Galich truck crane plant, Kostroma region

Galich truck crane plant - the largestRussian enterprise for the production of hydraulic cranes on the automobile chassis. It is located in the city of Galich, Kostroma region. In addition to truck cranes, the State Committee for the Manufacture of Electricity produces electrical engineering, consumer goods, metal structures and other products.

Galich Truck Crane Plant


At the beginning of the 20th century,distilleries. In 1914 they were converted into a factory for the manufacture of soldier's shoes. After the revolution, a chrome plant was set up here. In the 1930s the enterprise was again re-profiled for the production of barrels and wooden containers.

In 1945, production went to the Ministry of Agriculture, inshops repair of engines and machines, manufacturing of spare parts for agricultural machinery, tractors was adjusted. The pride of the plant was steel pins, pumps, ringed ice rinks. More than once the factory workers were awarded diplomas VDNH.

In 1961, the State Committee for the Protection of Forests began to produce bulldozers,mainly attachments for tractors. The first model was a one-bucket universal incomplete rotary excavator E-1513, based on the T-16 chassis. The drive of the working mechanisms is carried out from the engine of the D-16 diesel chassis, the control of the lever mechanisms. For construction in rural areas, a non-self-propelled excavator of the E-1510 model was manufactured. Later, the EO-2621 bulldozer was assembled on the basis of Belarus tractors.

oao gakz


Since 1982, the Galich truck crane plantproduces well-known truck cranes under the brand name "Galichanin". This is the only production in the CIS, producing such a wide range of hydraulic lifting equipment.

The main model for a long time was a 16-tonKS-4572. Since 1993, on the basis of KrAZ, KS-4579 was produced of the same load-lifting capacity. Since the late 90's the number of models has increased dramatically. Mobile cranes "Galichanin" were manufactured on the basis of KamAZ, MAZ, Ural (15-50 tons) and heavyweights based on MZKT (50-80 tons).

Galican truck crane


The design of truck cranes is carried out withusing powerful computing systems on which specialized design programs are installed. They allow each piece to be modeled before the implementation of products in the metal, to calculate the characteristics of individual assemblies and assembled, and to promptly correct the calculations.

To design a new truck crane "Galichanin"It takes only a few months. For example, in 2015, five models with different load capacities were created from scratch. 3D-modeling also allows you to flexibly respond to market demands and customer wishes.

Improve production

Galich truck crane constantlymodernized. Equipping the blank site with modern German precision and plasma cutting systems has dramatically increased productivity.

Computerized lines are able to cutblanks of sheet metal of ordinary and structural quality, high-strength steels, aluminum. Machining centers in an automatic mode for specified parameters will cut out spare parts for truck cranes of any configuration.

In 2013, they were reconstructed earliercanned production areas. A modern welding shop for the manufacture of metal structures was put into operation. The equipment allows you to join the semi-crumbs of truck cranes in special assembly stands.

spare parts for mobile cranes


At the JSC GAKZ, arrows of truck cranes are manufactured according tocomplete technological cycle: from processing blanks to assembly of final products. Automated systems are used for the production of sections and polukorobov arrows for vehicles carrying capacity of 260 tons.

Semicircles are bent from sheet blanks toimported bending equipment. To this end, in 2012, the press was put into operation with a record effort reaching 1600 tons. Its specifications allow the production of boom sections up to 12.5 meters long. Thanks to the technology of successive bends on the press, you can give the box any profile.

Since 2001, the Galich truck crane plant has masteredprocessing and welding of steel Weldox, Tomex and Optim c with strength class 640, 700, 960. Introduced in 2014, the welding process for extra-strong steels Weldox 1100.

Galician on the basis of KAMAZ


GAKZ today produces a wide range of load-lifting equipment. The truck crane "Galichanin" is produced on the basis of Russian KamAZ and Ural, Belarusian MZKT, foreign firms Iveco and Volvo.

The current model range includes the following modifications:

  • Load capacity of 25 tons: KS-55713-1 / 4 (reach of the boom is 21.7 m); KS-55713-L (23.7 m); KS-55713-B (28-31 m); KS-55731 (40 m).
  • Load capacity of 30 tons: KS-55715 (40 m).
  • Load capacity 32 tons: KS-55729-B (30.2 m).
  • Load capacity of 50 tons: KS-65713-1 / 6 (34.1 m); KS-65715-1 / 6 (40 m).
  • Load capacity of 60 tons: KS-65721 (42 m).
  • Load capacity of 70 tons: KS-75721-1 / 8 H & H (42 m).
  • Load capacity 100 tons: KS-85713 (51 m).

In addition, the State Joint Stock Company makes crane-manipulator units KMU-150, pile-driving units USA-2 and other equipment. There is an experience of assembling household electrical appliances.

Spare parts for truck cranes

At the Galich factory special attention is paid to after-sales service. Here, parts, assemblies, units are manufactured for new and previously produced models. In particular:

  • Repair sets of hydro-supports and hydraulic cylinders.
  • Glasses for crane cabins.
  • Blocks for pulleys, supports and sliding plates, supporting-rotary devices, fasteners.
  • Hydraulic cylinders for hanging, turning / pulling, lifting, telescoping.
  • Metal structures (thrusts, tanks, cabins, supports, sections of arrows, frames).

In the regions there are service centers.


Galich truck crane looks confidently infuture. The share of the enterprise in the market of profile equipment is quite high. A notable competition of traditional products is provided by models from China. To preserve the positions, the State Control Committee regularly upgrades the material and technical base, purchasing the best equipment.

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