Foldable BBQ do it yourself

November 19, 2010

Folding grillIf you often go on picnics with barbecue and enjoy outdoor recreation, then you will need a folding grill. If such a useful thing is available, you will not have to make a fire on the ground, dig a hole, look for bricks, etc.

In addition, a delicious kebab is obtained only with a strong and even heat, which is impossible to get when the fire is blown over the coals by the wind. In this case, you will need a brazier, and in order not to carry a stationary bulky structure with you, you can make a folding brazier with your own hands.

Such barbecues are also commercially available, but cheap models are made of thin metal, which warp when heated, and more durable barbecues do not have a low cost. The construction of the brazier proposed in this article assumes easy and quick assembly and disassembly within a few minutes, and you don’t have to soil your hands with soot, as the smoked surfaces of the brazier close from above. When folded, this brazier looks like a thin diplomat 40 mm thick, for ease of carrying, it is equipped with a handle. Inside the grill, you can put a grill and a set of skewers.

grill folding drawingsThe figure shows the construction of the barbecue, it consists of: the bottom (1), side walls (2), small walls (3), furniture sheds (4), legs (5) and handles (6). The dimensions of the brazier must be determined on the basis of the length of the skewers, they are 60 and 80 cm. For the camp grill, short skewers are more suitable, therefore the width of the future barbecue is 40 cm and the length is 65 cm.

Since the bottom (1) will experience maximum temperature loads, it must be made of a thicker metal - 2-3 mm. If you use stainless steel for this, the grill will be almost eternal. Holes 10 mm in diameter are drilled in the side walls and folded inwards along the dashed line. Holes are necessary to ensure oxygen access to the coal.

folding grill do it yourself

The side walls of the brazier (2) are manufactured in dimensions 650x205 mm. Between the base and the walls, two small furniture sheds are fastened so that the walls can be folded. Canopies are fastened with screws or electric welding. Small walls are made removable and attached to the bottom of the clips. To do this, along the edges (shown in Figure 2) make slots and bend the edges along the dashed line.

grill folding diplomatTo the bottom of the bottom, in the corners, M8 nuts (3) are welded in, where the legs are screwed. A round metal rod with a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 60 cm is used for the legs. On one side, the M8 thread is cut to a length of 10 mm, and on the other hand, the legs are pointed and welded to them sections of the same bar 30 mm in length as shown in Figure 3 . Pointed legs contribute to the stable fixation of the brazier in the ground, and the transverse segments serve as a stop to prevent the brazier from digging into the ground. After using the design legs can be unscrewed and folded brazier.

For convenient carrying of a brazier to its lateral part the handle from metal or purchased from plastic fastens. It is also better to attach a hook to the brazier on one of the walls so that it does not spontaneously fold out when carrying.

After completing the work, the brazier needs to be painted with heat-resistant paint of black color, for example, spray paint for exhaust pipes of cars. This paint can withstand temperatures of 600 degrees and does not burn.

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