Countertop for the bathroom under the sink: types, how to choose and properly install

You do not need to be a professional designer to understand that a bathroom countertop under the sink is one of the main attributes of such a room.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose it responsibly and, before placing an order, in detail to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this or that material.

The advantages of tabletop to pedestal

In most cases, manufacturers offer monochrome furniture for the bathroom. Therefore, to make the interior original and unusual is not always obtained. Especially there are problems in the arrangement of the room, which has non-standard dimensions.

Because of this problem, the hostess prefer to install a bathroom in the bathroom. Why? It is beautiful, and even a few extra shelves are useful for storing all sorts of accessories like powder or detergent.But such a decision is trivial and too typical.

If you want to stand out and show the guests all the sophistication of your taste, then the best solution would be to order a table top. The main thing is to choose an unusual module, made in bright and saturated colors, which will be a highlight of the interior.

Bathroom Worktop
When buying a countertop, you can save money. When the budget is limited, you should choose a model made from inexpensive raw materials. Such a product will be cheaper than conveyor furniture.

Experts recommend selecting a design depending on the plumbing. For example, the desktop sink is a versatile solution that will ideally look both on a wooden and on a glass module.

Well, in the case of embedded models, a tabletop made of easily cut materials will be a good solution. This may be a composite, MDF or all your favorite chipboard.

If you want to make the bath as refined and luxurious as possible, monolithic models of furniture will be an excellent choice. And it is easy to take care of them, and in the process of connecting plumbing there will be no difficulties and the need to cut something.

Requirements for bathroom furniture

When ordering furniture for such a room, many buyers do not pay attention to the factors that directly affect the durability of the product. As a result, this leads to soon deterioration and the need to replace it.

To worktop the bathroom under the sink faithfully served for years, first of all it must be moisture resistant. Thanks to a special coating, the product will not be scared of splashes and it will not swell if water gets on it.

Countertop to the bathroom
The countertop, which will be installed in the bathroom, is not subjected to the same amount of stress as its kitchen counterpart. Accordingly, you can not spend money on high-strength and resistant to all kinds of damage to the product.

The bathroom module must necessarily have a neat and tidy appearance. Its design must be concise and interesting. In addition, it is important that the furniture is spacious and resistant to the effects of a variety of powders and detergents.

Overview of countertops

The range of furniture for the bathroom is replenished almost every day. Hundreds of manufacturers offer to order a product that is distinguished not only by its low price, but also by the original design, as well as the presence of any decorative elements.Therefore, to pick up something for yourself will not be difficult.

Bathroom Product Classification

All the variety on the market can be divided into several categories depending on the material. This will allow better orientation in the range and, accordingly, more quickly determine the purchase.

So today countertops are made from:

  • DSP or MDF;
  • natural or artificial stone;
  • solid wood;
  • glass;
  • plastic.

In addition, this kind of furniture can be made without problems from drywall sheets. It is finished with a ceramic mosaic, tile or luxurious decorative stones.

To determine which tabletop is better to order, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the above materials.

Practical and cheap chipboard

When the budget allocated for the repair of the bathroom is severely limited, the best solution would be to purchase a chipboard module. Today, it is in great demand, due to its low cost and decent quality.

Chipboard Countertop Bathroom
Manufacturers offer a fairly extensive range of selection of colors and patterns of such countertops. Therefore, it will be possible to choose a model even for the most original and unusual bathroom.

Often drawing wood-shaving furniture imitates more expensive material. For example, natural wood, stone or mosaic. But today monochrome performance is popular, as with its help you can make the bathroom as concise as possible in the minimalism style.

The main advantage of chipboard is its strength. The material is not afraid of shocks and over time, no scratches or chips appear on its surface. Moreover, the figure does not fade and does not lose saturation due to the impact of cleaning products.

As for the shortcomings, this type of module is afraid of water. In the case of moisture inside the product, it swells and loses its marketable appearance. Manufacturers solve this problem by wrapping the edges of the plastic on the base of the plate.

But this technology is applicable only for straight sections. If the furniture has a non-standard form, then the edge is simply glued to it.

Monumentality of natural stone

A real indicator of luxury and prosperity of residents is a tabletop made of natural stone. Its unusual texture and incomparable appearance immediately attract the eye.

In addition to the design, this variation has excellent performance. Furniture made of natural stone can really serve for decades.

Countertop for the bathroom of natural stone
Marble countertops will be an excellent solution for arranging a large bathroom with a minimalist design. Yes, such a module will be quite expensive, but a long service life and aesthetic appearance will justify the money spent

It is not recommended to engage in the installation of stone products. After all, you need special tools to work. The best solution is to entrust this to the master. The price of such a service is usually one third of the price of the module.

