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The choice of style depends on your preferences and budget. But there are some general tips: do not choose fancy decoration and furniture, it quickly becomes boring; do not mix a lot of styles - the room will look ridiculous; Do not overload the space with a lot of things so as not to turn the premises into a flea market.

Think about what you expect from your bathroom. Depending on whether you need space for bliss and relaxation or a functional room, the style of the bathroom will also depend.

Decide which colors you associate with relaxation or, on the contrary, vivacity. Think about what accessories, parts you want to have indoors. So it will be easier to determine the desired style. Its elements can be realized in any, even small bathroom. On the design of miniature rooms should stay in more detail.

Modern style Modern interior design is convenience, functionality, practicality. Here there is a place for a self-leveling floor, a tile with photos and drawings with a 3D effect, chrome-plated accessories, cost-effective contactless sanitary engineering.A standard or futuristic shower will be appropriate. For a small room suitable furniture with smoothed corners. Lighting is best left to point sources of light. An interesting design of a small bathroom can be created using light materials, optical effects, which are achieved using mirrors. Add colors will help juicy accents: indoor flower with large leaves, bright rug, towels, soap boxes of unusual shape, the composition of stones and shells, a photo or picture. The main thing is not to overload the interior with details. Two or three interesting objects will be enough.

Classic style Immortal classic does not go out of style. To get an elegant bathroom interior and showcase a great taste, you can use dark wood, marble, its imitation, tile, gilding in the decoration. Screaming colors are unacceptable, all shades should be soft, no chrome and hi-tech - here they are not appropriate. Bath is better fit into the interior than a shower. We'll have to take into account the modest size of the bathroom and choose, for example, a sitz bath. Household appliances as much as possible to hide in a niche.Well, if on the wall there is a place for a nice sconce, a mirror in a beautiful frame. Not necessarily chasing expensive details. You can use wooden shelves and fittings with a coating resembling gold, copper or bronze. Complement the interior is an elegant curtain for the bath, plain towels and forged or wooden holders for them.

Provence style will create a touching budget design bathroom. It is ideal for a small room, because the main burden falls on the details. Plumbing is secondary - the simpler the better. For decoration, you can use decorative plaster, mosaic, tile. There is an interesting creative technique: from various types of tiles, panels are created on the wall and floor. It is worth choosing a tile with a worn effect, which will help to create a habitable and cozy interior. It will be supported by wooden furniture, cabinets and shelves, painted in pastel colors: pale blue, pink, peach. Textiles with a floral print or other unobtrusive pattern will fill the room with an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness. Here are used compositions of dry herbs, scented candles, oil lamps, because smells are also an important part of the design. They help to relax, feeling the joy of being.

Loft - a striking style originated at the junction of the industrial and bohemian, taking the best from both directions. Embody an unusual bathroom design in a small square. Walls, floor, ceiling are made out deliberately rough. You will suit a tile imitating brick or masonry, plaster, wallpaper with a texture that resembles a cemented wall. On such an underground background, an ordinary toilet or washing machine will turn into art objects. A transparent shower will fit in here, glass is an indispensable attribute of a loft. Highlighting in the ceiling will support the urban style of the room. Removing the ceiling from the chandelier, leaving only the wire with a light bulb, you will not lose. Hiding water pipes is not necessary, they are part of the interior. And the accessories are not difficult to pick up: the same pipes will act as holders, and wire cages will be useful instead of shelves.

Minimalism The name speaks for itself. Nothing superfluous, in a small bathroom everything will be extremely comfortable and functional. Make the interior in this style is not as easy as it may seem. There are no special requirements for materials, but strict forms, minimum colors, modest accessories are obligatory. The classic palette of minimalism - white, black, gray.Plumbing should have angles and geometry, preferably square, rectangular shapes. Suspended equipment will save space, add volume to it. Decorative elements are not needed at all. Extreme lightness, freshness, freedom. Minimalism needs perfect cleanliness, almost sterility. The dusty vase in the Provence-interior will add to the atmosphere of romance, and the “dusty” minimalism - a sad sight. Textiles are not used in the design, maximum - towels and shower curtain, not conspicuous.

Scandinavian style Despite its seeming simplicity with the severity of lines, the Scandinavian style is one of the most comfortable. Natural materials are used mainly: wood, stone, fabrics of plant origin. The design is dominated by white color, dark shades are allowed in accents. They must be exclusively in the natural range. In such an interior is pleasantly located, it is easy to breathe, even if it is organized in a minimal space. It is in this style that a wicker laundry basket will look perfect. You can not save on lighting - one spotlights can not do.Laconic chandeliers, sconces are fine. You should choose curtains, towels, linen and cotton napkins. Textiles are permissible to diversify the Scandinavian ornaments of lines, snowflakes. When choosing accessories give preference to chrome valves, they can be futuristic design.

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