Film-musical Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Not so long ago, the film company "Walt Disney Pictures" announced that a new musical "Beauty and the Beast" in Emma Watson will be released. It is no secret to anyone that the tale won over millions of viewers, therefore the creators decided to show the world a remake of this classic story.

"Beauty and the Beast" 2017- the most anticipated premiere, which everyone eagerly awaits, from young to old. Magic, love and a happy ending - this is what the creators of this wonderful film have prepared for us.

Who worked on the creation

The director of the musical “Beauty and the Beast” was the notorious Bill Condon, who managed to work on such sensational stories as “Twilight”, “Mr. Holmes”, “Dreamgirls”, “Tilda”. Condon is the master of creating fascinating musicals, so you can be sure that “Beauty and the Beast” will be not only an interesting project, but also bring high box office to its creators.

He also became the author of the first trailer for the announced film.For the decisive scenes of the musical, musical compositions were created by Alan Menken, Tim Rice and Horvard Eshman. It is worth noting that Alan Menken was awarded the Oscar for musical accompaniment of the cartoon of the same name.

As for the script, Evan Spiliotopoulos took the burden of responsibility. He is the author of the popular sequels and animated prequels, which conquered the viewers of many countries on our planet. For example, he worked with projects such as The Little Mermaid and Tarzan 2.


Beauty and the Beast 2017 release date

Initially, Kirsten Stewart (Bella Swan from the Twilight saga) auditioned for the role of the main heroine of the musical, but in the process of creating the picture, Stewart was not approved, and the role of the pretty beauty Belle went to no less pretty Emma Watson.

This news spread around the film community back in February 2015. Note that the actress had to abandon the role of Cinderella in the same picture, the premiere of which took place not so long ago. But still, fate will allow Watson to become a magic princess and reveal all her talents to the audience.

The highlight of the musical will be that the actors will have to personally perform some solo parts.The picture foresees several musical compositions from the original cartoon, so the main characters will have to demonstrate their vocal talents in front of the camera.

So, Yuen MacGregor (Lümer) got the famous solo number “You are our guest”, and Watson, dancing to the tune “Be Our Guest”, will sing along with the Beast known “Something There”.

Beauty and the Beast 2017 cast

The role of the enchanted prince in Bill Condon’s project will be played by Dan Stevens, the British actor you can remember from the films “The Fifth Power”, “The Guest” and the TV series “Downton Abbey”.

As mentioned earlier, the role of the enchanted waiter of the Lümer castle (it was turned into a candelabrum) went to Ewan McGregor. Lumer always faithfully served his master, so he also found himself under the spell imposed on all sentient beings.

Emma Thompson, who twice won the prestigious Oscar award for such work as Howards End Manor and Reason and Feelings, reincarnated as a kettle, although she was previously Miss Potts.

In the story of the novelty of 2017, Bell had another father and sisters. At the moment, it is known that the role of the girl's father went to the famous American film actor Kevin Delaney Klein (also the happy owner of the Oscar).

The role of the desperate hunter Gaston, who was trying to get Bell to be located, and also headed the “hunt” for the Beast, was given to Luke Evans. Most likely, you saw this actor in the following films: “Dracula” (2014), “The Hobbit: The Waste of Smog” (2013) and “The War of the Gods: The Immortals” (2011).

Classic plot

Beauty and the Beast 2017 story

Those who are not lucky enough to see the classic story of Belle and her adventures in the castle of the terrifying Monster will surely be interested in this modern production.

Recall that the plot of the picture develops, quite rapidly. At the beginning of the film, the viewer is shown a family consisting of the sweet girl Bell, her sisters, and her father, who has lost all of his fortune. He was forced to move with his daughters from the city to the suburbs and settle in a small house on the outskirts. Accustomed to a rich life, gorgeous outfits and carelessness, the sisters go crazy in these parts. But Bell does not shy away from hard work - she decided to cultivate a small piece of land in order to somehow help her father feed the family.

Suddenly, the head of the family gets a chance to improve his financial condition a little. He is going to leave for the city and, before doing so, is interested in his daughters, what would they like to receive as a gift from him.The sisters wanted magnificent dresses and jewelry, and the modest Bell asked only one rose, because in those places where they lived, these flowers did not grow.

Beauty and the Beast 2017 when will

Father leaves, but he was not destined to get rich. On the road, it is overtaken by bad weather and in order to wait out the storm, the merchant goes to an abandoned castle. It is here that he remembers the request of his youngest daughter and breaks a rose. Just at this moment a terrible monster appears - the owner of a rich house. Enraged by such inappropriate behavior, the Beast decides to take the merchant hostage, but he still begged him to let him go home. True, in return he had to send one of his beloved daughters to the Beast. And, as you know, she was Bell.

As soon as the girl crosses the threshold of the castle, the touching love story of the Beast and Beauty begins to develop. The end, of course, pleases the viewer - the enchanted prince again turns into a man and Belle confesses his feelings.

It is not yet known whether the classic plot and the denouement of this story will be left to the writers and the director of the film. Perhaps they decide to give the audience a surprise. We can only wait for the premiere and hope that the picture will be even more interesting than the original.

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