“Dakar-2019” is the 41st edition of the international rally marathon, which will be held in January 2019 in South America. The tournament will be attended by hundreds of professional and amateur racers. They will challenge prizes in five categories. Hope Russian fans turned to the competition in the standings of trucks, where the last years is hosted by the legendary team KAMAZ-master. Will the Russian racers once again please their fans?


Where and when will the Dakar-2019 race take place?

Auto racing will take place in the first month of 2019. Fans of the rally-marathon should wait for it on January 2 - 20 - it is during this period that the editions of the racing championship take place. More information can be found on the official Dakar Rally race website - www.dakar.com.

The rally-marathon has nothing to do with the capital of Senegal, Dakar. Once an African city for many years was the end point of car racing. However, the black continent with time has become not safe for riders. Therefore, the tournament has moved to another continent.


The championship has been held in South America for many years in a row. At various times, auto racing tracks ran through deserts, steppes, forests and plateaus of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay.Probably, the stages of Dakar Rally 2019 will be held again in these countries.

Last season, three South American countries accepted the auto championship: Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. The racers started in the Peruvian capital Lima, and finished in the Argentinean city of Cordoba.

Participants of the Dakar Rally in the 2019 season

At the start will be hundreds of professionals and amateurs. They will compete in the following categories:

  • motorcycles;
  • quad bikes;
  • ATVs (UTV);
  • SUVs;
  • trucks.

Riders are waiting for 14 stages, each of which represents a segment of the route, laid on public roads and in the wild, 700 - 900 km long. The task of the pilot / crew is to overcome the position in the shortest time.


The results of the "Dakar-2019"

Professionals and amateurs compete within the auto racing tournament. But the first word is always for the pros. It is for their "gestures" that the whole sports world is watching!


Once the leadership in the category was challenged by the Frenchman Cyril Despres and the Spaniard Marc Coma. However, the first athlete went to offset SUVs, and the second ended his career. Alas, among the modern motorcyclists there were no athletes of the level of Despres and Coma.Probably, the fight for the first line in the overall standings of the Dakar Rally 2019 will unfold between two experienced racers: the Australian Toby Price and the Austrian Matthias Walkner - the winner of the last edition of the tournament.


Relatively new competition. Therefore, it is problematic to identify potential leaders.

For the first time, competitions among UTV crews were held in 2017. The current champion is the Brazilian duo Reinaldo Varela / Gustavo Guzhelmin.


Actually, this is something for which the Russian fans should watch the auto championship. Our country is ahead of the rest in this category. This is confirmed by pleasant statistics: over the past 10 seasons, domestic crews have become the best 8 times! It is very likely that the results of the truck race in the Dakar-2019 will again delight our fans!

Dakar Rally 2019

In 2018, the crew of Eduard Nikolayev took the first step of the pedestal. The second place was left for the Belarusian brothers from MAZ-SPORTAUTO. The third line again for the Russians! Bronze went to the team under the leadership of Ayrat Mardeev. Thus, KAMAZ-MASTER took two prizes out of three!


One of the most spectacular scoring, where such stars as Cyrille Despres, Stefan Peteransel and Carlos Sainz compete with each other. In the last edition, the best result was shown by the crew led by the Spaniard Carlos Sainz. But the great Petransel eager for revenge!


Not one “KAMAZ-master” on the Dakar Rally 2019 will caress the gaze of the domestic fan. ATVs are another category that cannot do without Russian participation. Sergey Karjakin regularly challenges prizes. Moreover, it is a success! The 26-year-old Yekaterinburg has already won one victory, which he won in 2017.


Karjakin also participated in the latest issue of the rally-marathon. He walked a long time in the first positions. But then the unfortunate accident followed, and Sergei was forced to stop the fight.

How this time will be the fate of our best quadrocyclist? Follow the news of Dakar Rally 2019!

date January 2019
A place South America
Number of stages 14
Competitive categories
  • motorcycles;
  • quad bikes;
  • ATVs (UTV);
  • SUVs;
  • trucks.

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