Cryptocurrency rating in 2019: forecast

As cryptocurrency is popularized, ratings and forecasts of their value become more and more popular. Cryptocurrency rating in 2019: their development forecast, course features and other nuances worry not only experienced investors.

Cryptocurrency types and ratings

Types of cryptocurrencyAbout the most popular digital money do not know only in rural areas without the Internet. At the same time, there are currencies about which even experienced users who perform transactions in bitcoins, on-air, and the like, know little. The very first crypt, its offices, as well as ethereum, riple or lightcoin on many lips. They are popular and in demand, although they are only the tip of the iceberg. They are followed by tens and hundreds of options from well-known to very new or unusual.

The rating is based on the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin is confidently holding the first place, but it will not last long - the currency has a limited number of coins, unlike some other digital money.Sooner or later, Bitcoin will shift from the first place of the rating subject to the evaluation of the criterion of market capitalization.

Now the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies include:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum.
  3. Ripl
  4. Bitcoin Cash.
  5. Lightcoin.
  6. Throne.
  7. Ethereum Classic.
  8. Neo.
  9. Eos.
  10. Monero.

At the same time, the cost of more “rated” currencies may be low. An example would be a ripple, valued at $ 1-2 and a bitcoin cache, with a rate of more than $ 1,000. It is worth noting that Lightcoin, previously considered particularly promising, slowly went to 5th place. This cryptocurrency is still quite relevant for storage and for investment, but there are other options similar to it.

More experienced cryptoinvestors may consider not very popular coins for investments. This may be Zcash, Enigma, DOGE, Neblio or dozens of other options, but they are more relevant for experienced investment players. The rest are more interested in the first 3-5 currencies from the rating.

Bitcoin's ambiguous position

BitcoinNobody disputes the birthright of Bitcoin, but the constant hard forks and the ever-increasing time for conducting transactions make you look in the direction of other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, it is impossible to say that Bitcoin will soon leave the stage. This is not at all the case - the very first cryptocurrency has already become the official means of payment in a number of countries.Legalization of this currency in Russia has not yet been carried out, but such an option is being considered, although there may be the opposite situation - a complete ban on Bitcoin turnover in the territory of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, the currency remains popular and popular, and the complexity of individual mining and a limited number of coins only increase demand, which, due to the lack of real security, immediately leads to an increase in value on a speculative basis. On the other hand, the expected legalization of Bitcoin will lead to the loss of anonymity of payments, which will immediately deprive some people of the opportunity to use this currency for shadow transactions for any purpose.

This is where the contradiction lies: on the one hand, the legalization of virtual currency by different states gives some kind of reliability, and from the other point of view, it immediately deprives anonymity. A number of analysts pay attention to this - if bitcoin transactions were based on more than 50% of “muddy” transfers, the official recognition of the currency in many countries will lead to a sharp decline in its popularity. If the percentage of such transfers is not dominant, increasing the reliability of the currency will contribute to its relevance.This will certainly affect the cost - in this case the course will greatly increase.

Strengthening the position of Ethereum

EthereumConversations that the broadcast will be able to catch up with Bitcoin have been increasingly in the past few months. After the sharp jumps in the course at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, an interesting trend could be noticed. The sharp drop in the cost of Bitcoin and the air followed, but the latter turned out to be much stronger. Bitcoin fell almost 2.5 times in value, dropping in price to $ 8,000. Ethereum behaved differently - he first grew in value, but when the course began to fall, it was not so fatal. Bitcoin from almost 20K dollars lost to 6.8, returning to 8 thousand, and the air from 1.3 thousand dollars reduced the cost to 700, soon rising to $ 860.

Now the difference in the value of currencies varies around 10-fold. Previously, the gap was almost 15-fold. Aether made a breakthrough, although it can be perceived differently - Bitcoin fell. So far, ethereum is in second place in terms of capitalization, but many financial analysts are confident that this is only a temporary phenomenon. Very soon, the broadcast will overtake the VTS in terms of market capitalization, coming out on this criterion in the first place in the rating.

Ripple's powerful performance

RippleThis coin is only a stretch of cryptocurrency. At the same time, it has proven itself so powerfully lately that it has begun to close the top three. After accredited financial institutions began to use this coin for transfers, Ripple's popularity began to grow before our eyes.

So far, the value of the coin is noticeably inconspicuous compared with both Bitcoin and ether. Lightcoin, Monero, Dash and many more cryptocurrencies are more expensive than Ripple, but they lose by capitalization. Many believe that Ripple is the future of fast transactions, at least in the near future.

Loss of positions by Lightcoin

LightcoinDigital silver has long been a leader, remaining a tool for investing in cryptocurrency. After the appearance of the ethereum, the Litecoin had to “move over” from second place. It was only the first bell. The Pleiad of new types of cryptocurrency began to push virtual silver further away. Lightcoin still has a lot of advantages, but not so speculative, so it does not promise huge profits in a short period of time.

This type of cryptocurrency is relatively stable, suitable for long-term investment.Analysts suggest that Lightcoin will gradually lose its position in the rating, but at the same time continue to rise in price. The process will be gradual, although sooner or later this crypt will begin to lose in value if it cannot remain in the number of digital currencies with a good rating and popularity.

Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Cash

Ethereum ClassiсFor the crypto-money experts, these “branches” of the classic cue ball and the ether have long been known. Beginners should know that just bitcoin and bitcoin cash are different currencies, differing at least in price. Bitcoin cache is 7 times cheaper than its counterpart. If we compare the etheriums, the difference is even more noticeable. The classic version is almost 20 times cheaper than regular etherium.

Moreover, both of these secondary currencies have already begun to divide themselves, forming new subspecies of etherium and Bitcoin. This should be taken into account, besides many people need to know that with hard forks the coin holders will receive the same amount of money of the new currency. Kinda - this is a double profit on the growth of prices and the appearance of an additional crypt in the property.

Other promising currencies

As the cryptocurrency market develops, there is a constant emergence of new coins and ways to create them.On the basis of the ethereum Golem appeared, immediately rushing up the rating. Also, the Status crypt is tightly tied to the browser and social networks, while it, too, is already striving for the heights of popularity.

WavesInvestment crypt "Liza" has not yet become the tool with which the creators invented it. If this happens, it will be possible to earn good money. There are also Waves, and Siacoin, and Lumens, and other cryptocurrencies. With a high degree of probability, these types of digital money will be popular. In the near future, they will show an increase in value, although like other crypto-money, they are not insured against “adventures” with regard to prohibitions, legalizations, or any other changes. Therefore, forming an investment portfolio in the cryptosphere, you need to remember the basic rules and invest savings in different currencies.

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