When installing heavy furniture, attention should be paid to the fixtures, taking care of their reliability and ability to withstand the estimated weight of the product.

Countertops made of natural stone are versatile interior items. They will harmoniously look in almost any modern or classic interior. But such furniture requires careful care.

The reasons for the popularity of artificial stone

Compared to other varieties, modules made of artificial stone are distinguished by a whole list of unique advantages.Excellent performance was confirmed by satisfied customers and qualified specialists.

There are two types of artificial stone:

  1. Acrylic. It consists of aluminum hydroxide, acrylic resin, pigment additives, and mineral filler. This composition allows you to implement a wide variety of creative ideas and ideas;
  2. Agglomerated. This raw material is produced from marble chips, quartz and granite. Binds the mixture using a polyester resin. On the surface of the material, you can create any patterns, whether it be a fabric pattern, crocodile skin or anything else.

Agglomerate shows excellent strength characteristics. The only material that is stronger than him is diamond. Therefore, you can not be afraid to scratch the surface of the quartz stone.

Countertop for the bathroom of artificial stone
If you want to make the interior of the bathroom not only attractive, but also functional, then an artificial stone will be the best choice.

Natural and aesthetic wood

This kind of countertops is ideal for those buyers who want to make the design of their homes as light and functional as possible.A wood module is absolutely harmless to health, aesthetic, and touching it will cause only positive emotions.

The naturalness of the table top will undoubtedly fill the bathroom with warmth and comfort. But in order for the furniture to retain its attractiveness, it will have to be carefully looked after and treated with care. After all, it is quite soft, will not withstand shocks and is easy to scratch.

Wooden countertop for bathroom
The durability of this variation of furniture largely depends on the quality of the wood that was used in the production. The best choice is the glued construction. After all, it is the least deformable

To maximize the life of the wooden module it is necessary from time to time to cover with a layer of varnish and use special impregnation.

Sophistication and lightness of glass

As a rule, furniture made of glass is sold together with precisely fitted sinks. It is not recommended to buy components separately. After all, independently choose the optimal dimensions and fit the material is almost unreal.

The advantages of the glass top are obvious.This module has a stylish and modern appearance, the product is literally replete with its elegance and luxury. But it is suitable only for bathrooms, made in the modern style.

Glass Bathroom Countertop
Glass table top harmoniously fits into many modern interior styles. It makes the design as relaxed and concise as possible.

Glass is not afraid of detergents and even acids. But in order to maintain its purity, will have to try hard. After all, spots appear almost instantly. In addition, the material is quite fragile, so you need to handle it as carefully as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of the plastic module

Plastic countertops are the worst choice you can make. The only time that you can order such furniture in the bathroom is a very limited budget.

Plastic bathroom countertop
The list of advantages of a plastic tabletop should include only its resistance to moisture and low cost. In addition, it can be painted in any color or shade.

After all, the plastic module has the simplest appearance, prone to scratches and cracks.At the same time, it burns out in the sun, and mold can appear on the surface.

Main selection criteria

The many types, materials and brands of tabletops on the market will undoubtedly lead to the emergence of many questions for the unprepared buyers. In order not to miscalculate with the purchase, it is necessary to know which parameters should be given special attention.

Mounting and shape of furniture

The ease of use of the countertop under the bathroom sink depends largely on the base to which it is attached. In addition, the frame affects the functionality of the module.

Today there are two types of the basis: wall and floor. The difference between them mainly lies in the method of installation.

The wall version greatly simplifies cleaning the floors in the bathroom. But this solution will not work if every square meter of space is counted. After all, the capacity of the wall module is slightly less than that of its counterpart. As for installation, anchors are used as fixing elements.

Floor top
The advantage of the floor model is its spaciousness. Under the surface, you can conveniently place all bath accessories, powder, detergents, etc. In addition, some models are complemented by shelves and drawers.

Outdoor mounting method will not cause problems, even if it will deal with an inexperienced master. After all, all that needs to be done is to put the plate in its place. Next, you need to adjust the level of the module using the legs. The final step is to connect the pipes to the washbasin.

Appearance and color

The hue of the product must be selected depending on the overall design of the bathroom. Yes, you can give preference to a bright color that will allow you to select the module from the rest of the furniture.

But it is important to observe the measure in order not to completely spoil the impression with such a design decision.

Designer countertop to the bathroom
A good solution would be to spend a little time getting acquainted with the projects presented on the Internet. Inspired by the work of designers, you can implement any interesting idea and turn your bathroom into a work of art.

Today, manufacturers simply offer a huge selection of colors and shades of sanitary products. And the furniture is made in a wide variety of styles and complemented by original decorative elements.

Therefore, every buyer with any taste and income level will be able to choose the best solution for themselves.

What influences the cost of countertops?

When it comes to furniture, the price of the product is calculated based on its quality and functionality. The same applies to countertops.

