Graduation Ball 2017 in the Kremlin

At the end of May, a real revival takes place in schools, lyceums and gymnasiums - preparation for the last bell and graduation party. This is a wonderful and exciting time when yesterday's schoolchildren are at the door that leads into adult life.

Such a holiday as graduation, requires thorough preparation. This day will be remembered by the guys for a lifetime, so the final must be really explosive! Graduates will definitely experience the most enchanting emotions and impressions if they markgraduation party in the Kremlin in 2017.

This is an unforgettable celebration, which can get absolutely anyone wishing to graduate from the Russian school, is held annually in the Palace of Congresses, and direct participants in past years ceremonies assure that their graduation ceremony was a great success!

Ticket price for the ball "Graduate - 2017"

Each year, the price of a ticket to the main graduation party of the country rises slightly, and in 2017 the cost of a ticket will be 8,000 rubles. Agree, a very reasonable amount for 14 hours of a wide variety of entertainment on the best sites of the capital.

graduation party in kremlin 2017 Price

The amount includes performances and concerts, including with the participation of famous artists, fashion DJs and presenters, various fun (for example, karaoke, photo booth, etc.), free treats (ice cream, drinks, snacks, etc. ), souvenirs and prizes, photographing against the background of the Kremlin, a solemn passage along the “Red Carpet”, festive fireworks, a disco until the morning and much more.

Certainly, a high level of security will be organized at the solemn celebration, created by the forces of several hundred employees of the city’s competent services.

How to get a graduation ticket in the Kremlin

graduation party in the Kremlin

To become the happy owner of a pass to the best holiday in life is not at all difficult. You just need to follow the following algorithm:

  • It is required to send a scan to the name of the General Director, Art Director of the GCD Shaboltay Pyotr Mikhailovich.
  • The application is written in any form on the letterhead of the school. Must be signed by an authorized member of the parent committee or school management.
  • In the application you need to specify both the number of graduates and the number of adults who will accompany the guys. Tickets are bought for everyone.
  • You must also specify the email address and contact phone number of the responsible person.
  • After confirmation of the application (the answer should come to the email), tickets can be bought at the box office of the State Kremlin Palace at the address. Metro Lenin, ul. Vozdvizhenka, d. 1.
  • The representative of the school when buying tickets must have the original (copy) of the application with him, as well as a power of attorney to buy tickets signed by the school or parent committee.

Reception of applications for the solemn Kremlin ball "Graduate - 2017" is open from October 1, 2015. All information relating directly to the graduation ball will be announced to interested parties already in 2017 in spring at the organizational meetings that will be held in the State Kremlin Palace.

The date and time of the meetings will be reported in February 2017 to everyone who purchased the tickets.

Award "Graduate - 2017"

graduation photo in the Kremlin

In addition to rampant non-stop fun at five unique venues (Gostiny Dvor, Sapozhkova Square, Alexander Garden, Red Square and the State Kremlin Palace), graduates can become prize-winners of the 2017 Graduate award.You can take part in one or several nominations.

Each finalist separately and participants in group nominations will be invited to rehearse at the Kremlin Palace shortly before the prom.

If you can vote for the finalists online, then the winner of the four super-finalists will be the commission of invited experts and some of the Prize organizers.

Nominations for the Graduate 2017 Award

Ball 2017 in the Kremlin

The full list of nominations for the Graduate 2017 Award is not yet known, but, based on past experience, it may change quite a bit. Recall that everyone can send a proposal for a new nomination and the most creative and best offers will be approved.

The list of nominations will be published in spring 2017, and the deadline for submitting applications will also be determined. Absolutely everyone has a chance to be awarded the cherished statuette. In addition, graduates can show off their talent in the program "We are talents."

List of previous nominations:

  • "Prince of the Ball";
  • "Princess of the Ball";
  • "Creator of the Year";
  • "Clever man / clever of the year";
  • “The coolest class / the classiest”;
  • "Olympic Hope";
  • "Dream Team".

Each winner in a particular nomination awards prizes.

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