Eurotour 2017-2018

The future Euro-tour 2017-2018 will be a great chance for the Russian team to beat their opponents from Finland in the overall medal standings. But this will not be so easy to implement, because in the framework of the tournament, the best national teams of the Old World will oppose domestic hockey players.

Eurotour 2017-2018


Where and when will the tournament take place?

Eurotour 2017-2018

The preliminary calendar of games for the upcoming Euro Hockey Tour is already defined. The championship will begin its countdown in early November 2017, and will end in late April 2018. However, due to the Olympics in South Korea, the dates of the games are subject to change.

The tournament program consists of 4 consecutive stages:

  1. Karjal Cup;
  2. Carison Games;
  3. Channel One Cup;
  4. Games “Oddset”.

The beginning of the season of the Euro Tour will open the Karjala Cup matches, which will be held in November 2017. The drawing of this trophy is held annually in Finland - within the walls of the Helsinki Hartvall Arena sports complex in Helsinki.

One of the most favorite stages of the Euro Hockey Tour in Russia is the First Channel Cup. All the games in this tournament will be played in Moscow on the eve of the New Year holidays - in December 2017.A live broadcast from the IC “Ice Palace” can be seen on the First TV Channel or online at its official website.

The next stage of the Euro Tour, the Oddest hockey game, is scheduled for February 2018. The venue of the match will be the capital of Sweden. See the exciting ice battles will be at the “Globe Arena”.

Carlson Games - Euro Hockey Tour Final

Eurotour 2017-2018

The final part of the Euro Tour is Carlson games, which will be held in April 2018 in the Czech Republic. Currently, the site on which the matches will take place is not selected. However, most likely, it will be one of the arenas of Prague or Ceska Budowice.

It is worth recalling that under the rules of the competition, the final, as such, is absent. The winner is determined by the results of fights held in each of the stages of the tournament.

Championship participants

Eurotour 2017-2018

Since 1996, the rules and format of the championship have changed periodically. His standings are also transformed several times. Once in the championship took part teams of Slovakia and even Canada. Currently, four teams dispute the main trophy:

  • Russia;
  • Finland;
  • Sweden;
  • Czech Republic.

As a rule, mainly the national teams,participating in the championship, there are no stars of the “first magnitude”. But this fact is far from being a reason to miss the Euro Tour matches. Often, reservists demonstrate bright and informative hockey, worthy of the level of the World Cup and the Olympics.

Interesting statistics of the season 2016 - 2017

Eurotour 2017-2018

To the joy of the Russian fans, the last edition of the Euro Tour was remembered by the triumph of Oleg Znark's charges, who two years later managed to regain the status of champions.

Start for domestic hockey players was more than successful. Already in the first match of the Karjal Cup, they defeated the Finns with a score of 5: 1. According to the results of the tournament table, the leadership was also left to the Russians.

In the matches of the First Channel Cup and Oddset games, the Russian team even more thoroughly strengthened their positions. The failure for our team was only the last round of the contest, in which the Russians suffered two defeats and only one victory. However, this failure could not prevent the “red car” by right to take the first place in the overall standings and win the whole season.


Eurotour 2017-2018

Today, many experts and fans are trying to predict the future winners of the hockey Euro Tour.But given the preliminary composition of the national teams, which will vary during the tournament, it will not be so easy to decide on the favorites. The only thing that can be said with confidence is that the spectators are waiting for spectacular and uncompromising matches that will surely leave a bright and indelible mark in the memory of every hockey fan.

Schedule Euro Hockey Tour 2017 - 2018:

  • date of the tournament: November 2017 - April 2018;
  • venue of matches: SC “Ice Palace” (Moscow, Russia), “Globen Arena” (Stockholm, Sweden), “Hartvall Arena” (Helsinki, Finland), Czech Republic (currently are not selected);
  • Participants: Russia, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic.

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