Elevator inside the huge aquarium

For the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin, a project has been created - AquaDom. This 25-meter aquarium, which is built around the existing elevator, it carries hotel guests and tourists. An unusual elevator can be included in the list of unique elevators of the planet.

In the AquaDom aquarium there is about 1 million liters of water, and in order to clean it, there are two scuba divers working in the hotel staff. It constantly replenishes populations of fish that live in the aquarium. Those interested can count more than 56 species of fish, or several thousand fish, melancholically describing the circles around the elevator working inside.

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Fish are selected, given their size, also inhabit the inhabitants of different depths. Therefore, from each floor you can watch the flocks of colorful fish, rising to the observation deck, you can see the aquarium in all its glory. The thickness of the walls of the aquarium about 20 cm, it is made of acrylic glass. The construction of the underwater world took 12.8 million euros.Everyone who wishes to stay in this hotel will be able to enjoy the day and night water kingdom, watching tropical fish and their predatory brethren.

AquaDigitalLife is used to maintain the livelihoods of large aquariums, such as those described above. This is not an easy computer for an aquarium, it is an automatic maintenance of all parameters offline. Control occurs via the Internet. Thus, all parameters of water are controlled: pollution and topping up. AquaDigitalLife was created by Aquacoral, a company that manufactures aquariums. Specialists of the company note that AquaDigitalLife was created specifically for large aquariums, such as a marine aquarium or reef with live corals, in which many living creatures live, in which even the slightest damage can lead to their death. And with AquaDigitalLife everything is simple and convenient.

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