Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team "Pyatigorsk"

Ekaterina Utmelidze was born on August 171986 in Pyatigorsk. Her parents do not have the slightest relation to creativity. Mom works as a fashion designer (making clothes), and Dad is now working as a foreman in a construction company. Katya also has a younger sister, who by profession and vocation is a wife and mother.

Ekaterina utmelidze

Biography of Catherine Utmelidze

In the veins of Catherine, the blood of different nations flows. In her family there are Armenians, Georgians, and Russians. Katya grew up as the right child. The girl was engaged in choreography, ballet and a little gymnastics. Then she began to study fast. At first, our heroine graduated from college "excellent" (specialty "tailor" and "fashion designer-designer of garments"). Then she entered the Pyatigorsk State Technical University, specializing in "Human Resources Manager". Then she went to graduate school at the department of "social philosophy", but did not finish her. In the life of Catherine the KVN burst promptly, so it became more difficult to study, and in the end she made her choice in favor of the scene.

KVN in the life of Catherine Utmelidze

Ekaterina Utmelidze came to KVN thanks to the occasion. The college where she was trained as a fashion designer was attached to a local university. There she noticed the head of the educational institution and recorded in the ranks of the KVN-kshchikov. Catherine still remembers this woman, loves and very grateful to her for what she gave her "ticket to KVN." Since then, our heroine began to advance on the "steps of glory."

At first there was a faculty team. Then - the team of the university "KVN Pyatigorsk". Ekaterina Utmelidze confidently advanced to the Higher League of KVN. And thanks to her character and talent, she succeeded with success. Of course, not immediately. I had to work hard, work on my own way. Then in the life of Catherine appeared and the team "City of Pyatigorsk." It was formed from three collectives of Pyatigorsk league, for one of which Katya performed. But the guys from each team lacked something, so they decided to unite. Then their affairs went up the hill, and soon they got to the Higher League of KVN.kvn pyatigorsk catherine utmelidze

KVN team "City of Pyatigorsk"

The date of the birth of the team "City of Pyatigorsk" can be considered 2009, when their first game took place. Later, they began to move to the Premier League at a shock pace.

In 2010, the team became championsin the League of the International Union of KVN. In 2011, the team plays for the first time in the KVN Supreme League and immediately goes to the finals, where he receives bronze medals. In 2012, having won all three games of the Higher League, the team becomes a participant of the final. Sharing the second place with the team of St. Petersburg, the guys become silver prizewinners of the season. Also the collective receives the third most important "KiViN" at the music festival in Jurmala.

In 2013, the children won the main prize inJurmala festival, and the team captain was awarded a separate award. At the moment the team (after winning in 2013 in the Higher League of KVN) is on tour. They perform both in Russia and abroad. Tours are held in countries such as Germany, Estonia, USA, Canada and others.utmelidze catherine photo

An offer of marriage

Playing in the KVN, Ekaterina Utmelidze not only deserved the audience's appreciation, but also met her beloved. Her elect was a member of the team "Parapaparam" Leonid Morgunov.

Of course, this fact was affected by the fact thatLeonid and Catherine - inveterate KVN-kshchiki. The offer of marriage from Lyon our heroine received non-standard. It happened right on the stage where the "Music KiViN" was held. Leonid stood in front of Katya on his knees and held out a box, in which was an engagement ring. Naturally, our heroine accepted the offer. Thus, announcing her engagement, Catherine Utmelidze and Leonid Morgunov became a bride and groom. They began to prepare for the upcoming happy and solemn event in their life.

Wedding of Catherine Utmelidze

But due to the fact that KVN in the life of the guys takes quite a long time, the wedding took place only a year later with that amazing and touching offer on the stage.wedding of Ekaterina utmelidze

Since relatives and relatives of a happy couplelive at a decent distance (our fiancé from Novosibirsk), then, perhaps, there will be more than one wedding celebration, but two or three. This is all because our bride is Caucasian, and she has a lot of scope and hospitality.

And the official part of the wedding, of course, was held inPyatigorsk on June 7, 2014. It was an outstanding event. All day long the young people were having fun with the guests and relatives. In this they were very helped by their fans, who specialize in weddings, for which Leonid and Catherine are immensely grateful. For each girl, marriage is an event that is remembered for life. Ekaterina Utmelidze was not an exception to this. Photos from the wedding are the brightest thing to say about it. He and Leonid look amazingly beautiful and happy couple.

Ekaterina utmelidze and Leonid Morgunov

The personal life of Catherine Utmelidze

In the past, Catherine Utmelidze was very fond of sewing andto do handicrafts. Now, in the free time from the rich tour of life, the best vacation for her is to lie in front of the television, and, of course, meetings with her beloved husband, friends and relatives. With his teammates Katya also likes to see and out of the game, as he considers them his family. But due to the tight tour schedule, unfortunately, these meetings do not happen as often as we would like. Despite this, Katya is not discouraged and in no case complains about her life, as she herself suits everything, and she is absolutely happy.

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Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk Ekaterina Utmelidze - star of the KVN team Pyatigorsk