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Freedom entails responsibility (careful, many letters)

Who, and how do you do it? Who prevents to act freely?
The man himself feeds and supports the pack of internal guards: the head, the teacher, the mother, the informal leader, public opinion, conscience, duty ... these are all our favorite toys and our internal deputies, whom we use as appraisers and limiters of our own capabilities.

Where does an adult have such a need for a drover? Why can he do something only under the supervision of a superior?

Yes, because so raised from childhood. We are born absolutely pure, we do not know what is good, bad, necessary, not necessary. The elders tell us this, and then they control how we put these ideas into practice. This is how the model of thinking is cultivated, that there is someone older who controls us, evaluates and corrects our life.

This is the source of internal lack of freedom and irresponsibility,I already wrote something like that freedom is the bait of responsibility, meaning that a person is attracted by the notion of freedom, as something that gives ample opportunities, but he ignores the fact that freedom (the absence of a limiter) automatically makes you the last and the highest link in their reality, and therefore solely responsible and everything that happens in your world.

But the most interesting thing in this situation is that in fact every person ALREADY has such freedom. Those. you are already absolutely free the eldest / main person in your world, and there is nothing above you — no adult / teacher / god.
You are this adult god, and everything that is happening around you now is your creation. But it’s unpleasant to see such a picture, few people are satisfied with what surrounds it, and so that a person gets out of habit from the inner closet of his favorite controllers — teachers, society, government — and continues the game where he is in “dependency”. "From them, and they limit its possibilities, do not allow to" develop "," live normally "...
You are ill because you were “exhausted” at work, you were late because you were “distracted”, a bad relationship is because “you are not understood” ...
Good to incline yourself.

Thus, there is a rejection of freedom, because by accepting the idea of ​​your freedom, you will have to accept its result. And there will be no illusions like - I can be more beautiful, if not employment, I can be richer, if not the government, I can be freer, if not work ... you can not.

What you can is what you are now. No more no less. You "hypothetical" does not exist, enough to empower the power and capabilities of this mythical character. Think about who is now, and accept him, and all that he has done, and play only with him, and only in the present moment. After all, apart from you, there is no one else here, and all this is done by you.

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