Door leaf. Tips and tricks

Most modern city apartments in our country have a typical layout, in one way or another of its variations, which means that the installation of interior and entrance doors in such apartments should not cause any special difficulties. However, in practice, due to the peculiarities of the construction of apartment buildings, and their excessively long operation, certain difficulties may arise when purchasing doors and installation.

For this reason, before you go to the salon or store behind a new door, you must carefully measure the doorway, and from all sides, and in no case can you use to purchase a door the dimensions of such an opening specified in the technical documentation for the apartment. The same, by the way, applies to measurements of window openings for ordering and installing gratings in them.

However, it may happen that even after making all the necessary measurements, you will not be able to find the perfect door for them in the store, but you shouldn’t be too upset about it.If standard-sized doors are not suitable for your apartment, you have two options: first, order custom-made doors, taking into account all the parameters of your doorway, and second, if the door doesn’t fit solely in height, buy one you like and shorten it yourself.

Most of the interior doors, and sometimes the entrance doors are made of wood rather than metal, and therefore, with a change in their height at home, problems should not arise, especially if certain recommendations are followed. In addition, the described method of shortening the door leaf can in some cases be applied to plastic doors.

Before proceeding to the immediate shortening of the length, it is necessary to carefully measure again the doorway, and the acquired door leaf, and carry out the marking, according to which you will shorten the door. For convenience of work and evenness of cutting the door leaf, it will need to be fixed on a vertical bar, for those who have a workbench at home, this will be quite simple. To shorten the door you will need some tools, such as a plane (not important, manual or electric), a saw, and a tool for grinding.

In order to accurately calculate how many millimeters you need to shorten the door leaf, please note that the gap between the floor surface and the door should not exceed 3 mm. Initially, from the existing door leaf, you will need to cut corners, and only then shorten the excess length of the blade with a planer.

In that case, if the door leaf requires a significant shortening (more than 6 mm), you can use a saw. After you cut your door to the right size, you will need to carefully cut its cut to make it as smooth as possible.

If you doubt that you can shorten the door leaf yourself, and especially if it is not possible to do this in your home environment, for example, in the case of a metal door, many specialized shops offer door shortening services right on the spot and are equipped with the appropriate tool.

However, if you purchase a wooden door, and it needs to be shortened slightly, then such work will be quite possible and you can easily adjust the door leaf to the size of the existing opening yourself.At the same time, remember that it is not necessary to customize all the doors of your apartment to the same size at once, since the dimensions of the doorways may be different, therefore measure each doorway and the canvas separately.

Such actions will allow you to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies and not to spoil the new, just bought the door, then the result obtained as a result will please your eye with its aesthetics for a long time and ensure proper comfort in your home.

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