Documents required for divorce

So, family life did not work out, and you decidedto get a divorce. There is a question, what documents are needed for divorce? There are two ways for divorce - either through the registry office or in court. In the first case, spouses are bred if they do not have children. In the second, respectively, if they are. Affects this and the marriage contract. And also that if one of the spouses disagrees with something, he can safely apply to the court. It also happens that one of the spouses seems to agree to a divorce, but does not come to the registry office, then nothing remains, how to get divorced in court.

Consider what documents are necessary fordivorce in the registry office. Of course, these are documents that certify the person. Further, a certificate of marriage, an application stating that you wish to divorce and a receipt for payment of state duty.

It happens that one of the spouses there.He, for example, was officially officially declared to be missing, incompetent, and, possibly, sentenced to imprisonment, and then another spouse who wants to divorce him must also attach a corresponding court decision to the application.

And what documents are needed for a divorce in court?There is a usual set of documents, but this list can be changed depending on how the situation develops. In court you must bring: an identity document and the plaintiff, as well as his representative, a divorce suit in court, there must be two, a marriage certificate, a birth certificate for your child if he is underage. If several minor children, then there will be several testimonies. The receipt for payment of state duty, as well as an extract that is made from the house book, must be brought.

If the spouses agree peacefully and the divorce passesby their mutual consent, we need documents to confirm this. Still, the documents necessary for divorce, can be such as agreements on the division of property, on the content, as well as the residence of common children. There must be an agreement on the order and amount of alimony that will be paid, perhaps a marriage contract. Documents confirming the arguments of the plaintiffs and speaking about the legitimacy of their claims. And also other documents that the judge may request.

It is worth noting that the application for divorceand alimony can be filed both immediately, and then, but then the application for alimony is served separately. Such applications state the passport data of both spouses, their place of residence., Date and place where the marriage was registered, the number of children and their age, what the amount of maintenance will be, and whether the divorce is by consent of the parties or not. Still the documents necessary for divorce and receipt of alimony are papers on earnings and other incomes not only of the person who will pay alimony, but also of the person who will receive them.

Documents are submitted for divorce in courtby the place where you live. The time for consideration of an application in this case is usually a little over a month. If the spouses act by agreement of the parties, then the case is considered by a justice of the peace, if a dispute arises, then the district or city court is already engaged in this. As a rule, the court invites spouses to think about and reflect on their future destiny within three months if one of the spouses does not want a divorce.

It must be said that the amount of child support candesignate yourself, but if this does not happen, then their size is assigned by the court. Alimony can be paid in a certain amount both periodically and at a time. In the first case - monthly, quarterly and other payments, in the second, for example, once a year. It is possible that as alimony can act and a dwelling, as well as a plot of land, a car, or securities and other property.

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