Garage from sandwich panels

July 5, 2018

Sandwich panels are relatively new building materials. They are similar in configuration to a sandwich, since they have metal sheets or other solid materials on top and bottom. And between them contains a thick layer of insulating material. In addition to corrugated board, hard components can be fiberboard or polyvinyl chloride. Foamed polyurethane or polystyrene is usually used as a heat insulator. It is worth noting that the construction of a garage of sandwich panels using modern technology does not take much time and is made technologically and extremely quickly. You can already put your car in it in a week, or even less. The quick-assembled garage is assembled even faster and provides its owner with maximum amenities and comfort in servicing his four-wheel assistant.

Garage from sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are quite easy to assemble, and if necessary, dismantle. Also such building material can be reused.Due to the low weight of the sheets, for the construction of the garage does not require a solid monolithic base. The construction of a garage building of sandwich panels is proceeding at a faster rate than the erection of a building made of concrete blocks or bricks. In addition, such a construction will not yield to constructions made of traditional materials in quality characteristics. The construction of the garage occurs through the use of light metal structures. Their parts are fastened together by means of bolts, which saves on the work of the welder. The manufacturability of the garage and the excellent appearance are very appealing to future owners and the popularity of these products is constantly growing.

Гараж из сэндвич-панелей

As for the preparation for the construction of such a garage, it is very simple. In this case, excavations and concrete will not be necessary, since sandwich panels are mounted to a lightweight metal frame. The result is a construction with a minimum weight, especially when compared with a brick. Due to the lightweight construction, the structure will not exert pressure on the soil.

Before building a garage, it is necessary to eliminate all vegetation at the site.Then a simple screed is made of concrete, but instead you can make a gravel pillow, the main thing is to thoroughly crush it after installation. Also, do not forget about waterproofing, because with the onset of spring groundwater can cause damage to the structure.

Гараж из сэндвич-панелей

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