Competitions for the New 2018

In anticipation of a fun holiday, people are looking for interesting and fun contests for the New Year-2018. What kind of New Year's Eve can do without fervent games with prizes for the winners and a sea of ​​smiles? So, an interesting selection of ideas from the most active and positive contests!

Icy path

This is a suitable competition for the New Year's corporate party-2018, because a large number of people can participate in it and no one will be bored. You can adapt it for a children's party.

What is prepared in advance

The game will require free space, at least a square with a side of three to four meters. The larger the area, the more interesting the fun, so take care of this in advance.

For carrying you will need a special props. These will be sheets of paper on which images are drawn (or printed): ice hole, skates, gift, stool, emoticon. They are glued to the floor in random order, it is desirable that they do not lie too close to each other. The number of repetitions of each image depends on the area of ​​free space and the imagination of the organizers.

A prize is also required.This can be a box of chocolates, where their number will be equal to or a multiple of the number of players of one winning team, whose participant will be the first to discover this treasure.

The essence of the competition

Participants are divided equally and diverge into two opposite sides of the square. A skater is chosen from the team: it is he who has to go blindly along this improvised icy path. The team must give voice prompts in which direction to move in order to reach the prize first. It is installed after the players are blindfolded.

To disorient the characters on the field, they are twisted with their eyes closed around them. At the signal, they start off and try to find a prize. When one of them steps on a piece of paper with an image, the teams will have to complete the task:
1. Stool: someone from his team gets on the chair and tells a funny rhyme;
2. Hole: after the end of the competition in case of winning this team, it must give the opponents a part of its prize (for example, one candy);
3. Smiley: someone from his team tells a joke or a funny life story;
4.Gift: rivals should add something of their own to the prize (for example, a bottle of champagne);
5. Skates increase the player's chances of winning: a member of his team gets close to the prize and says the word “Prize!” Once.
The winner is the team whose player first gets to the prize.

Competitions for the New Year

We decorate the Christmas tree

This game deserves an honorable place among the New Year's competitions for 2018. It does not require complex training and is carried out in any company.

Required props

For the full version of the game you need two artificial Christmas trees. You can simply cut them out of paper, the size - from 0.5 meters in height, exactly, because it will be inconvenient to play with a small tree. Still need balls, they are also cut out of paper. You will need clips, buttons or tape, with which the decorations will be attached to the Christmas tree.

For the light version, it’s enough to take two baskets (hats, boxes) and a set of small pieces of paper. But the full version will be much more colorful and interesting, it is better to prefer it.

Holding a competition

Guests are divided into three teams: two - participants and one - judges. Props at the beginning of the game do not show, no one knows what the competition will be.Participants are given the task: to come up with 10-15 words that will denote the names of objects. Then the presenter gives the “balls” to the participants, and they write one of the invented words on each one.

Now is the time to provide Christmas trees to the teams and announce that the items written are decorations for their Christmas trees. After the players dress up their trees, they are presented to the judges. Participants also need to give a funny explanation of why a particular item was among the decorations. The judges decide whose New Year tree and its description was the most original.Competitions for the New Year

You can make this competition even more colorful!

You must have the appropriate equipment - a computer with Internet access and a printer, preferably a color one. For corporate parties such props can be found in almost any office. After the teams come up with words, you need to find the appropriate images and print them on paper, and then cut such balls with printed pictures. True, all these actions need to be performed quickly so that participants do not have time to get bored.

Jokes as New Year's contests for 2018

This game does not require props at all.The main thing is that the company was cheerful and sincere.

Holding a competition

The competition can take a lot of time, especially if jokes are among the guests. One of the participants tells a joke and calls the word. The next participant should tell another funny story using this word. If a guest cannot remember such an anecdote, they will come up with some task as a punishment. For example, dance to a perky song. So all the guests of the holiday participate in the chain, and if they like it, it repeats. At the end of the competition they vote for the most original and funny joke, the winner is awarded a pleasant prize.

You can complicate this competition. For example, to prohibit participants from using a word in the anecdote text (it is desirable that it be widely used, and without it it would be difficult to tell a story). Or in the conditions of the competition to indicate that none of the words used should not begin on any letter. If the narrator cannot do without the forbidden word or letter, after the speech he also performs the punishment.

Competitions for the New Year


This game is known, but you can diversify and improve.

What to cook in advance

In advance - a selection of funny and funny songs (better if they are popular and familiar to members of the company). It will take 2 hats (boxes, baskets) and small sheets of paper. Another props is not needed, everything is ready.

How to hold a competition

In one hat put the leaves with the written names of songs from the list, in the other - with the written names of animals (their number should be equal to the number of tunes). The number of tasks depends on the size of the company.

One of the guests comes up to the first hat and randomly chooses a song, under which he will perform movements. From another hat he gets a leaf with the name of the animal, which he will have to portray. Competition conditions: words cannot be used to describe a riddle, you can make sounds and make movements that allow other participants to guess the beast. And the actions should be combined with the chosen melody so that the original dance is obtained. If the guests guess the animal in one minute, the participant goes to the next round.

In the next round, players will have to perform the same task, but with another animal chosen at random and without the use of sounds. Those participants who were able to correctly portray the beast go into the next round.

Now they will have to show the animals without using any part of the body (at the option of the guests, without arms or legs). The task is complicated, and most likely, at this stage the winner will be determined. He is a prize.

Competitions for the New Year

Cooking New Year's Dish

This is the tastiest of the New Year's competitions in 2018. It is interesting for adults, but children can also participate in it (although they should be able to write).

Required details

Each of the two participants has three baskets. In one, the names of food products (meat, eggs ... cabbage, cream, avocado, etc.) are written on paper, in the other - kitchen utensils (spoon, knife, pan, cutting board, skimmer, frying pan), in the third - various culinary activities ( fry, cook ... chop, grind, etc.). Players will need an improvised cookbook (or a simple sheet), where they will write down a recipe, as well as a pen or pencil.
How to hold a competition

Each participant selects from 5-10 leaflets from each basket (depending on the initial number of tasks in the baskets, the more, the more interesting). In five minutes, the player must create and describe a culinary masterpiece on paper.You must use all the products, objects and actions that were on the selected leaves. If something was missed - the participant is considered the loser. You also need to come up with a beautiful (or better funny) name for the dish.

The competition will be more fun if the organizers select the most diverse products and activities that are difficult to combine in one recipe. For the competition, this complication is better! It's funny when people who can't cook are involved in the game (apparently, the male half of the company will tell more exciting stories, unless, of course, they are cooks).

Competitions for the New Year

Let's make the New Year fun!

The listed contests are only a field for fantasy. They can diversify and complicate, add ideas of rewards, punishments and prizes, adapt to a specific company (taking into account age, profession, degree of familiarity with each other). The better and more colorful the prepared in advance props, the more interesting will appear the competition for the guests, especially if there are children among them. Children and make the holidays beautiful! The main thing that the organizers need to remember is that the game should be enjoyable and suitable for any person from the company.

Come up with your own ideas for contests every coming year.

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