Congratulations on the Day of the Designer Graphics

Good day! On September 9, graphic designers in Russia and other CIS countries raise their glasses in honor of their professional holiday. Memorable day when you can congratulate creative people, appeared in 2005 - on this day, the famous graphic designer Vladimir Chaika celebrated his 50th anniversary.

The works of the master more than once received prestigious awards at festivals in Moscow, Warsaw, Zagreb and Helsinki. Vladimir Chaika became the first master awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of literature and art.

The demand for graphic designers is only growing over the years. They create models of books, newspapers, magazines, and now also sites, participate in the development of computer programs and games. Graphic designers work on fonts, collages and advertising modules. It is these experts who are preparing the design of all holidays and social events - including the Day of the designer-graphics. Date, we celebrate Day of the graphic designer - September 9.

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Postcards Happy Graphics Designer Day

Congratulations on the Day of the Designer Graphics man in verse

Without you, designer, the miracle will not happen,
And only you can help us,
Among other design distinguished,
So that could our house! Believe me, we would not mind
Trust you completely, as well as
We want to congratulate you on the holiday!
We wish you enough imagination
You, our friend, would not only be with us!

That our house was cozy
We need a designer in it!
We ask you, help,
And save from the gray
Dear us designer!
Congratulations together you
With your day! Let happiness be,
After all, you bring good to people!

Designer, create a miracle!
You really can do it.
Give us all the joy!
You own your profession
You are perfect, dear friend,
We congratulate you on this!
And only satisfied people around
We wish you, dear!

Dear our designer,
Beauty, comfort guard!
We are nowhere without you
We can never
And nowhere to live peacefully.
Creativity to show
We ask you now
And congratulations from all of us!

Designer! Happy holidays!
Worth respect
Your modern work.
Our satisfaction is
See your creations
Everywhere - here and there!
In the newspaper, on the Internet you,
And on another planet you
Carrying the culture light,
To success, fortunately hold the path
Any order treasures,
Live, creating, one hundred years !!!

Congratulations to a woman. Happy Designer Day. Verse graphics.

Design Queen - hooray!
It is time to congratulate on the holiday!
And this pleasant mission
We perform with a light heart,
We know, we appreciate your great talent:
Decorate your planet with your business!
Everyone wants to be your only slave -
Whether an interior, advertising album—
Artifacts, comfort in our house! ..
And we wish your sweet home
It was filled with happiness and good !!!

The designer knows the taste and style.
He will let the past in the scrap,
And only modern he cares
And he draws, he draws.
You are a designer, and you are a builder,
Beautiful shape you are a connoisseur.
Fantasy box and quirks
You taste and appreciate work.
We are all designers now
Congratulations - because you have a holiday.
And you are proud of your construction,
There all your works are visible.

There is no imagination of customers limit.
Just how everything will look like in practice?
So that with the repair you do not sit in a big puddle,
We need a professional, a designer is needed.
To be harmonious and pleasant
To keep everything neat
Il from the threshold hit you immensely.
And today, congratulations, we probably
The most creative in the art of building!
Let your feelings be full of projects!

Designer! Happy holiday to you!
Worth respect
Your modern work.
Our satisfaction is
See your creations
Everywhere - here and there!
In the newspaper, on the Internet you,
And on another planet you
Carrying the culture light,
To success, fortunately hold the path
Any order treasures,
Live, creating, one hundred years !!!

I am again at night
All affairs like a smoke.
Tons of foam tape
One left raise.
Kilometers of different films
I'll cut it. Easily!
Damn, like a kitten's delight
Muzzle in a bowl with milk!
I am a designer! Hallelujah!
The third day in the post.
I am not sleeping. Not sleeping. I do not sleep!
I create beauty!

Funny sms greetings Happy Designer Day Graphics

Without you, projects would be impossible,
You make plans well,
Do you adore your work
Although free time is not enough.

