Day of Russia in 2018

June 12, we celebrate one of the most significant holidays of our state - the Day of Russia. How this day appeared, what events usually accompany him, how we will rest on a holiday in 2018, and most importantly, whether there will be fireworks on Russia Day on June 12, 2018 - all this in our article.

Russia Day 2018

The question of the number of the Day of Russia does not arise for almost anyone - despite the relatively short history, thousands of Russians are happy to wait for this holiday in all regions of our country.

In 2018, the Day of Russia will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 12th.

Since this holiday belongs to the state, the day on which it falls automatically becomes a holiday. And here there may already be questions, because we will celebrate the holiday on Tuesday. How do we rest on the Day of Russia in 2018?

By tradition, we learn about the postponement of holidays and weekends in advance - usually either in the fall or in the winter, at the very beginning of the new calendar year. All transfers and extensions of weekends are regulated by a special government decree - the initiative is usually the Prime Minister.Since the holiday is still quite far away, then no one can say for sure how we will rest on Russia Day, as long as there is no appropriate government order. However, based on the experience of past years, it is possible to predict which days will be days off on the Day of Russia 2018.


So, June 12 is Tuesday, a holiday non-working day. On the eve of June 11, Monday is a working day, and June 9 and 10 are Saturday and Sunday, days off. Most likely, being guided by the adopted transfer rules, we will rest on the Day of Russia in 2018 as follows:

  • June 8, Friday - working day;
  • June 9, Saturday - working day (holiday is postponed to Monday, June 11);
  • June 10, Sunday is a day off;
  • June 11, Monday - day off (due to Saturday, June 9);
  • June 12, Tuesday - holiday, day off (according to the legislation);
  • June 13, Wednesday - working day.

So, the week June 11-18 will be the shortest working week for the whole summer - it includes only three working days (Wednesday June 13, Thursday June 14, Friday June 15).

How to celebrate the Day of Russia

At the very beginning of the history of the holiday, the Day of Russia was just another, additional, day off. All events dedicated to the holiday were held by officials and were noted only "for show".And the people rejoiced at the unplanned rest and spent the day in the country or outside the city on a traditional “barbecue” trip. To date, the situation has changed dramatically.

Today is the Day of Russia - a holiday filled with true patriotism, a day of pride in our homeland, a symbol of the unification of the peoples of the country. And this patriotism comes from the heart, because today we are really proud of the country and its achievements.


The most important event on the Day of Russia is the presentation of State Prizes. On this day in the Kremlin, the President of Russia awards the highest award to the most distinguished citizens of the country.

Events in Moscow on the Day of Russia in 2018

Traditionally, a huge number of various entertainment and educational events are held in the capital. The program for celebrating the Day of Russia in Moscow is drawn up more than six months before the holiday, and is being updated and adjusted within a few months.

In 2018, the authorities plan to repeat the historical thematic festival “Day of Russian History”. In 2017, it takes place on Tverskaya, where 17 thematic zones were organized - from the “Epoch of Peter I” to the “USSR of the 30s”, from the “Great Patriotic War” to “Russia and its neighbors”.


It will not remain without attention and sport.For several years in a row, in honor of the Day of Russia, various sporting events have been held - the “Great Training” from Match-TV, the movement of bikers, performances of athletes.

For theater-goers, their own events are held - mini-platforms, where performances of actors are held, they unfold in parks and squares, and theaters themselves prepare separate programs for the holiday. Museums, exhibitions, galleries also take part in the celebration, and most of the cultural institutions on this day admission is free.

Russia Day

All sorts of contests and competitions are held for children on this day, where the winners get very interesting and necessary prizes. Numerous studios and educational circles and clubs organize open master classes, in which anyone can take part. Any child can try his hand at applied arts, take part in funny games, fly a kite, paint a face with an aqua makeup, take a picture with exotic animals and take part in a theatrical performance.

Of course, what a holiday without concerts? To take part in the celebration of the Day of Russia strive without exception all the stars of the national stage. Concert venues will be deployed literally throughout the city.

Well, the holiday ends according to the tradition of large-scale and colorful fireworks. Thunder from the fireworks taking off and exploding is distributed throughout the country - they launch their salutes not only in the capital and large cities, but literally in every village.

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