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European continent - is it interesting?

July 26, 2018

Everyone knows that the Earth is divided into several continents, and one of these continents is Europe. This article is dedicated to her. And this is just a little information about such an interesting continent. So go ahead pack your bags from https: // and buy a ticket for the next flight to Europe.

European continent - is it interesting?

As is known, Europe is the sixth continent in terms of its size. In total, this continent includes forty-seven countries, as well as various islands. And if you are well versed in geography, then it is worth clarifying that Europe is part of Eurasia, the peninsula or the supercontinent, which is, not surprisingly, from Europe and Asia. The main borders of the European continent with Asia are the Ural Mountains, with the same name of the Ural River, and the Caucasus Mountains, with the African continent - the Mediterranean Sea. And in the south, Europe is separated from the rest of the continents by the Caspian and Black Seas.

Европейский континент – это интересно?

As for the extreme points, in the north it is a point on the Nordkin peninsula in Norway, in the south - Punta de Tarifa.The most western point of the continent - Cape Cabo da Roca, located in Portugal.

Europe is a continent worth visiting. Or rather, visit all those 47 countries that are located in such a small space. And many tourists really go on a trip to the countries of the European continent. After all, thanks to such a huge variety of countries, one can get acquainted with dozens and even hundreds of different cultures, see the architecture of many cities and admire its grace, strength and durability. Europe also impresses with its landscapes. The picturesque nature pleasantly pleases the eye, and here I want to come again and again. Moreover, European countries are good not only for studying, but also attractive for recreation. After all, take, for example, the same Cyprus, whose coasts are quite popular and extremely beautiful. And if the idea of ​​visiting Europe appeared in the plans, then this advice will definitely not be superfluous for future tourists: before the trip it is best to carefully study the map of the continent so as not to get lost in the unknown.

Европейский континент – это интересно?

The European continent, like all continents, has the largest and smallest countries, the widest and narrowest rivers and other comparative factors that will be of interest to any curious tourist.The main currency of Europe, of course, is the euro, and travel between countries is best done via rail Europe, the trains of which move throughout the continent.

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