The film "People in Black 4" 2019

The famous franchise returns to wide screens: the film "Men in Black 4" in 2019 goes to the cinema. The new adventure comedy will acquaint the viewer with other agents of the secret organization involved in regulating the actions of aliens. The exact release date is scheduled for May 2019, the premiere will be held worldwide.


A country: USA
Genre: science fiction, comedy, thriller
Producer: F. Gary Gray
When released: May 17, 2019

Cinematic franchise was created based on the comics of the same name. The first film was released in 1997, told about agents Jay and Kee, working for a top-secret organization. In addition to films and comics, the animated series and a computer game also came out. Additionally announced spin-offs to the franchise and a crossover with the universe of "Macho and both."

The film "People in Black 4" 2019

The third part came out in 2012, was welcomed by critics and fans, turned out to be successful in cash. The filmmakers announced that they consider “People in Black” to be a continuing franchise for which it is easy to think of a new storyline.Total fees for all three films amounted to more than a half billion dollars, the popularity of the series also implies her return.

What will be the new film

While it is not known exactly what the film “People in Black 4” is about, the details of the script are not disclosed. It is known that the focus will be on other agents, not Jay and Kay. But the return of these characters is also possible, the actors declared their readiness.

In the new adventure, the key character will be a female agent, for the first time in the franchise. The creators are planning to revive this series, to attract a large audience. Watch the film will be available in 2019, a summary of the fourth part will be disclosed later, closer to the beginning of the shooting process.

The cast of the fourth part

The following cast is confirmed:

  • Tessa Thompson.
  • Chris Hemsworth.
  • Liam Neeson.

The return of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones was considered, but was not confirmed. There is a possibility that the new film will be a reboot of the franchise, where the beloved characters of all will either not appear at all, or light up as a cameo.

Film crew

Over the production of the new "Men in Black 4" work:

  • Director: F. Gary Gray.
  • Produced by: Laurie Macdonald, Walter F. Parks, Steven Spielberg.
  • Screenwriters: Matt Holloway, Arthur Markham, Lowell Cunningham (character writer).
  • Editor: Christian Wagner.

Directed by F. Gary Gray, he shot such films as "Law-abiding Citizen" and "Voice of the Streets", known to many fans of American cinema. Screenwriter Matt Holloway worked on films such as Transformers: The Last Knight and Iron Man 2008. He also wrote the screenplay for the film "The Punisher: A Territory of War" with Ray Stevenson in the lead role.

The film “People in Black 4” 2019. Release date, cast, watch trailer

The first video from the shooting is not yet in preparation for the shooting process. Trailer in Russian will be released after the completion of the main shooting, during the post-production of the film. The release itself is scheduled for May 2019.

Production News

At the stage of preparation for the filming of the fourth part, it became known that Barry Sonnenfeld would not return to work on the continuation of the film franchise, which he also started. He announced that at this stage, the Men in Black series could well do without him. In Russian film without the participation of Sonnenfeld should wait by May 2019.

In early 2013, Oren Uziel worked on the script, but dropped out of the project.Matt Holloway took over the script. And the place of director was taken by F. Gary Gray. The franchise will not only be restarted by plot, but also in terms of the film crew. The fourth part may be the beginning for a new trilogy about other secret service agents. When the film comes out, it becomes known whether it will continue - a lot depends on the box office and the attitude of critics and viewers.

The news that the main role of the film will be performed by a woman appeared in 2015. And in March 2018, it became known that one of the roles (it is possible that the key one) would be performed by Tessa Thompson, known for her role as a Valkyrie in Torah and the TV series “The World of the Wild West”. Liam Neeson and Chris Hemsworth also joined the caste. Other details about the production will appear online as you work on the film.

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