Congratulations on Otolaryngologist Day

Good day! The otolaryngologist's day is a holiday close to medical, because ENTs diagnose, treat and prevent diseases of the ear, throat, nose, head, neck. An ENT doctor with a wealth of experience and ideal knowledge can successfully provide his services, contributing to the preservation of many areas of world perception.

Due to the fact that otolaryngologists are most often addressed in autumn - winter, when immunity is weakened, the holiday falls on September 29th. It should be noted the opportunity to choose a unique greeting for the professional holiday, made up of a beautiful, bright language.

Take the chance to say sincere thanks to the health saving doctor, to wish him good immunity, resistance to disease and longevity. Your congratulations are the basis of a positive attitude on the Otolaryngologist Day.

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Postcards Happy Otolaryngologist

Congratulations on Otolaryngologist Day (LOR Day)

Sore throat, coughing torments all night,
Refer to the ENT, only he can help,
He will prescribe a potion to gargle,
And in a day or two you will be healthy again.
We congratulate all the otolaryngologists from the heart,
May all your dreams come true,
May happiness always be smiling to you
And bypasses the sadness, trouble.

Cold infection, it doesn't matter
An otolaryngologist will always cure us,
Only in time refer to him,
He is like a magician, will bring trouble.
Happy otolaryngologist congratulations,
Happiness, joy sincerely wish
In great shape always be,
Let lucky you in everything, always.

Otolaryngologist - the profession is always in demand,
We can’t do without LOR
Make sure the diagnosis is correct,
And with hearing again everything will be fine.
Congratulations on your professional holiday,
We wish you great success in work
All the best to you, joy, prosperity,
That life was like honey sweet.

The ear hurts, it's impossible to endure,
This problem can be cured
Address to the otolaryngologist urgently,
He will give you a precise diagnosis.
We congratulate all the otolaryngologists,
We sincerely wish you good health,
Endurance, patience, in all luck,
And always a great mood.

The nose is stuffed up, the throat hurts,
The ear does not hear, probably otitis,
Do not do self-medication,
And contact the otolaryngologist.
Today are happy to congratulate you on your holiday,
Let the work for you be delighted,
We wish you strong health, well-being,
And all the best.

Funny greetings on World Otolaryngologist Day

If we are overpowered
Pain in the ear or throat,
All, of course, we know
What we need to go to the ENT.
This doctor is all very necessary,
Adults, children, seniors.
Anyone who has a cold now,
Who is considered sick.
The doctor will cure us quickly.
He will pick up the drugs,
From which it will be easier
Everything will pass and the pain will go away.

Our wonderful doctors,
We wish them a holiday
Patients are not capricious.
To be treated in good faith,
Fulfilled all conditions
So that you successfully fought
For their good health.

Who are we talking about?
It's a simple question.
There is a doctor who treats
Ear, nose and throat.
He has once, once,
Probably visited each.
And today to Dr. ENT,
In this autumn, not a warm time,
We wish you excellent health.
And good luck in everything, of course!

He returns deafness to hearing
To a full life was.
He inspires healing
For this honor to him, praise!
Let patients be less
Health is growing in people!
Work only brings joy!
Good luck to you! Happy days!

If the ear hurts, it is impossible to endure
This trouble can be avoided
Go to the otolaryngologist,
And instantly heal.
Happy otolaryngologist congratulations,
We wish you great success in work
Let your career soar up,
Let it be a strong life thread.

Congratulations are dedicated to the most necessary doctors,
Unsurpassed otolaryngology,
We wish you good health, good,
So that the good has always been fate.
Let always lucky you in everything
A full cup let the house be,
Salary is pleasantly surprising
Reliable friends always surround.

Otolaryngologist Day (LOR) - SMS greetings

Ear, nose and throat
To treat you is not a question!
Congratulations, doctor, you
And wish the lights!
You can work with a spark
Even if it is difficult -
Be attentive to the moment
And to any patient!
Be attentive to the words
To the nose, throat and ears!

Otolaryngologists, nice guys,
Congratulations on the holiday,
You only live richly.
We wish you happiness and health,
Before work is important
Hats all shoot.

Happy Otolaryngologist Day!
To you - good patients
Success, happiness new
And happy moments!

Wonders and clear skies,
Days most pleasant,
All that is beautiful
And sadness - really not a gram!

Congratulations on the Day of otolaryngologist and I wish you activity with success and prosperity. I wish to hear only the pleasant, I wish to breathe the air of happiness, I wish that the vocal chords should be strained only from cheerful and sonorous songs.

Congratulations on the Day of the otolaryngologist and I want to wish with my ears to listen to warm words and good wishes, nose to inhale the air of happiness and love, take care of your neck and let joy songs pass through it.

Congratulations to a friend with Otolaryngologist Day

Friend! Otolaryngologist!
I heartily congratulate you!
A gown canopy raising,
I'm running for a holiday - I'm like that!

