Decking for fences, roofs and walls

Decking for fences, roofs and walls

The professional flooring is very popular building material now. And all thanks to its main advantages - versatility and functionality. The only drawback of the professional sheet is, perhaps, only its decorative appearance. But the wide possibilities of using profiled sheet in construction make this factor practically insignificant.

Profiled sheeting is a corrugated sheet that is made of steel by cold rolling. The material is easy to use, easy to cut and install, there is almost no waste. The professional leaf is economic, strong, reliable and durable. According to the spheres of application, there are three categories of professional sheet: wall (front), roofing and flooring.

Decking for fences and walls

The wall profiled sheet is great for finishing the walls of industrial facilities (warehouses, workshops), offices, auxiliary facilities (hangars, garages), I compete with other finishing materials, such as siding.

Sheeting is often used for pre-fabricated construction, where sheeting has become an ideal finish. Fences, fences, facades, interfloor and internal wall partitions, both private and commercial, are constructed from it. Profiled sheet is economical in all respects - low price of material and work, maintenance of structures does not require high costs, high-quality installation, which does not require special knowledge from the masters.

Important parameters for sheeting are the make, height and width of the profile, the manufacturer, compliance with the purpose. The quality of steel affects the durability of structures. Profiled sheets produced according to GOST or certain typical conditions (TU). Sheets made according to GOST from different manufacturers have fixed standard sizes, geometry, and, consequently, compatibility with each other. The professional flooring made on individual TU can differ in a number of parameters, as it has its own characteristics. Buying large volumes of professional sheet, you should take into account this factor. The warranty must be certified by appropriate certificates.

Roofing sheeting

Due to its characteristics and easy installation, the profiled sheet is ideal for roofing. It is not subject to corrosion, water flows down the drain defined by the profile. The profiled sheet is used for both flat and inclined roofs. Low weight sheet does not create additional stress on the building structure.

Roofing flooring is durable and has a high resistance to deformation. Such a professional sheet has no capillary ditch, which provides interchangeability of structural elements of the structure. Sheeting maintains mechanical loads well and has bending stiffness in the direction of corrugated sides. Thus, the profiled sheet can be safely operated for a long time, at least 30 years.

With the help of standard tools and fasteners, the roof of corrugated board is assembled very quickly. Disassembly is also easy. After it sheets can be used many times. Storage and transportation of material do not create problems.

Corrugated roofing choose galvanized or colored. The painted professional sheet has greater resistance to external influences.

Acquisition of corrugated sheet directly from the manufacturer is an ideal option. You can even make a purchase online, leaving a request on the website ( of the Donetsk ELLIPS profiling plant.

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