Cooking soufflé poultry milk

The taste of soufflé "bird's milk" is familiar to manychildhood, because once these sweets were almost the only ones on store shelves. Currently, the buyer is given a huge selection of sweets and desserts, but many still prefer to spoil this delicacy from time to time. It should be noted that this souffle contains a minimum of calories, so the ladies who follow their figure, can also not bypass this sweetness side.

It should be noted that the soufflé "bird's milk" can becook at home. Of course, depending on the recipe, it may differ from the store, but it will still be no less delicious and appetizing. Particularly well you can use it when preparing a souffle cake "bird's milk." It is prepared for holidays, and just for evening tea. Despite the mouthwatering and lush appearance, it is quite easy to prepare such a dish. In the finished product, the soufflé "bird's milk" on the biscuit cake will delight all sweeties.

To prepare the soufflé itself you will needa dozen eggs, a packet of butter, a glass of milk, a half cup of sugar and a bag of gelatin. First, gelatin is prepared, it is poured into a glass of boiled water, stirred and left for a time for swelling. Egg yolks are separated from proteins. The latter are beaten with half a sugar to a lush foam state, gelatin is added neatly. Yolks are mixed with milk and the second half of sugar, a table spoon of flour is also filled here. The resulting mixture is put on a water bath and brought to a thickening. After cooling, a softened oil is introduced here. The resulting yolk mixture is mixed with proteins and put in the refrigerator for a while.

You can bake a cake on any recipe,recommended for biscuit. After baking it is cut into two parts. One of them is put on the bottom of the prepared mold, the souffle is laid out here and covered with the second half of the cake. The finished product is decorated with fruits or poured with melted chocolate. Cake with taste soufflé "bird's milk" is ready.

There are several other technologies thatthe souffle is made. Some believe that for real "bird's milk" you need to take only the thickener agar-agar, which is made from algae. It is much harder to get it than gelatin, but it is quite possible. Agar-agar must be soaked in water beforehand, and then boiled so that the thickener is dissolved. Since sugar can interfere with the complete dissolution of this substance, it is recommended to add it to the ready-made solution.

The recipe with this ingredient will look likein the following way. 2 teaspoons of thickener is soaked for several hours in 100 ml of water. The resulting mixture is boiled for about a minute, then a half-kilogram of sugar is added to it. The syrup is boiled for a while on a small fire with constant stirring. At this time, 2 proteins are beaten. In them put a floor of a teaspoon of citric acid and neatly poured a slightly cooled syrup. 100 grams of condensed milk is beaten with a pack of oil and left for a while at room temperature. This cream is mixed with a mixture of proteins and syrup. With the help of a mixer, the mass is mixed - and the soufflé "bird's milk" is almost ready. The finished product is laid out on the cake and placed for a while in the refrigerator for freezing.

If desired, you can experiment with the ingredients, for example, add fruit. So, the banana souffle is very popular, in which the puree from this fruit is added.

Thus, souffle recipes can be found in a great variety, with most of them using available ingredients. Such a dessert can be served to guests or decorated with a festive table.

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