Do not be afraid of change!

At the next planning stage, it is time to move from the assessment of an apartment or house to the formation of the level and scale of the necessary changes. For starters, you can create a to-do list for each room. It is even more convenient to divide it into two columns: specific comments (replacement of the mixer, sockets, dirt on the wallpaper, repair of the floor covering, etc.) and general (it’s good that there is an exit to the loggia from the kitchen, there is no space for storing shoes, too gloomy children's room, etc.).

Based on these records, it will be easier to outline the order of actions. Analyzing the notes, you probably pay attention to what problems cause you the most concern. Make it simple - there will be an overwhelming number of them in the list.

Say, there are many variations on the topic of heating, plumbing or the inconvenience of planning a dwelling, which leaves too few opportunities for joint recreation with friends. Most likely, something like that you will see in your list.

Tired of the wallpaper in the room? Do you want to freshen up the ceiling in the kitchen or replace the cracked tile in the bathroom? Do it! If the difficulties associated with the organization of space in the premises, it is time to think about redevelopment.Communication systems in need of repair? There is nothing to even think about - this is not the article to save on.

True, it also happens that a whole bunch of necessary things have matured, which includes communications, finishing works and planning with lighting. In this situation, you should prioritize. Choose problems that can no longer wait, and take up their solution, while others postpone until later.

For specialists in repair, there are a number of categories according to which they determine changes in a house. They differ in complexity, level of impact on the structure of housing, and also depend on the financial possibilities of the owners. What category is your - practice will show. However, it is equally important to get an idea of ​​how each type of improvement will affect the appearance of the house, change its aura and character.

There are a lot of options for change - to glue the wallpaper, paint the walls, use decorative plaster and put tiles. At first glance, there is no place to be easier - the choice of materials is huge, it remains only to find something to your taste, and maybe even do it yourself. But there is a nuance: later it may turn out that the decoration of the room does not match the style of the furniture set, the pictures are lost against the background of new wallpapers and much more.

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