;
  • mirror shine;
  • neat seams;
  • water resistant due to impregnation.

Finishing materials

For finishing polishing need felt circles and special tools. These substances include:

  • complex abrasive compounds;
  • diamond powder;
  • polishing paste;
  • metal oxides.

The choice of polishing composition depends on the type of flooring, if it is glossy - the material needs reinforcing shine, and if matte, it emphasizes the structure and natural pattern of the stone.With the help of modern tools you can achieve the effect of tinting, highlight the texture or color.

Wax - the best material for polishing marble floors.It fills all the pores of the stone and serves as a reliable protection from moisture and abrasion. Compositions based on wax or paraffin prevent deep penetration of spilled oil and acid. They create an anti-slip effect on the floor.

Liquid or creamy paste allows for a long time to ensure the water resistance of the protective layer. Thick composition is used for machining the floor, and liquid - for manual polishing.

Finishing polished marble floor


The composition in the form of powder is poured directly onto the marble surface, where it is ground by improvised means. After finishing the stone to a gloss, the remnants of the powder are thoroughly washed off. An abrasive cannot be left on the coating for long.

Marble crystallization

Crystallization will help bring the restored surface to a mirror shine. This technology is based on the chemical reaction of the substances and marble molecules used. As a result, the structure of the stone becomes stronger, a characteristic brilliance appears. The powder of the mold is diluted with water to a paste and rubbed on the floor until completely dry.Processing is carried out at individual sites, gradually covering the entire room. The rate of application of the composition is indicated in the manufacturer's instructions. The rest of the composition is vacuumed and the floor is washed.

The crystallization of marble floor

For white marble, this process is not relevant, it is better to restore it with polishing paste.

An indicator of quality work will be the mirror reflection of lighting devices and furniture on a glossy marble surface.

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Grinding a marble floor: how to return the surface to the same shine 18

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Grinding a marble floor: how to return the surface to the same shine 63

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