Cool congratulations to his brother Happy Birthday

Comic and funny birthday greetings to his brother (with humor) in verse

Happy Birthday! Happiness, brother!
Lots and lots of better days
Denezhek that even enough
The cottage is more modest.

Jeep, even Russian spill,
In Turkey, the hotel "5 stars".
Be lucky and strong.
And in a career to grow.

What wish you, my brother ?!
Health, cheerfulness, fun,
Diversity and cronyism,
Sutra weak hangover.

To strive up the career
Salary grew every day.
There would always be faith in yourself
As by virtue of a good ambassador.

I wish you love strong
Children like you.
And so the wife was candy
And further, many years later.

We are with you - do not spill water,
You and I are a pair of two boots,
You, my adorable brother -
Brilliant a million carats.
So take it to your birthday
From my sister congratulations.
I wish you love, mutual and pure,
Succeed to vertigo.
Health to you, my broad-shouldered,
Winds of luck inspiration ...

What wish you, brother,
On such a happy day?
Health here will not be superfluous.
Love, good luck? No problem.

The keys to the new "cars"? Oh sure.
Bank account? This is also grace.
Cruise Ticket? Stay slightly nonchalant.
Also a gadget? We must choose ...

After all, the main thing - luck
Not just a birthday!

I wish you, brother,
So that you all be glad
Kissing the girls,
To rustle their little skirts,
So that you were an example for everyone,
And in affairs - only the first,
Money to - heaps,
All in work - zashib,
So that was always successful,
It did not happen suddenly trouble!

Funny and funny sms wishes happy birthday to my brother in verse

Happy Birthday,
My favorite, brother.
Let all life be fun
And may you be rich.

And I wish,
Like our whole family,
That health was strong
And be happy forever!

Under the clink of glasses, noisy fun
I really want to wish you a happy birthday.
I wish you health bogatyrsky brother
Abramovich wealth, friends was rich.
I want to wish you great joy,
But sadness and sorrow are completely unknown.
Fun and luck will be the reward
Overcome all the difficulties and difficult obstacles.
Of course cherished dreams of performances
(point) I do not put, accept the sea of ​​congratulations.
Mother, let the happy days be lost,
Successes, happiness for many years forward!

Congratulations for brother
I will designate this date.
Wonderful day:
Birthday as a honeymoon.
I allow you to hang out
And what to do on holiday?
In general, life is sweet to you,
Possess cleverness and grip.
To be strong as the fruit of a nut,
Different motives for laughter,
Good luck in life and success!

Brother dear, congratulations!
And on this kind clear day,
I sincerely wish you
More loyal people.

Health, love and sex,
Last, only with one,
With the one that becomes your bride
Well, later - his wife.

Do not be discouraged, and so that barriers
You took it all down with one hand,
What would you all be happy
And so that all had enough strength!

Comic and funny sms congratulations on his birthday to his brother (with humor)

Brattsu now wish
Get milen playing
Without tension and problems
To enjoy everything!

Let the girls love you,
And the boss will not forget
Raise your salary
Happy birthday, dear brother!

On this joyful day
Take you my poem!

Happy birthday congratulations
And I sincerely wish
A ray of light in the dark night
Mortgage does not expire.

May you always be lucky
Good luck came to the house.
Be healthful a hundred times!
Happy birthday, dear brother!

I'm dear brother's birthday
Wish You happiness and health.
Let the banal greetings,
But the dose to - elephant!

Love, good luck, joy
To live without evil and fear.
And for direct clarity -
Longer than giraffes!

Brother darling, the best,
Happy birthday congratulations.
Do not get drunk to madness
I wish you today.

Mark easily, culturally,
He looked at everything with a sober eye.
Get a lot of gifts
Not separately, but all at once!

Happy Birthday bro,
You grew up smart with us
And I gave you,
Only a primer and a compass.

In my congratulation add
What do you love me brother
Only here is even stronger
I want to tease you.

Funny congratulations on his birthday brother in prose

Happy birthday, brother. Let it be Ferrari or Porsche Caen in the garage, let it be thick in your pocket every day, let Hennessey dilute any melancholy, let the centaur awaken your passion and love, let there be a constant pruha in business, and in life you will get high and lof.

My dear brother, congratulations on the day of jam, I wish you less in life costs and more super luck. Let your life be the lion’s share of happiness and love, a grip of luck, like a shark, cunning and dexterity, like a fox, so that fate pushed you into a sweet and tasty cake.

Brother my dear, happy birthday to you. I wish you merry tears and impetuous merry, I wish you to be an incredible lucky and subject of universal adoration, I wish you big bills, happiness and love in the life of a combination.

Bratunya dear, I congratulate you with a little girl. I wish you to live like a king: on a majestic throne, having power and influence, great wealth, a queen and faithful servants, the main thing is that the crown does not crush and is not great.

My dear brother, happy birthday to you. I wish in life to be cunning, like a brother fox and wise, like a brother Rabbit. May your body always be in great shape, and your heart be in a state of eternal love. Be a loose guy on vacation and cool - in any business.

My dear and beloved brother, I wish you a happy birthday. May you have a sweet love syrup in your life and lots of pieces of refinery happiness, tiles of chocolate fun and candy of luck. I wish you a fiery passion, cards of the right suit, adventurous and high-end hobbies.

Happy birthday, my beloved brother. I wish you constant reproduction of money in your pockets, a positive wave on your radio-FM, tear-off fun for your soul, de-happiness and the most passionate love.

My beloved brother, I congratulate you on the day of jam. I wish your life to be a full Sunday, without rules and cleanups, without tension and routine, with the joy of the soul, tear-off mood and a wave full of buzz.

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