I wish you today,
Creative impulses and success
Happy designer day I congratulate
Inspiration and more laughter!

Graphic Designers
I congratulate.
Will be creative
Let always the path.

Bright achievements to you
And work worthy.
Cash customers,
Good and calm.

On the day of your graphic designer
We wish with all our hearts
Bring inspiration to the bird
And express all the impressions

In his creative work,
And a lot of ideas to translate
To all admired you
Work inspired.

Have fun, graphic designer,
Your day has come today
And congratulate you personally
Of course, we are not lazy.

Let both happiness and health
Never leave
Well, optimism with love
Will be near forever.

All graphic designers I
On this day, I heartily congratulate you,
I admire and your work
Miracle and magic call.

I wish you creative success
Creative ideas everywhere,
God-given talent, let you
Bring world fame.

Beautiful congratulations on the Day of Designer Graphics Russia

Designer - schedule, not a secret
Your work is very interesting,
You create websites and advertisements,
Talent, your skill, everyone knows.
Congratulations to all people,
Let the work awaits you amazing success
Let the family live in abundance and love,
Let God keeps trouble from troubles.

Works of graphics - the designer is pleasantly surprised
With their professionalism they fought for felling,
The pages of newspapers and magazines are decorated with taste,
Yes, and computer programs are not quite enough.
Congratulations on the holiday,
We wish you strong health,
Do not let your creativity fade away
Let the talent flourishes every year.

Designer - creative nature,
And you have been fond of graphics for a long time,
Magic and beauty there you create,
Where before, in general, there was nothing.
Today is a holiday, then work rest,
Glasses full to the bottom drink,
Rejoice and have fun till the morning
Let the drawings rest on the head.

Creative lifting you do not hold,
Day and night you are ready to draw and draw,
Designer people - a source of creativity,
With a talented hand you take everything beautiful.
Today we congratulate you all from the heart,
Let your work be good
Suppose there is no end customer
Let the sadness to you forget.

Congratulations on the holiday of Russian designers,
We wish you all the best creative success,
May the road always be right
Let no doubt never be.
All designers honor and praise,
Be you always in demand
Let your talent flourish,
Let more bright colors happen in life.

Designer Day September 9, the best poems

Unusual person
Creativity in his eyes!
I wish him a century
Do not know dismay fear!

Inspirations him
Bright colors on the ground
To get the moon from heaven
I was able to quickly and easily me.

This is my designer -
Unique dreamer!
I follow him like behind a wall
Drawn where the pattern!

I have one friend -
Very strange and wonderful!
He is so stylish at home
And he is dressed - oh my god!

Bright, strange, unbanal!
In general - the only one - my friend!
He is a topical designer -
I learned one day suddenly!

He has many fantasies -
Others do not.
May God bless him
Long, creative, without troubles!

The designer sees the world differently.
Through the prism of bright wonders,
And that means nothing to us
Then there is interest for him!

He is creative with a smile
He turns life into dreams:
Clothes, sites and cards,
Houses, billboards.

This beauty reigning in the world
You owe the designer!
Does comfort reign in your apartment? -
The designer did that! Wow!

Designer - schedule - well done!
Your Day is today, finally!
So quit work and business,
Celebrate the holiday this time!

Come with you to the trendy club,
Light and you-tube video
Then I will lay out with you,
Well you understand my humor?

Well, come off, you finally
Graphic designer - well done!
I see a creative impulse,
So pull on the gap!

Graphic design
She is passionate
More precisely in love
But this is no secret!

And all her dreams -
Designer Dreams
Where creativity reigns
Work for her orders.

Oh, to the paradise of her ideas
Sneak up soon
And share with her
Her dreams, hurry!

Funny poems about designers

It smells like a computer designer new
It smells like work often bad
It smells like a customer, it smells like money
It smells like mock-ups and cakes
Smells lack of time often
Sleep insufficient, stupid bosses
It smells like outdoor items and souvenirs
The coffee is cooled from the donut hole.
In the morning he smells almost creative.
By evening it often smells like beer.
Happy breaks in tobacco smoke
Lifestyle creatively cereal.
Sight and hearing impaired,
It smells like night work and urgent,
Sometimes it smells of Moscow vodka,
Only he does not smell life is personal ...

