Donbass predictions for 2018

An interesting fact is that the predictions about Donbas for 2018 were voiced not only by astrologers, prophets and clairvoyants of the past, but also by many of our contemporaries. Forecasts of Vanga, Pavel Globa, Vera Lyon and Olga's witches deserve the most attention. They are distinguished by a rather colorful and detailed description of upcoming events.

Donbass predictions for 2018


The prophecy of Vanga

Donbass predictions for 2018

During the life of the great Bulgarian clairvoyant gave thousands of predictions that came true with amazing accuracy. Not spared Wang with their attention and Ukraine. Despite the fact that in the years of the clairvoyant’s life, the word “Donbass” was almost unknown to anyone, she repeatedly mentioned this particular region of the world.

According to Vanga, from 2014 a difficult period will begin for Ukrainians, which will be marked by war and a split in the country. Literally about Donbass, she said: “The brother will rise on his brother and the earth will be stained with blood.” The predictor did not specify how long this confrontation would last, however, she made a special emphasis on the fact that peace would come with the coming to power of a “strong eastern ruler” who would reconcile both parties to the conflict, unite them to fight evil.
According to many analysts, Wanga had in mind the bloody civil war in the east of Ukraine, its territorial disintegration and the subsequent unification of New Russia with its eastern neighbor - Russia.

Prediction of Faith Lyon

Donbass predictions for 2018

Famous astrologer and psychic from Kazakhstan Vera Lyon, who is considered a follower of Vanga, also shared her vision of the future of Donbass. According to her predictions, the situation in this region throughout the year 2018 will remain extremely tense. In one of her prophetic visions, Ukraine presented it to her gaze in the form of a dried-up tree, from which red resin oozes. Apparently, this means an escalation of civil conflict in the Donbas. In addition, Vera Lyon mentioned the deterioration of diplomatic relations with Russia and the likelihood of the Eastern regions leaving the country.

Astrological forecast of Paul Globa

Donbass predictions for 2018

The Russian astrologer and psychic Pavel Globa gained wide popularity in Soviet times. For several decades, he published hundreds of phenomenal forecasts, 85% of which came true with absolute accuracy. Regarding Ukraine, in 2009 Globa predicted its division into several autonomous parts:

  1. Crimea;
  2. West;
  3. East.

As is known, the Crimea peninsula in 2014 became a subject of the Russian Federation, and the Eastern regions of Ukraine continue to fight for their independence to this day. Most likely, in 2018, the Donbass, following the example of the Crimea, will join Russia.

The psychic emphasizes that the country will achieve stability only with the advent of a new strong leader who will be able to change the existing course of Ukraine, aimed at destroying the economic sector and breaking friendly relations with Russia.

As for the western regions of the country, according to Globa, they will be torn apart by internal political strife, which will aggravate the socio-economic crisis from which the Ukrainian people are already suffering.
According to the astrologer, in ten years the situation will change radically. A new geopolitical union will be formed on the territory of several Slavic states, which will include three states:

  • Russia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Belorussia.

Pavel Globa argues that only thanks to this unification, a long-awaited period of economic stability and prosperity will arrive in the region.

The Prophecy from the witch Olga

Donbass predictions for 2018

Another clairvoyant who calls herself the witch Olga is famous for his predictions. She is confident that the authorities of modern Ukraine, who are guided solely by their own interests and continue to deceive the Ukrainian people, are the perpetrators of the civil war in the Donbas.

According to the prediction of the prophetess, in 2018 the war in the east of the country will break out in a new force, however, it will not last long. In Kiev, there will be another popular outrage that will lead to the power of a new strong leader. That he will be able to reconcile the people of Ukraine, to improve relations with the Kremlin government and bring the state out of the protracted economic crisis.

Forecasts from the strongest psychics for 2018 for the Donbass:

  • in the opinion of the astrologer, Vlad Ross, in the next year, Donetsk and Lugansk regions will once again return to the control of the Kiev authorities;
  • According to the medium, Elena Osipenko, the parties to the conflict will sit down at the negotiating table, the hryvnia will stabilize, and a gradual way out of the financial and economic crisis will begin;
  • parapsychologist Sergey Shevtsov-Lang believes that the fighting in the Eastern regions of Ukraine will not end, and it will take at least ten years to improve the situation.

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