Examinations in the 4th grade in 2019

Changes that are actively implemented in the field of education are primarily aimed at raising the level of students' knowledge. The monitoring conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science proved that in the absence of examinations, the level of knowledge in certain subjects is significantly reduced. In other words, students tend to pay less attention to subjects whose teaching quality is not subject to control in graduation classes.

That is why in 2019 for all students of the Russian Federation three stages of knowledge testing will be mandatory:

  • at the end of grade 4;
  • after grade 9;
  • after 11th grade.

If exams for graduates of 9th and 11th grades are mostly perceived as a necessary stage for entering colleges and universities, then teachers and parents have a divided opinion about the need for the Unified State Exam in grade 4 and in 2019 the discussion about the feasibility of the event will again be relevant.

EGE in the 4th grade in 2019

Will the children take the exam in 2019?

Final certification for junior school graduates is quite a young exam. The pilot project of the Unified State Exam for 4 classes was approved in 2016, and in 2017 the kids from all regions of the Russian Federation were examined.

Despite the fact that the talk about the possibility of canceling the tests when moving from junior to high school does not subside, in 2019 teachers and parents should not expect to make such a decision. The State Final Certification of 2018 for students of 4th grades once again confirmed the facts that were spoken about more than once in the Ministry of Education and Science:

  1. Examinations are necessary, not only as a form of student achievement control, but also as one of the directions for assessing a teacher’s work.
  2. Due to the sparing format of conducting GIA, students do not experience psychological discomfort no more than when writing a test paper.
  3. A single bank of tasks allows you to realistically assess the quality of students' knowledge in different regions of the country.

Basic subjects of GIA in the 4th class for 2019

Required items

Since the purpose of the control slice is to determine the quality of knowledge in the basic subjects of primary school, the following are made on the GIA:

  1. Russian language;
  2. mathematics;
  3. natural history (world around).

Exam format

GIA in grade 4 is significantly different from the tests that are coming graduates of grades 9 and 11, because the exam is held in the atmosphere of a native class that is familiar to children and in fact is almost the same as a regular test.

In the 2018-2019 school year, exams in grade 4 will be held in late April. The lead time for each final work is 1 lesson (45 minutes).

All tasks are approved by a special expert commission of the FIPI and are provided to students in print form (on special forms) on the day of the GIA. Thus, neither children nor teachers have the opportunity to get acquainted with the tasks in advance, which ensures the reliability of the result.

Format exam 2019 in grade 4

Russian language

In 2019, at all levels of the GIA, the focus will be on testing the knowledge of the Russian language and exams in the 4th grade will not be an exception. For graduates of elementary school this subject will be divided into two separate tests:

  1. composition;
  2. work with text.

For an essay in the 4th grade, they offer, as a rule, light and close themes for kids, and the volume of the essay complies with the norms of primary school. In the process of writing a student can use a draft. Draft essay is not checked and not evaluated.

The Ministry of Education and Science discussed the possibility of replacing the essay with dictation. But, in 2018, the first module remained a short essay.Most likely, in 2019, the simplification of the exam in 4 classes should not be expected.

The second module (working with text) checks how well the child is able to perceive information in the process of reading. The children will have to read a fragment of the text and answer 13 questions by writing the answers in the fields of a special form.

Exam in Russian for elementary school GIA 2019


On the math exam, students of the 4th grade will have to demonstrate:

  • oral account skills, because the use of any technical means on the exam is strictly prohibited;
  • performing basic mathematical operations with priority in calculating numerical expressions and solving equations;
  • the ability to navigate in the main geometric shapes (knowledge of their properties);
  • ability to operate with values ​​of time, weight, length;
  • the ability to solve simple (in one action) and complex (up to 4 actions) tasks.

A math ticket contains 11 tasks, the answers to which the student must find and correctly write in a special form. At the decision stage, the use of a draft copy is recommended, which is not subject to verification further.

The world

Perhaps, this is the easiest of the 4th grade tests, because the ticket contains only 10 questions, and the topics from the course “natural history” are easily given to most students.

All the questions that a child may meet in this exam can be divided into two large blocks:

Human and nature

Aspects of human life

  • human structure;
  • object classification;
  • natural phenomena;
  • states of matter;
  • space bodies;
  • features of the planet Earth;
  • ecology (nature management).
  • human and society;
  • Russian Federation and its device;
  • history of the Russian Federation;
  • basics of BJ.

Examination 2019 for grade 4

Preparing for exams in elementary school

Since the exams in grade 4 are not only for students, but also for teachers, in most schools during the 2018-2019 school year they will prepare the Unified State Exam. Since the questions themselves submitted for the Final Certification are quite simple, for most students in 4th grade they will not need anything more than the teacher gives in the standard class.

Additional subject classes may be required if:

  • a child misses school for health reasons;
  • throughout the school year there were long breaks in training (quarantines);
  • teaching is low;
  • It is difficult for a child to receive a program of elementary school in view of its individual characteristics.

Preparation for GIA in elementary school for 2019

As a rule, teachers identify children who need additional training, and are engaged with them, pulling them to the desired level. By the way, this is the direct responsibility of each teacher! If the parents see that the school does not satisfy the child’s need for knowledge and attention, it is worth thinking about a good tutor. But it is better to think about another, really good school, if such an opportunity exists.

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