This is a glamorous super business card,
That sbatsal designer Nikitka.

And this is a prepresschik rabid,
Which changes the font flew
In the layout of a glamorous super business card,
That sbatsal designer Nikitka.

And this is the print manager napping in the crib,
Who forgot about make-up today
This glamorous super business card,
That sbatsal designer Nikitka.

And this is the printer with the soul of Van Gogh,
Which added some magenta
In this glamorous super business card,
That sbatsal designer Nikitka.

And this is the carver, Rustam-bul-Ogly,
Who doesn't like right angles,
That will cut the super business card,
That sbatsal designer Nikitka.

And this is the director, in his business, ace,
Handing the customer the most important order -
Our glamorous super business card,
That sbatsal designer Nikitka.

And this is the customer, in consciousness barely,
Since the order was - A2 posters,
And not a glamorous super business card,
That sbatsal designer Nikitka.

The day is definitely a success today.
Since the order for posters remained

If you make up something,
Though a business card, even a booklet,
Type all in a different font -
Everyone will understand that you are a designer.

Never doubt
Replace the dash with a hyphen.
It's easier and faster.
And much more beautiful.

If suddenly the prepress sneers
Over your collages,
Do not scold crooked hands,
A clumsy photoshop.

No way in this world
F1 do not press, children!
You will reach everything yourself!
Manual - for wimps!

Save on everything, designer!
Do not take yourself a tablet!
Do not throw out the "tag" and
Loved the first stump!

Remember, he will only become an ace
Who spends on saving
Full Color A 2nd,
All working fakin day!

If you came to the forum,
On design, on new.
If you have not been understood there,
If “At TRASH!” Said there.

Tell them quickly
What are they - sucks and fuckers.
And remind them of the place
Where to go!

If you decide to seriously draw a rectangle
That he exactly and beautifully fit the page
Initially ignore the useless reqtang
Click in a pencil bolder!
Do not call him free hand - this is the machinations of the bourgeois!
The tool is the most accurate, the main thing is to carry out more smoothly.
And do not poke at the points, pressing the vile control

If you still noticed that the angles are not ninety
May your eyelids be with you forever!
Then pull the knots lightly rather by hand
Scorning Inspirational Nodles of Elaine Software
He coined for the lazy, because the eye is more accurate ...

If it so happened that the circle needs the perfect
Know - Canadian bourgeois hurt and then managed:
He is under the very rektangl! A circle is drawn on it.
So that you do not confuse where you do not need to look
Well, it's more like an ellipse, but do you remember about the counter?
This button is for gathering centuries-old precious dust!

There is a savior at hand: a scanner - the obvious way out!
You take any picture you love
And scan those parts that are close in shape to the circle
In the shop you paint them black and all this is bravely treys!
But when you open your masterpiece circle to the drow Corel
Do not try to shape imaginary nodules with a conglomeration ...

Designer Day September 9, short greetings

Dear graphic designers! On this wonderful and important day for you, I want to congratulate you, to wish you creative ideas and universal recognition. You are computer artists, you are geniuses of your art. Thank you for the unceasing stream of fresh, unsolved ideas in advertising, in business, in everyday life. Bravo!

Creative designers,
The gods of the great photoshop,
Today we congratulate you on the holiday,
Let me pat you.

You can transform
Picture of filling any
We wish you to create masterpieces,
We wish you love and health of steel!

Designers celebrate their professional day today. This profession in our time is incredibly popular, but also in demand. Every self-respecting company considers it necessary to keep a team of young, creative and talented designers on staff. Congratulations and we wish you every success!

Day of the graphic designer -
Great reason to take a walk,
Today, all your friends
With this profession we will congratulate.

