Does a child need a visa?

In our time, many parents have the opportunitysend their children to study or relax abroad. The actual issue is the issue of issuing relevant documents. And so, does a child need a visa for traveling abroad? Let us consider this question in detail.

When you need a visa for a child

If the country where you are going is setvisa regime, the visa for the child, as for the adult, must be formalized. But there are countries that do not need a visa, for such countries it is enough to have passports for parents and children.

Let's consider some nuances of registrationdocuments, which should be taken into account when choosing the country in which the visa regime is established. You can not open a visa for a child, if you have an old passport for your parents, in which it is entered. Such a record is carried out and certified only by employees of the Federal Migration Service at the place of residence.

It should be borne in mind that if a childwritten in your passport and you are planning a trip with him, then filling out the visa application form, note that you will travel with the child. In this case, you will receive a visa in which there is a special mark that you are traveling with the child.

If the parents have a new passport,then the child in such a passport is no longer entered. In this case, a visa for the child is required. To do this, one of the parents must fill out a questionnaire at the consulate and put their signature on it. Basically, one of the parents independently submits all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa for the child. The embassy may require the presence of the child when processing documents, if it is more than 14 years old, or if there is a special requirement.

Be careful when collecting documents - forchildren and adults this list is different. Obtaining a visa for a child also depends on the consent to leave the country of the second parent. Such consent must be notarized. The child's birth certificate is also attached to the list. An important point remains that these documents must be certified by a notary in the language of the country in which the trip is planned.

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