Example of a press release. How to write a press release

Building a communication company can not be imagined without such an instrument as a press release. It is a communication for the media of an informative nature. Press release of the company is compiled and distributed in the following cases:

  1. Opening of the company, branch of the company or expansion of production.
  2. A corporate event is to be held.
  3. The event that occurred in the country or industry requires the response of the company's top management.
  4. The organization received awards or had other significant achievements.
  5. Important personnel changes have occurred.
  6. In the case of force majeure and emergency incidents.

In such cases, a press release can be created both before and after the relevant event. In the latter case, it will be informative, not announcing.

example of a press release

Press release - what is it?

The press release is an important information message for journalists, whose purpose is to stir up the interest of the media to the subject matter with the further publication of articles based on it. An example of a press release written after the release of a new model of a car may contain information about its merits and be sent to publications for the purpose of further publication (in the event that the topic seems relevant to the readers).

Press release is not an advertising publication, therefore the decision to publish it in print is taken exclusively by the editor of the publication. If the message contains purely commercial elements, the publication will pass through the advertising department and be paid accordingly.

press release rules

What are the releases for?

Writing a press release makes sense if the excuse to turn to the media is really worthwhile. Only in this way the company has high chances to be seen in the press, the Internet or on television.

A vivid example of a press release that attracted close attention to the media and caused a wave of publications is the unusual actions of Euroset, including actions calling for "undressing and getting a mobile" and so on. For representatives of big business, everything is much easier, because the media themselves are looking for an excuse to cover issues related to their activities in their publications.

In what style do they write such articles?

The genre of writing the text of the release should be informational, regardless of the scope of activity and the scale of the organization. However, do not overload the text with professional terminology. The information given in the press release, unlike the advertising publication, should be as objective as possible.

how to write a press release

Using the interjections "I", "we" is inappropriate. The text should also not be emotionally colored. Be sure to reread the text of the message before sending, because the image of the company will largely depend on literacy and informativeness.

How to write a press release for posting on the Internet?

When writing a release, you should observe a certain information structure that resembles a pyramid turned upside down, at the beginning of which the most significant facts are presented.

Structurally, the press release should consist of the following parts:

  1. The headline of the press release.
  2. Introductory paragraph, called "lead."
  3. The main body of the article.
  4. Reference and contact information (backgraunder).
  5. Useful links for the reader (if published on an Internet resource).

press release about the event


This part shows the whole essence of the release, describes the event that will occur. The title should be interested and consist of no more than eight words, and be clear and significant. Many professionals advise writing it after writing the body of the article.

The rules of the press release provide for writing the title in bold and a larger font. The first word should be written with a capital letter (there is no need to make all the letters capitalized). It is desirable to use the present without unnecessary articles.

It is necessary that the title contain the article keywords. This will help increase the search properties of the release, as well as make its essence more understandable for journalists.


The press release about the event of due level should be written on the letterhead and have a meaningful and interesting headline for journalists. The first paragraph should answer the questions: what, where, when and for what purpose will be conducted.

The following paragraphs should carry the information load, contain information about the event or features of products, its place on the market. The text should contain as many facts as possible. In this block you can include comments from the company's directorate.

So, an example of a press release, written about the publication of the book, looks like this.

Title: "The Bukinist Publishing House is releasing a new fantastic book about time travel." Then the first sentence should be: "Publishing House" Bukinist "today publishes a new book by the sensational science fiction writer Bernard Verber about intangible travels in time."

preparing a press release example

The text should contain as little as possible "water" and be compact. In addition, the use of slang words and expressions will be superfluous. Brevity is the sister of talent, however, in order for the press release to win the attention of the media, it is necessary to make it as informative and interesting for readers of your sector of activity.

Information about the company

The final paragraph should represent the company, give information about the stages of its development, types of activities, as well as significant achievements. This part of the text is called the backgounder and contains important information that characterizes the company.

Information can be taken from specialized brochures or professionally drawn up business plans of the company. In the end, you must specify the company's website, as well as, if necessary, a full URL for media representatives.

In the end, you should also indicate the contacts of the person responsible for public relations, as well as contacts of people who are responsible for the specific processes described in the press release, for example, the Department of Engineering and Innovation (if it is about some discovery or innovation).

press release rules

The main contact information provided in the press release should include:

  1. The full name of the organization (official).
  2. A list of contact persons indicating the departments they represent.
  3. The legal address of the office.
  4. Telephone and fax numbers in international format with all codes.
  5. Contact mobile number.
  6. Time of work of the company.
  7. Site addresses and e-mail of the company.

Example of publication on Internet resources

Publication of press releases on Internet resources is becoming increasingly popular, as electronic technologies are increasingly replacing printed sources of information every year. Most people are looking for the necessary information on the vast expanses of the World Wide Web. How should the correct formulation of the press release look like? An example of a quality information article is as follows:

press release about the event

How to attract the attention of the media?

When publishing a press release in the replicable publications, it should be understood that for media representatives the most important task is to attract and retain the attention of the audience. And if the press release received from the company is not interesting to readers (or viewers), it will simply not be published. An example of a press release that does not interest the media is information about opening a store "around the corner" or about the anniversary of a small little-known company. Such information is published mainly in paid ad units.

However, if you make the information interesting for the reader or submit it at the right angle, the chances of being published increase dramatically. Non-standard solutions have success. So, in the release of Tide Power, attention was focused on the specialization of equipment for Eastern Europe, which attracted the attention of narrow-minded journalists.

How to send?

Sending a release should only be done by targeted media that are interested in the information provided. Sending the article is best in the morning at the beginning of the workweek. Sent at the end of the week, the news runs the risk of becoming outdated over the weekend and not being published. It makes sense sending information articles to specialized news and corporate sites.

Examples of press releases for the media

Publication in the media significantly enhances the reputation of the company and positively affects its recognition and, as a result, success. An example of a press release for the media is given below:

press release of the company

Thus, an interesting and properly designed press release can attract the attention of the media and significantly increase the recognition of the company, which will certainly affect its success.

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