We wish you success,
We wish true love,
Let every morning you begin
With a kiss and a coffee invigorating!

Day of graphic designers is a great occasion to congratulate these talented, brilliant, creative people. We wish you all that there will always be fresh ideas, stable work and strong family. Let only joy, ups and victories be in your life. Happy holiday!

Cool congratulations on the Day of the Designer Graphics in verses

The graphic designer is a peaceful profession.
His weapon is creative.
And this holiday we celebrate fun.
Design is now the whole locomotive.

And there are always creations on your table
Design thoughts, graphics flight.
As sometimes, casting aside all doubts,
You follow the thought, you feel like rushing!

So it is with everything, when you are young with your soul,
Draw, create, hack-work do not forgive.
A graphic designer, your brain is worth its weight in gold.
Be happy, live forever, always dare.

Have fun, graphic designer,
Your day has come today
And congratulate you personally
Of course, we are not lazy.

Let both happiness and health
Never leave
Well, optimism with love
Will be near forever.

You are a graphic designer, a creative person,
In all your creations, comfort and harmony,
I congratulate you, on your professional day,
Let's celebrate it, as it should, gulnem!

I wish you happiness, success and good luck,
To solve with their help, you are challenging
So that all your projects are in great demand,
Happy holiday buddy! Vivat, vivat, vivat!

Landscapes, stylish designs,
And the requirements of the new mod,
Designers are always loyal,
But who will understand the customers!

And the graphic artists are working in sweat,
Trying to create a new
Sometimes they will be told - altruists,
They do not hold this!

Autumn is golden inspires
Graphic designers and artists.
On September day, they take
Congratulations of all kinds.
We wish pages and books
Newspapers, websites and magazines,
Computer programs, windows
You always had a lot.
So that you work everywhere,
Your ideas were used closely.

Congratulations on Designer's Day in prose

Design is not just a pretty wrapper. It is also a conceptual approach with the adaptation of the content to the essence of the object. And you, like anyone else, know how to submit it in an original, interesting and stylish way. Thanks for the author's vision, creative approach, multifaceted meaning! Let Muse whispers you a great solution!

A designer will never be redundant with creativity, originality, an individual look at familiar things. Therefore, feel free to inspire new achievements, confidently move forward, offer unique concepts so that people around you look at the world through your eyes! I wish you good luck and many creative ideas!

“The profession requires,” says so many people, implying a particular lifestyle. You dictate your own ideas to the environment, forcing you to admire your creativity. I am grateful to you, because everything that you invent has no analogues! It is revolutionary, beautiful, emotional! Your design is real magic! Stay a person above standard concepts!

Design has many faces, because it is needed for every thing, object and product. Well, when such a reliable specialist as you take up creativity! Cool ideas are born from creative people, to whom, unequivocally, you belong. Good luck in an extraordinary search! Perspective views and plans! Profitable deals and excellent careers!

Creating a new one is your fad, you think creatively, express unusual ideas and strive to achieve your goals. Take my warm regards to Designer's Day! Do it

Beautiful prose on Designer's Day

Creating something new - you create a miracle. Graphic designers do it every day. Always a little magic, everyday and almost imperceptible. We wish everyone who works in this profession to be indispensable and valuable. Let just your miracle notice. With the professional holiday of you.

Congratulations on the Day of the graphic designer and I want to wish wonderful characters, incredible stories, stunning landscapes and great ideas of your imagination. Let everything magnificent in your head become reality with the help of the great mastery of your hands.

Congratulations on the professional holiday of graphic designers! You create magic, beauty where there was nothing before. So, in fact, you are real wizards and wonderworkers.Happy holiday, and may the muse always gently hug your shoulders.

Congratulations on the Day of the graphic designer and I wish you always be inspired by new and interesting ideas, positive emotions and impressions. Let the head and hands not get tired to create, let every decision be successful, let all the works be successful and magnificent.

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