Geotextile dornit

Geotextile dornitDornit geotextile is a synthetic material that has increasingly been used in the field of construction. Basically, it is used in road and drainage facilities. But, besides these spheres traditional for him, he also found his place in the construction of roofs, foundations and in land management. Its main task is to make the separation between the surfaces, to carry out filtration, remove moisture and strengthen.

This material has proven itself in the construction of various paving slabs and paths from paving slabs. With such a device, there is no need for a concrete screed, which makes the installation itself much cheaper. Geotextiles, the price of which is low, protects against washing out of sand and mixing it with soil and rubble. Prevents drawdown and adds strength to the structure

Nonwoven geotextiles have a chaotic arrangement of fibers. In this regard, its quality under the pressure of the load does not change. Stretching will not affect all the material, but only one part of the structural fibers, and all the rest will change in his direction. Due to such special properties, it is used with great success in areas with unstable soil.This allows you to protect the soil from damage.

To preserve the integrity of the shores near water bodies and to prevent erosion destruction of the earth, anti-erosion dornitic mats are used. They help strengthen and form the root system of the soil. Even before the appearance of living vegetation, these mats help to preserve the soil from the processes associated with the occurrence of erosion. In geotechnical construction, geotextiles and geogrids are used together. This makes it possible to overcome all difficulties in settling the protection of embankment lines from destruction.

The geotextile from which the road grid is created creates a natural soil filter. In fact, it does not allow large particles to pass through and helps to reduce leaching until it stops completely. The natural soil filter has many pores, due to which it is not polluted and allows moisture to pass unhindered.

Fibrous material is used, also in hydro and gas insulation, in the creation of drains, for burial of waste or as a reinforcing (reinforcing) element. Perfectly takes on the task of separating lawn layers.For loose soils, it is well suited as a reinforcing layer, thereby strengthening the soil and affecting its uniform draft.

Dornit, gives a large percentage of the bearing capacity of pavement bases, as it can withstand even significant elongations at break. Therefore, the labor intensity and cost of work as a whole is reduced, and the use of building material itself is reduced.

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