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What dreams Piano in a dream?

Piano - To play in a dream on the piano from Friday to Saturday or from Saturday to Sunday - in reality there will be great changes in life. To hear the sound of the piano in a dream from Monday to Tuesday - to troubles that show up only at the last moment and fix that there will be neither time nor opportunity. Hearing a fake piano playing - to the sad changes in the lives of many people, but if you hear it from Saturday to Sunday - the higher forces will help you to stand in future troubles.

What the piano dreams about - To tune the piano in a dream - to keep awake and calm even in the most unforeseen critical situations. If you have such a dream from Tuesday to Wednesday, you will become the only support for those around you. Move the piano, carry it somewhere in a dream from Friday to Saturday - to the housewife. What does the Piano mean in a dream - to buy or have a white piano - to occupy a dominant position.

To play the piano is to be slightly mistaken, to turn a blind eye to a certain hypocrisy of close people.Hear others play - they will try to beat you and act deftly behind your back. If your piano is upset - dissatisfaction with their own achievements. ROYAL has the same meaning.

The dream of psychologist Z. Freud

What dreams Piano, dream analysis:

Piano - Play in a dream on the piano - a dream says that you want to put into practice sexual fantasies and your partner will support you in this. Frustrated piano predicts failure in intimate affairs, caused by the physiological characteristics of your body. Piano - Sign of fateful favor, love relationships. You dreamed of a Piano - expressing your thoughts.

To hear a beautiful melody - spiritual harmony, to hear discordant, discordant chords - annoying thoughts; sad and mournful music - sadness, longing; broken and upset piano - dissatisfaction with oneself; old piano - a return to old thoughts; to learn a difficult but thrilling melody - thoughts of what excites you the most.

Dream Interpretation E. Erickson

Dreamed of a Piano, interpretation:

You dreamed of the Piano - Good luck in intimate affairs.Imagine playing a piano masterfully. Piano - You see a piano in a dream, you want to learn how to play it - a dream says that you surrounded yourself with random people; you rely on those you shouldn't rely on; people who can really help you are far away from you.

You seem to be playing the piano, but it is upset - some external reasons will completely change your plans. A young woman dreams that she is present at a concert of piano music - this woman has many fans, but she will wait for attention signs from a man who is not her fan; this woman risks lonely. Piano - you are waiting for great success in relations with the opposite sex.

Imagine that you have come to the store or to the factory where the pianos are made to choose the best instrument for yourself. You meticulously inspect one by one the tools that the seller shows you, press the keys, listening to the sound, and finally choose what you like most. Pianos brought to your home and set in the most prominent place.You sit down to the instrument, open the lid and begin to play it with your own favorite tunes easily and enthusiastically.

Psychoanalytic dream book

Dreamed of a piano, what is it for?

  1. Playing the piano satisfies all aesthetic feelings. The appearance of the piano in a dream is a symbol of our own creativity. As you know, playing the piano for up to learn, so you need to learn and properly use their creative abilities.
  2. One aspect of playing the piano is that we are creative in the work of someone else. Only a few of us really compose our own music. It may be that we need to consider the working everyday situation in the light of the implementation of something in order to better use the best that is in us.
  3. Creative sound is a vital aspect in spiritual development, and our appreciation of music can often provide a definition of spiritual progression.

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In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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