Forgiveness Sunday 2019

Probably, many have heard about this day, but not everyone knows its true purpose and meaning. Let's find out why we should ask for forgiveness and how to do it right in the Forgiveness Sunday in 2019.


What date is Forgiveness Sunday in 2019

The holiday is rolling because it is celebrated in different years on different days of the calendar. This is due to the fact that it is the last day before the Great Lent. In turn, the main post of Christians depends on Easter and is held 48 days before it. The great day also has a rolling character and is celebrated on different dates, which is due to our calendar and the rules of the church.

Forgiveness Sunday 2019

The number and date of the Forgiveness of the Resurrection is easily calculated if you know the date of Easter. So, in order to accurately calculate the date of the holiday in question, it is necessary to count 48 days from Easter. This day will naturally be Sunday and is called Forgiveness. He also has the name "Syropust", since after this day it is already forbidden to eat not only meat, but eggs, butter and cheese.

Also, this day is the last day of Shrovetide, when people from pagan times say goodbye to winter. For a whole week, people are having fun, dancing, singing and, of course, eating themselves enough before Great Lent, during which any food of animal origin is prohibited.

In 2019, holidays fall on the following dates:

Maslenitsa From March 4 to 10
Syropust 10th of March
Great Post From March 11 to April 28
Bright Resurrection April 28

Thus, the date of the holiday falls on10th of March. Forgiveness of the Resurrection is a very important day for Christians, as it finishes preparations for Lent. On this day, it is imperative to forgive offenders and ask for your own forgiveness from all those whom you offended. Without this ritual, one cannot be reconciled with God. This holiday is distinguished by good and mercy. He is the personification of the main value of Christianity - the ability to forgive everyone.

Also, this day reminds us of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from paradise for their sins. This is another reason to think what can happen to each of us if we are disobedient and selfish.

Where did the tradition to forgive come from

This ritual has deep roots.It has existed since ancient Egypt, when monks went to Lent in the desert in order to retire and devote all their time to prayer. Many of these hermits did not return to their homes. Therefore, they asked for forgiveness from everyone around them, as if they had seen everyone for the last time.

The Christian church has made this tradition of old times its ritual. Now all Christians are required to cleanse their soul and forgive everyone before fasting. In addition, you need to repent of their sins. Without this, Lent has no meaning.

In the forgiveness of the Resurrection, you need to go to church and ask for forgiveness before the icons for their actions during the year. It is very important that the one you offended, forgive you with all my heart.

In tsarist times in Russia, even the king asked for forgiveness from the people. Very often he did it personally in the soldiers' barracks and monasteries.

It should be noted that forgiving the offender is also not so simple. After all, resentment penetrates very deeply into the soul. Therefore, in the Forgiveness Resurrection, you need to work hard and deal with your thoughts. At the same time, it must be remembered that salvation in heaven awaits only those who have no guilt for their deeds and who do not wish to take revenge on the offenders. Such thoughts only destroy the soul and do not give a person peace.

What is forbidden on this day

In Russia, Pancake Day has always been celebrated on a grand scale. Before Lent the people sought to walk up. There was no limit to anything. Even fist fights were traditional at Shrovetide. During this holiday:

  • the effigy of winter was burned;
  • jumped over the fire;
  • sang and danced;
  • conducted various pagan rites.

According to the Christian canons, in the last week before the Fast, believers should leave earthly joys in order to calm the soul and tune in to Great Lent. This period must be accompanied by peace and quiet. Christianity allocates a whole week for the parishioners to prepare for reconciliation so that people finally get rid of heartache and leave offenses in the past. In Forgiveness Sunday, you can forever say goodbye to the enmity. Also on this day, one cannot ignore the remorse of other people towards you. According to Christianity, it is impossible to achieve peace with God without reconciliation between people.

Forgiveness Sunday 2019.How to ask for forgiveness and what to answer

How to ask for forgiveness and what to answer

Nowadays, many people are not serious about the procedure of forgiveness. They unconsciously ask for forgiveness and also forgive all indiscriminately. They bathe in an ice-hole for baptism, sanctify Easter cakes on Bright Sunday, without thinking about the meaning of what is happening.Do it formally, because it is necessary. In fact, this is hypocrisy.

This holiday offers the opportunity to build relationships with all the people around them. Very often, we unfairly offend the closest people. It may not necessarily be a rude word. Irremediable offense can cause ordinary indifference. In the bustle of everyday life, we do not notice much. Sometimes we remember the fact that they hurt someone, but in a hurry we forget to ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness of the Resurrection and is intended to remember all their bad deeds and ask for forgiveness for their deeds. This day is needed so that a person can stop and think about what he is doing wrong with other people. Our life is so short as to exchange it for unnecessary insults and disagreements.

In the Forgiveness Resurrection, you must ask for forgiveness, especially from relatives and friends. Common phrases, such as forgive me for everything, in this case will not work. It is necessary to repent of a specific act in which you were wrong.

Often we offend people without even noticing it. We can easily refuse to help or just look arrogant. It can hurt and offend the people around us.Therefore, in the Forgiveness Resurrection, you need to apologize to all the people who once were or are near you.

Before committing such an action, a person must remember under what circumstances and, as offended, a nearby person. At this point, you need to fully realize your wrong and say: "Forgive me for everything that could offend you, regardless of whether it was intentional or not!"

In these cases, many people do not know: "What to answer?". In fact, everything is very simple. We must answer: "God will forgive." By this we emphasize that we have no right to condemn, since we ourselves have sins.

Speaking of repentance, it should be noted that older people should begin to ask for forgiveness. Thus, parents are obliged to first ask for forgiveness from their children and only then the younger generation will start this. This rule applies to teachers and students and to supervisors and subordinates.

It is also worth noting that dead people are not forgotten in Forgiveness Sunday. On this day, they also ask for forgiveness, as there is a perception that the souls of people are alive and hear us, especially on this day.

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