Gifts to parents for the new 2018 year

Each of us is a child to someone. Everyone loves his parents and sooner or later thinks: how to choose gifts for relatives and parents for the New 2018 year? 50-70% of people get something typical for mom and dad, brother and sister: a postcard, a bottle of champagne, a blanket. But really loving family members want to please their people with creative gifts that will stand out among the heaps of presents and remind you of the true feelings of children. About what to give to parents and next of kin for the New 2018, to capture the holiday in the hearts for a long time - in the following lines.

Gifts for Mom

During the election, a present for parents should not forget about the physical capabilities of close, chronic illnesses, general hobbies and the best moments of living together.

For mom interesting gifts will be:

  • Bed linen with an unusual pattern or family photo, which is applied to the fabric in a special studio;
  • Flowers or berries in a pot (orchid or nerta);
  • Foot massager;
  • Mug or plate with a photo of relatives;
  • Incense sticks, lamps, oils;
  • Wall Florarium.

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Gifts for Dad

Father will love the presentation:

  • Tobacco products and accessories for them (only if the father is a chain smoker);
  • Warm dressing gown;
  • Wallet;
  • Diary;
  • A barbecue set or a smoking cabinet (in case dad lives in a private house or goes to a cottage);
  • Talona on an extreme adventure (parachute jumping, kayaking).

Gift Ideas for Brother for the New 2018

When choosing a present for a brother, his age must be considered. Relatives less than 14 years old will like:

  • T-shirts with unusual inscriptions;
  • Things with the symbols of your favorite football team (scarves, overalls, backpacks);
  • Lamps in the form of fairy-tale heroes;
  • Radio-controlled models of cars, airplanes or ships.
  • Bath toys;
  • Memory card in the form of a cartoon character.

An adult brother will like:

  • Laptop bag;
  • Battery for recharging electronic devices;
  • Board games for adults;
  • Trifles in military styles (charms, snack-boxes in gift wrapping, thermoses);
  • Lunchbox (container for sandwiches);
  • Book with a personalized cover.

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Gift Ideas for Sisters for the New 2018

Choosing a present for a young girl is a complicated matter. In addition to the age of the young person, you must remember about her favorite color, musical group and hobbies. Girls' tastes often change and it is better to ask about preferences 1-2 weeks before buying a present.

Little sister love:

  • Felt pens, pastel or watercolor pencils for drawing;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • Fashionable mobile phone case;
  • Pillow with original pattern;
  • Dance mat;
  • Wireless karaoke microphone.

Adult sister will be pleased:

  • Desktop biofireplaces;
  • Figurines;
  • A glass with a leg, which is made in the form of a figurine of a flower or animal;
  • Stand for reading books in the bathroom;
  • Light shower head;
  • Stand for mobile phone in the form of Cinderella's shoes.

Gifts related to hobbies

90% of people have their own hobby. For any family member, an unexpected and unusual gift will be accessories and small things that will help in their own passion. But before you buy such a thing, you need to unobtrusively and carefully read the results of the creativity of a relative.Otherwise, there is a high risk of buying an accessory or a set that is already in the collection for him or does not need him, since he does not fit in the direction (for example, a fishing rod with a float, and not with a feeder).Gift, new year, baby, grandmother

For a male relative of age from 10 to 70 years will do:

  • Accessories for a bicycle (bag on the frame, exclusive stickers);
  • Equipment for fishing (boxes for floats or lures);
  • Kits for modeling;
  • Sports attributes (shields, gloves, dumbbells);
  • Accessories for tourism (folding knife, camping utensils, thermal clothing);
  • A box of screwdrivers, a file or other small tools.

A close female person will appreciate:

  • Set for embroidery (it is important to know with what technique a person embroiders);
  • Small accessories for cooking (carving knives, bags for roasting potatoes);
  • Beadwork Kits;
  • Clay for modeling;
  • Set for painting on the stone;
  • Sewing supplies (knife, patch mat).

DIY gifts

Baby gift

Nothing pleases parents as gifts that a son or daughter made with his own hands.Together with the work they are embedded in the soul and heart of the donor. 90% of people think that for the manufacture of such gifts you need to do a lot and be a master in any business. But this is not true. Not having specific skills and not having toolkits you can do:

  • Pictures or souvenirs from fruits and vegetables (carving technique);
  • A small bracelet made of beads or jewelry;
  • Soap on fruit and herbs;
  • A photo book decorated with colored paper crafts;
  • The original lamp shade for the lamp;
  • Unique vase for artificial flowers.

Such things require only the presence of time and the desire to create good for relatives with their own hands.

Some tips

You should always remember that not only the gift is important, but also how it was presented. Here are some tips on choosing, packaging and presenting gifts:

  • Each gift must be attached trifle (keychain, magnet). Such a thing will cause a smile and raise the spirits of mom or dad;
  • When giving, it is necessary to say what the relatives want to hear. For example, to tell about the long choice and preparation of a present;
  • To make out gifts you need a mirror.If a mother wraps each piece of colored paper with colored paper, then the things that are prepared for her are required to be wrapped in foil;
  • Be sure to find a few warm words for each of the relatives. Mental phrases will delight loved ones much more than the most expensive gift.
  • It is necessary to present gifts to each person individually in order to show their personal care for him.


There are many ideas and opportunities for creative and unusual gifts for parents and loved ones. The choice of one of them depends on the knowledge of desires, habits of parents and relatives, depth of feelings, remoteness of the place of residence of the father and mother. Only last of all is the election of a present being due to the size of the budget that is allocated for the holidays. You should always remember that a well-chosen gift will strengthen relationships and improve the mood of all family members.

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