Credit is a way out of a financial problem.

Our life is active and swift. In order to live a full life, you need to have finances, but to have finances, you need to work, and a lot. It turns out a vicious circle. Therefore, today loans and leasing are very popular because it is a quick way to get what you want.

But you need to clearly understand that a loan is a debt. For some, loans are burdensome, but for someone an excellent way out. By the way, right now, calculate your credit at

If we talk about a loan, then you need to know what percentage you are given it to, so that it doesn’t happen that you got into big problems, because if you don’t pay your loan on time, you risk getting a bad credit history and then no bank will want to have any business.

You also need to mention that there is another type of lending - this is leasing. The difference between leasing and credit is that the property is acquired by the company and only then, after the loan is paid, is transferred to the individual. Often, leasing is used when selling a car or apartment.

About what suits you more, it's up to you to decide. You can first consult with a lawyer, if you are a little knowledgeable in these matters.

The pros and cons of lending can be talked about for hours, but in any case, a loan gives you the right to quickly solve a financial problem. To get it, be sure to collect all the necessary documents in advance - it will save your time.

Credit decision and bank motivation

The more the needs of people grow, the faster the demand for loans increases. However, often credit institutions take a negative decision in granting a loan, and the law does not oblige them to explain the reasons for refusal. So let's see how the bank evaluates the solvency of a potential borrower.

Citizens creditworthiness is determined based on credit history, income level and scoring. Income is confirmed by references from the accounting department of the organization in which the citizen works (2-NDFL or a certificate in the form of the bank) and a tax return. The salary level is coordinated with the minimum loan payments and a conclusion is made whether the borrower can make the necessary amounts. This takes into account the risk of job loss.

The credit history is checked in a special bureau, which stores all information about the loans of citizens, about their payment or non-payment. Scoring is a statistical system by which, based on the credit histories of others, it is concluded how likely it is that a potential borrower will unfairly fulfill loan obligations. At the same time, it is calculated how many paying citizens are needed to cover losses from non-payers. Formed numeric breakeven threshold. Customer performance must be above this threshold for bank approval.

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