Eastern horoscope for Tiger for 2019

The tiger is a beautiful predator combining grace and power. He does not need to prove strength, because one glance at him is enough to make sure that he is clever, bold and impulsive. This is not so much about the animal, as about those who were born under the protection of the striped handsome, which correspond to the years 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986 and 1998.

Passion, emotionality and even audacity are inherent in these people. Their character is swift, they take a decision for moments in absolutely any situation. Sometimes, because of this, their actions seem rash, spontaneous, not conducive to the desired results. However, this will not frighten the Tigger, but will force it to try again and again, until the hunt for success is crowned with success.

Their spontaneity and independence, which others like so much (and especially the opposite sex), often turn into recklessness, manifestations of egocentrism and loneliness. They easily conquer the hearts of people with their own adventure, but over time, the people around get tired of the temper and eternal “stories” in which they fall together, or by the grace of the sign representative.

Tigers are contrasting, unstable, are aggressive, but at the same time, their generosity knows no bounds, especially if they want to please someone and attract attention.

The horoscope for the Tiger for 2019 says that the natural qualities of a leader and a formidable predator will be useful to you, and even lead to success. In general, the year will be bright and intense, and fully satisfy your craving for new achievements and achievements.

There will be no “roller coaster” for you, after all, 12 months under the control of the Earthen Pig is a measured, calm period. This will create a double situation. Good luck will be on your side - which is good, but will deprive you of the opportunity to express yourself, compete, conquer and get out of trouble. That is, success threatens to deprive you of the adventure aspect of life.

It turns out that with finances, love and career growth, a typical Tiger can become sad and fall into apathy. To avoid intolerable indifference and mediocrity, take advantage of financial opportunities acquired this year. Traveling to exotic countries, playing at auction or sports betting, extreme sports - this, and much more will help you to brighten up the gloom and give you the necessary dose of adrenaline.

Career and money

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The year 2019 is a great time to conquer and conquer new heights. It is worth making a little more effort than ever, and you will be able to break out into the top leadership. Improvement of professional skills will not be superfluous.

Sign up for a course or training, improve your qualifications. This will help both get promoted, and well strengthened in a responsible position. I am glad that the representatives of the cat family will not face the machinations of their colleagues or envy. It is clear to everyone that you deserve your post, and cope with the tasks better than anyone else.

Money will be a pleasant consequence of your career growth. Moreover, intensive financial increases are possible not only in the form of a salary. Stars foretell you winnings in lotteries and sweepstakes. Of course, you should not completely abandon yourself to the excitement, but take a chance a couple of times a year - and increase your well-being.

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Excluding luck in games, money will not fall on you bundles from the sky. Every penny will be earned and deserved honest work. The key word is honesty. A deceptive way (including in gambling hobbies) can lead you to ruin.A special risk zone is your new position.

Having learned, or received an offer to turn the scam on, figure it out by the letter of the law, no matter how tempting the cheese in a fraudulent mousetrap.

Love horoscope for Tiger for 2019

In the coming year, you can relax a little and pass the reins to a partner. Do not forget that a relationship is a matter of two, you have only half the responsibilities. If you have to take on more - this is an occasion to think about the strength of your pair.

True, astrologers believe that you will not have to seriously think about love relationships. The year will be easy and enjoyable. In the already established duets will reign perfect understanding. Against such a positive background, your union will strengthen and unite. For many couples, this will become a kind of sign that sympathy and love have already grown into a much stronger and higher feeling.

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Tigers, in whose life love has not yet come, will be on the wave of popularity and will swim in the rays of universal attention. Moreover, interested views threaten you, regardless of the circumstances.

Did you come to the reception in an expensive outfitor ran to the store in home clothes - in any situation there is a high probability of meeting, if not a future spouse (or spouse), then a partner in a long-term affair Stars are silent about what this new relationship should be. Most likely, you will have to rely only on your intuition and the voice of the heart.

Want an exciting short-term adventure - good luck on your side. You dream about a wedding with this person - you have all the cards in your hands, do not postpone the momentous event indefinitely.

Health horoscope

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The first and only danger to your well-being is tiredness. Learn to switch from mental work to physical, and vice versa. This option will allow less tired, if you really do not have a minute for a good rest. The solution will be a gym membership with the widest possible range of services: in addition to simulators and fitness, it is desirable to have access to the pool and attend relaxing treatments.

In no case in 2019, do not bring yourself to the boiling point. As soon as you feel that the brains are “sintered”, or the nerves are stretched to the limit - hurry to rest. The Yellow Pig does not forgive neglect of health and inability to take a breatherso, it is easy to send you on vacation by force. True, in the best case, it will be a sanatorium, not a golden beach.

Detailed horoscopes for the elements

Water Tiger

eastern horoscope tiger

“I’m not lucky in cards, lucky in love” is the motto of 2019 for those born in 1962. Everything will be smooth in the financial sphere. There will be no significant increases, but you will probably have to spend deferred money. Fortunately, for something useful, so feel free to invest finances in the family, home, your health.

In love, you expect a sensual and full of romance period. The family will enjoy the comfort, and the lonely Tigers will enjoy a kaleidoscope of new acquaintances.

Wood Tiger

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Born in 1974? 2019 for you will develop successfully in terms of career. However, in order to win the desired place and win over your superior colleagues, do not jump ahead and try to take on new responsibilities before you are appointed. Let everything go on as usual.

In order to avoid conflicts in family life, try to be softer and more patient, forgive your relatives for their mistakes and mistakes.

Fire Tiger

2019 for the tiger

1986 passed under the element of fire. If this is your date of birth, you can be congratulated, because you are waiting for an enchanting, great time! Your achievements at work will definitely notice and be much higher than you expect.The flow of finance from the streamlet will turn into a steady flow.

Love finally comes to life to those who crave it. And those who already have a beloved person, just hug your soul mate and enjoy the common happiness.

Ground Tiger

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If you were born in 1938 or 1998, your control element is earth. Next year will be successful and enjoyable, but out of the ordinary events will not happen.

The results that you have today will be stronger, but not significantly improved. Such a flat position is better than it seems at once. The likely negative situations of the following years will affect you the least.

Metal Tiger

what awaits the tigers in 2019

Born in 1950, in the near future you can think about your own business. Family bakery, small winery in the country - no matter what you choose, the business is doomed to financial success, if you open it in the year of the Yellow Boar. Young Tigers born in 2010 waiting for a lot of dating.

The horoscope for 2019 prophesies fascinating journeys and excursions to which parents should let go of their child in order to instill in the child interest in the cultures of other countries and languages. Moreover, curiosity can also wake up on a local trip, so Tigers should not miss school raids into museums and historical places.

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