Famous Georgian dishes

What color and charm, but most importantly - with nothingGeorgian food is famous for its incomparable ingredients! Of course, the real "Georgia" can be tried only in this very state, but from year to year the expansion of mountain people in the world, and in particular, in Russia, is growing. Accordingly, new visions of culinary recipes come.Georgian dishes

A feature that characterizes Georgiandishes are differences in the direction of agriculture in various regions of a small mountainous state. For example, in the east (in Kakheti), much more fat meat, baked goods are used for food, hence cheese cakes - khachapuri. While in the north they like dishes more sharply, for example, khinkali with cilantro and pepper from lamb. Lepeshki mchadi - Georgian dishes of the western regions, Abkhazians also prefer corn porridge - gomi, and in Primorye meat of large animals is not historically consumed - here they like fish and poultry.

Of course, the first Georgian dishesin the subconscious at the mention of this nation - all kinds of shish kebab. But very few people know how it is called in Georgian ("mivadi"). Necessary to grilled meat served with sharp sauces of herbs and nuts (satsivi). As for popular masterpieces from poultry - chicken and turkey, from them are prepared chihirtmu, broth with flour, vinegar, onion and egg, and also sauce chahokhbili.

Georgian dishes from chickenThe most popular in the world is the Georgian dish from beans - lobio. Red, green and white beans are used. Below are a couple of the most popular recipes of Georgia.

Lamb and beef with beans

Ingredients: lamb or beef - 150-200 g, animal fat - 15 grams, a little flour, 100% green beans, 40 g onions, pepper, hops-suneli, oregano, salt, a package of tomato paste.

Meat pre-wash, dry, clean andremove streaks. It is advisable to choose a loin. Cut into pieces and sprinkle with salt and spices. In a frying pan fry the onion and add the meat. Stew for about 5-7 minutes, then stir in the flour and tomato paste (so that a semi-liquid sauce does not fully cover the meat). There, pour in green beans, coriander and garlic. Stew until done.

Georgian dish green lobio with meat

Georgian bean dishIngredients: pork scoop or sirloin - 220 g (can be taken with lamb breast), string beans - 200 g, onion - 1 pc, butter, garlic - pair of denticles, herbs, pepper, salt.

The dish is similar to the previous one, with the only difference,that the meat is stewed with onion under the lid for 15 minutes, then add the broth or boiling water, put the beans and stew until ready. In the end, put greens. On a slow fire, the dish is stewed for another 25 minutes.

Georgian dishes from chicken

Ingredients: chicken fillet - 200 g, ghee - 30 g, onion - one large onion, 1 chicken egg, wine vinegar, mint greens, salt.

Chicken fillet cut so that its shaperesembled nuggets, fried along with onions and crushed nuts. At the end add mint. The sauce, which turned out during extinguishing, is poured into a saucepan, add egg yolk, diluted with vinegar, and salt. Serve hot with chicken and vegetables.

This is just the simplest and yet piquant chicken roast in Georgian, so that it is recommended for all gourmets to master this cuisine.

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Famous Georgian dishes Famous Georgian dishes Famous Georgian dishes Famous Georgian dishes Famous Georgian dishes