I breathe freely and freely,
And I clearly hear everything in the world!
I can go to the football club
And jump jump higher!

Thanks to you, umenyu
Feel the tonsils, look in the nose!
Such talents,
I want to fly and sing!

I wish you without a cold
Treat others and not get sick!
Fill the same dish dishes,
To sit with a glass of tea!

Congratulations on Otolaryngologist Day to a colleague

Colleague ENT! We know together
That without breathing - nowhere!
I congratulate you very much,
I wish money from labor!

I wish patients frail,
Who come to you
People become direct and sweet,
And respect your ENT work!

I also wish to be healthy,
Mushrooms and viruses do not eat!
I appreciate you - honestly the word -
For valor, bearing and honor!

We survive a mutant virus,
He will walk in a mask!
But if we suddenly miss - a minus!
Medicine on a holiday to drink!

Congratulations beloved Happy Otolaryngologist Day

Favorite ENT! I congratulate
You with a pipette in the nose!
Follow, be treated - I know everything!
Crush the virus like a wasp!

Don't quarantine
Take me to your holiday, take it!
I'm in your doctoral dock
He did not often - three times.

And how I want to be healthy
No sneeze, cough setting
Take the word of great doctors!
But I'll be the ladybird!

So decided! We note violently!
Itself, my ENT, do not catch a cold!
All one-time - and in the urn,
With weakness, fall in love with me!

Congratulations Happy ENT woman doctor

O woman of my soul!
You are my dearest Lor.
Congratulations on the holiday I hurry, -
Your day has come, come!

I wish to continue to heal! -
In fact, I see the voice of the creator.
Someone become a true muse.
So that in unison of the heart!

Doctor, beauty, we wish strength.
Enjoy life with her whole soul wish
Otolaryngologist thanks say.
Congratulations on the holiday!

We give our doctor the flowers of the field.
We give dawn a clear, blue sky.
No more beautiful women, no - smarter, kind.
Our lore is just gold. True lady!

Congratulations on the Day of Otolaryngologist wife

My good doctor, angel ENT,
My dear spouse.
Your holiday has finally come.
Take praise from a friend's husband.

Bouquet as a gift my accept
And wishes dear.
Charming! In them from the heart,
I congratulate you on your holiday!

I just admire you
Otolaryngologist is my favorite.
Wife, happy holiday to you!
You are my unique doctor.

Good luck, joy to you,
My goddess and queen.
Successes sweetheart in labor.
And adoration on faces!

Congratulations to your sister. Happy Otolaryngologist Day

Sister - my wonderful ENT
Take in your holiday congratulations.
There are lots of wishes in it,
And a sweet poem.

And wishes of love.
Successes, joy in the bargain.
For happiness, we live, blossom.
In all of you good luck!

Happy otolaryngologist, sister!
You are the best doctor dear.
I wish you well.
And I wish you happiness.

I wish you joy on the road.
Bang at work, at home.
Fly to your dream with your arrow.
And be ready to do good!

Short poems Happy Otolaryngologist

The ear is aching, the nose is not breathing,
The voice is lost somewhere.
Dr. ENT will solve problems
I know personally addressed.

Congratulations you kindly
Happy Otolaryngologist Day.
I wish you happiness full house
And positive in the head.

Congratulations, Dr. ENT,
Happy Otolaryngologist Day
I wish premiums and surcharges,
And not the salary naked.

In matters of stability, success
On the career ladder,
So that happiness warmed and good luck
Kept right.

In order of hearing and throat,
And nose scent is sharp.
Happy Otolaryngologist Day
The Wizard - Doctor ENT!

Stay healthy,
Not all patients are treated,
What you wish in life
How to get a fairy tale.

Congratulations on the Day of the Otolaryngologist (LOR) in prose

Congratulations on your professional holiday, otolaryngologist day! We wish your patients quickly recovered.So that ears, mouths and nozzles do not sneeze, cough and hear well! Let your work bring joy, calm and pleasure. Your medical works are priceless! Prosperity to you, health and good mood!

Congratulations on the Day of the otolaryngologist and I want to wish you excellent hearing, clear and clear voice, fresh and calm breathing. May it always be possible to provide assistance to your patients, may any work of life end in success and success, may each day be fun and happy.

Congratulations on the Day of the otolaryngologist and I want to wish with my ears to listen to warm words and good wishes, nose to inhale the air of happiness and love, take care of your neck and let joy songs pass through it.

Congratulations on the Day of otolaryngologist and I wish you activity with success and prosperity. I wish to hear only the pleasant, I wish to breathe the air of happiness, I wish that the vocal chords should be strained only from cheerful and sonorous songs.

Congratulations on otolaryngologist Day and wish never to spoil your health and help others to correct it. May work bring joy and gratitude, may there be happiness and success in life, may it be fruitful every day, may a close person support you in difficult times. Well-being and successful self-development!

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