More precisely, the number that will be indicated on the check is affected by the following parameters:

  • bathroom size- here everything is elementary: the larger the room, the more expensive its arrangement will be;
  • material- the most expensive raw material is natural wood, stone and, of course, glass, well, and chipboard, MDF and plastic belong to the class of cheap ones;
  • fittings- it is impossible to save on such components in any case, because the functionality and durability of the furniture depends on the quality of the fittings;
  • dimensions and shape- a product of an unusual form and with an impressive thickness will cost significantly more than a module of the classical form.

The above list should be supplemented by the fact that cabinets, drawers, shelves - all this also increases the cost of furniture. Therefore, before you make an order, you need to think whether this or that element is really so necessary.

Luxury bathroom top
Often, designer worktops are decorated with carved patterns, cornices, stained glass windows, trellises, lighting, and many other elements.They all give the module a special treat that extends to the bathroom.

Installation Rules

By purchasing the desired module, you can begin to install it. The process of replacing the old countertop with a new one will not cause difficulties even for an inexperienced master. Moreover, the work will take no more than two or three hours.

During the installation process, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Get rid of the lining and sealant. First, you need to see if there are any skirting modules around. If so, they must be carefully removed and set aside. Next, you need to cut the sealant with a sharp knife and pull it out of the cracks.
  2. Drain the water. To do this, put water under the sink and unwind the siphon. At the same time it is necessary to open the tap to release the leftovers.
  3. Put tags and remove the old countertop. With a pencil or marker, you must circle the old product. This solution will greatly simplify the installation of a new module. After that, you need to unscrew the screws and remove the product.
  4. Cut holes for plumbing. At this stage it is necessary to measure the distance from the top of the module to the pipe.Next, you need to cut a hole for it.
  5. Install a new countertop. It is necessary to bring the product into the bathroom and compare with the marks that were put earlier. It is necessary to ensure that the plate is exactly as horizontally and vertically. If not, then gaskets should be used for adjustments.
  6. Mounting fasteners. Now it is necessary to drill a hole in the wall every 10 cm, where you need to hammer in the dowel-nails.

After this fastening of the slab, it is necessary to apply a sealant on its end face and smear it with a wet finger. It is recommended to use exactly the silicone composition.

Installation of countertops in the bathroom
After connecting the pipes, it is imperative to ensure that there are no leaks. For this you need to put a bucket under the sink, open the tap with water and carefully inspect all attachment points

The final stage is the fastening of decorative elements. It can be a plinth or a door. It is also necessary with the help of wood sealant to cover the joints and old holes from the nails.

How to care for bathroom furniture?

Timely cleaning will extend the life of the countertop.At the same time it is necessary to adhere to several recommendations.

First of all, the product of laminated chipboard is prohibited to wet. To wipe such a surface, it is enough to wipe off the dust with a damp cloth and wipe with a dry cloth.

To get rid of the chips formed on the surface of the chipboard, you must:

  1. Apply a special glue to the site of damage and to the patch.
  2. Wait until the solution dries and becomes sticky.
  3. Attach a patch.
  4. Fix the injury site with masking tape. It must be removed after the glue has completely dried.

For cleaning glass countertops the best tool for mirrors and windows. At the same time to get rid of old stains, you can use a sponge or a plastic spatula.

Glass countertop for bathroom
Get rid of the chip on the glass module is unlikely to succeed. Therefore, from the moment of purchase it is necessary to treat such furniture with care, in order to prevent the appearance of mechanical damage on its surface

To clean a countertop made of natural stone, it is best to use a warm, soapy solution. Note that stains from wine, coffee and tea should be removed immediately after they appear. After all, they can be absorbed and they can not be removed in any way.

It is recommended to wash the wooden tabletop using a not too concentrated soap solution. To remove more complex and stubborn dirt, you can use an abrasive sponge.

If there are visible dents on the surface of the product, they are sealed with wood putty, after which the damage sites are rubbed off and coated with varnish on top.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to make a concrete countertop with your own hands:

Comparison of bathroom furniture from different materials and from different manufacturers:

The table top is a practical and functional piece of furniture. If you choose it correctly, you can improve the design of the room, making it truly luxurious. In this case, well-chosen furniture will not only help to hide all the shortcomings of the bathroom, but also greatly simplify and accelerate the cleaning.

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Countertop for the bathroom under the sink: types, how to choose and properly install 19

Countertop for the bathroom under the sink: types, how to choose and properly install 64

Countertop for the bathroom under the sink: types, how to choose and properly install 22

Countertop for the bathroom under the sink: types, how to choose and properly install 51

Countertop for the bathroom under the sink: types, how to choose and properly install 11

Countertop for the bathroom under the sink: types, how to choose and properly install 26