Details on how to put the video in the "Contact"

If you need to learn how to throw offvideo in "Contact", and you have never encountered such a question before, in this case we recommend reading this article. You will be given a detailed instruction with all the steps that you will need to make for proper processing. Also, if the speed of your Internet is high, then you can learn how to quickly download a video to "Contact" by the most simple methods.


how to put the video in contact Before you start adding,you, accordingly, will need to authorize in your account. To do this, go to the main page in the social network and go to the section "My videos" (you can find it in the panel on the left side).


how to throw video into contactWhen you move to a new page, andmore precisely, you will find yourself in the necessary section, you just have to learn how to put the video in "Contact", because this issue is currently key for us. So, on the opened page it is required to find in the right part a small button, which has the name "Add video". After you click on this function, a pop-up window should appear in front of you, in which special actions should be taken, and we will tell you about them.


how to throw a video from iPhone to contact

The mouse cursor must be switched to the button"Select a file" and in order to be able to add new materials, you only need to press the left mouse button once. If everything was done correctly, then in this case you need to open an explorer. As you probably could already understand, with the help of "Survey" you will search for a video that is already downloaded on your computer. By the way, this procedure is very fast, and you should not encounter any difficulties in searching for the file. Remember that you will need to deal with the choice directly through the conductor itself, which was called by you through a social network. About how to throw off the video from the "iPhone" in "Contact", you need to have a separate conversation, but for now let's consider this option to download the video using a personal computer.


In the operating system'sSelect the local drive on which the folder with your files is located. After you select a specific material, you must click on the "Open" button. If everything is done according to our instructions, then a new window with the download process should appear on the social network page. Accordingly, the speed of processing a new video will depend directly on your connection to the Internet, as well as the file size. If the selected material is voluminous, then you will need to wait for the download, and if the movie takes only a few megabytes, then the download can be completed in a few minutes. Before uploading the video to "Contact", you can independently check the speed of your Internet, and for this it is recommended to use specialized services, which are currently available in large numbers. Of course, after the publication of a new file is fully implemented, you will also need to make additional settings. Immediately after the download will begin its preparation, this process can take several minutes. In conclusion, you will be able to see a special notification, where it will be indicated that the new video has been successfully added, and you only need to fill in some parameters. Immediately start filling out the fields from the "Title" line. In this section, as you could already understand, you must specify the file name that will be displayed on the social network both for you and for other users. Then you need to specify the description of the video. You can write only a few sentences or, conversely, make a volumetric description, everything depends on the subject matter of the material. Now you need to decide who will be available to watch the video. You can set additional restrictions or set the "All users" option, and, accordingly, this content will be available to anyone who wants to view it.


how to quickly upload a videoThe following paragraph is called "Who cancomment on this video ». Here you can also enter the necessary restrictions or allow commenting for all users. As you can see, the question of how to put the video in Contact is very simple. And if everyone will follow the instructions given by us, you should not have any difficulties. If your friends do not yet know how to put the video in "Contact", then you can tell them about it. That's all the tips that we wanted to share in this material. We hope that the article will be useful to numerous users of the social network "VKontakte".

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