Congratulations on the Day of Volunteers

Good day! International Volunteer Day (Volunteer Day) is celebrated annually on December 5th. But do not think that the volunteer movement is built solely on the bare enthusiasm. Volunteers also need facilities, technical equipment and, finally, the simplest human needs. Some governments oppose volunteer work, regarding their work as a disservice. In fact, these words only cover their own inaction, and accusing volunteers of incompetence, only a way to translate the arrows and blame someone for their mistakes.

In a world declaration on volunteer labor, it is written in black and white that all the inhabitants of our planet, whose governments signed the document, have the right to spend their talent, personal time and strength, both in individual and in collective actions. And they will do it for free. As a rule, on December 5, on the International Volunteer Day, actions are held and everyone can devote at least one day to the usefuldeeds! Congratulations on the day of volunteers - the day of the volunteer - December 5th.

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Postcards Happy Volunteer Day

Congratulations on the Day of Volunteers in verses

Volunteers are not easy people.
Selflessness is their strong point.
Their souls and their hearts are golden.
Who else could you say so?
Holiday them today. It means,
Congratulations will not be considered.
Joy to you, happiness and good luck!
Be as you are!

They always rush to the rescue
No need to ask and call them.
Even in the afternoon they will come, even at night at midnight.
And not long to wait.
You volunteers on this holiday
Say thank you we want.
After all, where you are, there is a lot of light.
Let your light be eternal.

By good will you always
To the rescue, hurry day and night.
Through the days, weeks and years
Good things you do.
Today is your holiday and you
Please accept our congratulations.
Let wishes not new,
But from the heart of all without a doubt.

December, the fifth number.
Volunteer Day is celebrated.
A bunch of the kindest words
We are giving them from the bottom of our hearts.
We are grateful to them for everything
For selflessness, humanity.
Their kindness will save the whole world.
A synonym for im-kindness.

Those who always call upon their hearts
Rush to the rescue through storms of adversity.
Those who are in the heat, rain, wind, cold
He gives himself a little to others.
People call them volunteers.
They are congratulated today.
Odes, praises, praises sing.
Lord, you keep the volunteers.

Beautiful congratulations on Volunteer Day

Let the volunteers live in the name of
The development of our world,
Let them help
Economy save
As the mother keeps the baby,
So they are always people
They will be happy to help
Guard, protect!

Who helps people - does not waste time,
Beautiful things will fill the earth!
Free minutes you give to everyone
Who needs help without asking in return
No gold, no experience, no glory, no love.
Your choice is beyond doubt - yes, you are volunteers!
So let all efforts be repaid with interest,
Let the good done bring peace to the house
And the joy will be near your kindness,
Thanks smiles laugh like flowers.

Happy World Volunteer Day
Volunteers all over the country,
You warm the soul of people
And you do not need money.

Neither gold, nor experience, nor glory,
yes, you volunteers!
congratulations to you everywhere
With this holiday we

Thanks to all those so simple.
Hurries to help others
Not demanding in return honor
Who is ready to give himself.

Dear volunteers,
Today is the holiday of the whole country,
You keep hope
And we congratulate all of us.

Not everyone can be a volunteer,
Free help for different people!
Smile and “Thank you!” As a reward
Making you happier again!

Let someone not even pay
And gratitude will not always come,
But your work will be more beautiful
And a miracle suddenly happens in the hearts.

We are a volunteer movement!
For all, an example should be
Dispel fear and all doubts.
The reward will be the world of the earth!

Let the volunteers of the countries of all be
All people make hearts happy,
Always help to do something
With love, look into your eyes.

Today is the day of all volunteers
We heartily congratulate you,
With a wonderful holiday fun,
Be happy now.

Today we congratulate the volunteers,
All those who chose to volunteer,
Who serve the people for free,
We want to congratulate you today.

It's so nice to help people
And not for money, without reward - just like that!
Youth should actively spend
Benefit and joy to other people carry.

We wish today that all young people
Volunteers were not just for pennies,
And so the people of the whole earth
Become happier today could.

Funny congratulations on the Day of Volunteers in verses

Do not seek benefits, income -
For the good of all the people
Ready to endure,
Just to overcome the work.

Being a volunteer is an honor
They have a big heart.
And everyone wants to be familiar
With such a brave eccentric.

Volunteers, your heart is huge,
There is no envy, anger, resentment,
You hurry to help anyone
Man rather to save
Volunteers are wonderful people
Help, no matter what,
Your kindness is boundless,
You will be rewarded for your good!

What a holiday in December, the fifth,
Why no one knows the important words?
Volunteers, volunteers ...
What is the meaning of words and how to understand
What do these phrases mean
And why do we need to know about them?
They work for the good,
For the good of the motherland, country
Do not require money for it
They are important to society.
Their free work
For humanity you need:
With floods, catastrophes
Do not leave without fire.
And during fires in nature
Take care of birds and beasts.
And also help children
Which alone remained on the ground.

For the good of society, high goals,
You work hard!
Good bring to life
It is not accepted though about it aloud!

After all, not everyone can be a volunteer,
Free help for different people!
Smile and “Thank you!” As a reward
Making you happier again!

Talent, your energy and time
You have invested in good deeds!
Let all desires become real,
And by all means dreams will come true!

With your own wish, confirm
Easily any business
And for that what you want,
The path of fate would have presented to you.
I will thank you so much
And make a nice greeting.
This holiday is negative - to zero,
And it is desirable to leave all the problems.

Volunteer Day - SMS Greetings

The day today is volunteers,
I want to congratulate them all
I want to wish them health
Good in the world they are!

And also, I wish everything to everyone,
I have patience and happiness
Volunteers praise,
Let not touch their bad weather!

The day today is volunteers,
We praise them all.
Thanks for the courage
We declare all of them.

May everyone be healthy
Happy immensely.
Return to relatives
With the world without fail.

This day is an example for all of us.
After all, not everyone managed so.
Hello to the volunteers,
I wish them many years.
And a lot of health,
To go their way.
They always care.
From the heart I will say one thing:
Happiness in life awaits them all.
There will be in life and success.

With your own wish, confirm
Easily any business
And for that what you want,
The path of fate would have presented to you.
I will thank you so much
And make a nice greeting.
This holiday is negative - to zero,
And it is desirable to leave all the problems.

Kohl disaster where happened,
Our peaceful cosiness has been broken,
Il that bad happened
They will come to our aid,

But let there be no shocks
And the volunteers sleep peacefully,
So that we do not need to save!
And all of them with the holiday in a row!

Greetings Happy Volunteer Day in prose

Today I want to thank you for the contribution you have made to the development of our society. Thank you for your desire to make the world a better and kinder. Happy holiday volunteer!

Today we congratulate our knights of good - our glorious volunteers! Thank you, our noble volunteers.

If misfortune happened in a person's life, he will never be left without help, because in difficult times volunteers will provide support.Thank you, nice girls and guys, for your kind heart and open soul.

Today is World Volunteer Day! So let's not only congratulate the volunteers, but also think about what we can help volunteers in their good deed.

Absolutely each of us can become a volunteer, because in order to help your neighbor, you need nothing but a good heart and desire. Let's cheerfully celebrate the Volunteer Day and thank everyone who does not remain indifferent to the grief of others.

And let them say that the modern world is cruel and everything in it is measured by money, a refutation of this are volunteers who are capable of disinterested help! Happy holiday, dear ones!

Today is a celebration of people who continue to do good on Earth. Thank you for your work. Happy International Volunteer Day!

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