Ford GT 500 Mustang: Characteristics and a Review of Generations

In the sixties, cars of the same type appeared,which were later merged into one single class - Muscle Car. They were small cars, produced in the period from 1964 to 1973. 8 cylinders and powerful engines - so you can characterize this class of cars. Almost simultaneously with this category there is one more. Its name is Pony Car, and the beginning of this lineup was a car from a large American company. "Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500" got its name due to the logo on the nameplate: it flaunts a galloping horse.

gt 500 Mustang

Why did Shelby become so popular?

No one will argue that the car marketis quite crowded with assortment, among which the world-famous models are adorned. Some of them belong to the category "fashion cars". However, there are also such specimens, which only characterize their appearance and embody the whole epoch. In the twentieth century, technological progress has moved far ahead. The creation of the well-known Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 car introduced a new style to the automotive world and completely influenced the automotive industry. For many people, both for amateurs and ordinary drivers, this miracle from Ford has become an ideal and a dream. Even to this day, this machine remains an idol for millions, regardless of how far the development of industry has advanced. Immediately after the creation of the car he was taken for filming many films and serials, but the most memorable was the picture "Gone in 60 seconds."

Mustang gt 500

History of Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500

The company "Ford", competing with one of the leaderscar industry "Chevrolet", released a truly legendary car. In April 1964, the light saw the first model of the Ford Mustang GT 500. The idea of ​​this car was invented by Li Yakoki, vice-representative of the concern. His task was to improve the "Thunderbird" model and get a really powerful work of art. The guy, being young and very persistent, decided to combine the best features of "Falcon" and "Thunderbird" in the future sales leader. After the presentation in New York on April 14 of the same year, the Mustang became immediately popular: advertising about its appearance was circulated quite often both on television and on the radio. The excitement was so great that for the first day of sales there were about 20 thousand buyers, and over the year this figure increased to one million. Owners, buying a car, even slept in it, while the documents were drawn up, so that the car was not bought by someone else.

One of the working names of the modification was FordMustang 1964 S. The next year there was an improved version - GT350. Already in 1967 there was a real sports car, which was considered the most powerful and affordable by the standards of that time. For three years, until 1970, Mustang was the first car on sales in the States.

Mustang Shallow gt 500

Further development of the model

For reasons known only to the Ford administration,in 1970 the production of the Mustang Shelby GT 500 car ceased. Its resumption occurred only in 2006. The model of this time has improved - there was the ability to develop power to 500 horsepower. The following year the Shelby line celebrated its 40th anniversary. On this day, the company released a new car Cobra GT500KR. In it the power unit on 5,4 liters is established; engine power is 540 liters. from. The circulation of the issue was limited (only 1,000 copies). By 2011, the manufacturer had introduced a machine with a capacity of 550 liters. with., while fuel consumption was, conversely, reduced. In the next issue on Shelby, a turbocharged engine was installed at 5.8 liters, and the horsepower was 662. Fuel consumption remained the same.

In 2012, a newmodel Super Snake. The power of this car was 862 liters. from. A little later appeared "Shelby 1000" with 1100 horsepower. The cost of it in America was about 60 thousand dollars.

Ford Mustang Shallow gt 500

I generation: Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 1967

The first generation amazed all critics and simplymotorists. This car could become a wall that other companies have been difficult to overcome. The well-known "Mustang Shelby GT500" was introduced in 1967. Large-scale production was launched in March. For all time of existence the company constantly modernized the car, not only introducing a new design, but also constantly changing the technical characteristics, improving them to the maximum. The assembly of the first generation continued until 1973. Until now, the car is the most recognizable, thanks to its unique features: the hood, trunk, etc. There were three versions of the Mustang: fastback, sedan and convertible.

Ford Mustang gt 500

2nd generation: Ford Mustang 1973

Updated car "Mustang GT 500" appearedin 1973. It was this machine that gave birth to a new era - the second generation. The manufacturer, creating it, decided to return to the original design, which was slightly improved. Comparing the dimensions, you can see that the model was lighter and smaller than its prototype. The entire period of production of the car was constantly subjected to changes; on the conveyor lasted until 1978. The circulation for all this time was more than a million copies. The second generation was produced in two versions: a hatchback and a coupe.

gt 500 Mustang

Third Generation: Ford Mustang 1979

The continuation of the Mustang model line is notmade me wait a long time. In 1979, the third generation of cars came out. Initially, the model was produced only with bodies such as a coupe and a hatchback, but after some time the world was presented with a convertible. Special changes in technical characteristics were not. The only thing that was modernized is the engine, now the car was fitted with a turbocharged unit.

This model quickly gained popularity, and its production lasted 15 years.

IV generation: Ford Mustang 1994

The fourth generation of the Mustang GT 500, whichwas published in 1994, has a changed design, if compared with the previous model. Performance has increased, new design details have appeared, and the platform has been improved. In 1999, the car underwent a number of new changes that spread to the interior and exterior, and the motor became much more powerful. The release lasted until 2004. The entire circulation was more than 1.5 million copies.

Like previous generations, the car was producedin several variations: a coupe and a cabriolet. In different versions, this model has a length of 4500 to 4600 mm. The wheel base in all variants is the same (2500 mm).

V generation: Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 2004

The fifth generation of the car was presented in2004. Six months later the first model for sale came off the assembly line. After 5 years, the machine was updated - the external data changed, the technical characteristics remained the same. And only by 2010 the power parameters were revised. The last in this generation restyling "Ford GT 500 Mustang" was held in 2011. The improved model was distributed around the world until 2014. Its release was terminated due to the fact that the 6 version of cars was released.

The appearance of the fifth generation is somewhat reminiscent of the old 1960s pattern. Mascle Car has a beautiful, impressive and spectacular view. Modifications two - a coupe and a cabriolet.

gt 500 Mustang

VI generation: Ford GT 500 Mustang 2015

The sixth generation of the car came out in twovariants - coupe and fastback. The first bride show was held in 2014. This model «GT 500 Mustang» has strongly changed - styling practically does not remind about predecessors, there were new power units, the modern technical equipment which earlier was not accessible.

gt 500 Mustang

The exterior of the car of the sixth version of the "Ford GT 500 Mustang" is impressive, but still there are some features of the very first predecessors.

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