Cork coating

It is believed that only corks are made of cork wood to seal the bottles. But it is not. Cork material is also often used in a process such as finishing a room. Many designers use cork on the wall. First you need to calculate the right amount. The amount of consumable material is directly dependent on future decorations. That is, if it is intended to completely cover the walls with such material as a wall cork, then you just need to calculate the area of ​​the walls. And if the walls are not completely covered with cork material, then the total area of ​​the walls should be subtracted from the total area of ​​the walls, which will be covered with another material.

Of course, the resulting value is not final, it is necessary to add from five to ten percent to it, so that pieces on the trimming and edges are left. Before you start, you need to unpack the cork sheets, and leave it to rest in a room at room temperature for several days.It is necessary to carry out this procedure in order for the material to equalize the temperature from room temperature, as well as to the humidity of the room.

All cork material differs from each other in design (pattern and tonality), as a wedding limousine differs from similar models by its appearance. Therefore, you must always unpack the sheets to select the appropriate combination. After a few days, sheets need to get, wipe them from dirt and dust and primed and mark all the necessary lines. It is important to correctly calculate the right amount of cork sheets needed to cover the wall. A small layer of glue is applied to the wall and to the coating sheet, and it is important to maintain time until the glue is almost completely dry. After the glue has completely dried sheet, begin to fasten it to the wall. Press and roll all the time with a roller.

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