Compatibility Virgo and Pisces

Compatibility Virgo and Pisces can be simpleideal. In the hands of these two, make it so that life will be simply beautiful. Before you know whether Pisces and Virgo are compatible and how strong their union is, it is worth considering their individual horoscopes.

The Virgin. Clever and practical. Trust logic, not mere assumptions and guesswork. They always think soberly and do not succumb to temptations. They have their own point of view and are able to stand on their own. They do not tolerate confusion both in working deeds and in their own home. These are real neat.

Virgo constantly strive for knowledge, all the timethey learn something, go to courses or do self-education, drawing information from various sources. They have an analytical mindset, they prefer to work in spheres related to specifics. This is an exact science, economics, and capable of politics. But with fantasy they do not get along, so creative professions are not for Dev.

The people around them are respected, but at the same time the pettiness of Dev is annoying. By nature they are shy and tend to think only of themselves.

Fish. They have worldly wisdom. Outwardly they are always calm and even if in reality there are a lot of problems in their life, they will never show it to others, but they will walk with a smile on their face. And in my heart will be anguish, anxiety and anxiety.

People born under the sign of Pisces often possess excellent intuition and even the gift of clairvoyance, but often they themselves do not suspect this.

This is the home sign of the zodiac, they love comfort andthe comfort of their own home, with the pleasure of equipping it. The fishes are hospitable and generous. People are drawn to them, because the Pisces always listen, give advice, teach something. They are fair and unbiased. Obledt excellent memory and are capable of scientific activity and art.

Often there are sad, sometimes difficult to understand, Pisces keep experiences in themselves, opening only to the closest and most trusted people.

Horoscope of Virgo and Pisces compatibility, if Pisces is a woman

They are attracted to each other, thenrepel. On the one hand, in this union, the man-Virgo acts as a guardian. It is he who solves all issues, namely his opinion is decisive in a number of family issues. And on the other hand - an easy and gentle Pisces woman who always supports, caresses and warms. She can forgive any shortcomings and insults of a man, even treason and betrayal can quietly endure alone.

But further relations can go differentlyscript, Virgo and Pisces compatibility will depend entirely on the man and on what feelings he is experiencing. If he really loves, he will appreciate and respect the accommodating and faithfulness of Pisces, surrounding her, so helpless, with care and attention. And if on his part there is no great love, then there is the likelihood that he will just wipe his feet on her.

Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces, if Pisces is male

This union promises to be harmonious. Male-Pisces in the heart of a big romantic, he just conquer a woman-Virgo, who so wants affection and warmth, with her courtship. In this pair will be romantic dates, simple walks under the handle, he will constantly give her flowers and surprise. At the same time he does it not in order to subdue, but he really likes to please his beloved.

But there are character traits of both partners whocan break the idyll and make Virgo and Pisces compatible is not so fabulous and beautiful. In view of its secrecy, a male fish can not fully trust his partner, hide something and keep back that he does not like Virgo, who aspires to clarity in everything. And she, in turn, can seize his criticism and reproaches. She is looking for logic in everything, and he is capable of recklessness. If she starts to overdo the stick, the Pisces-man just quietly leaves, he does not need such a relationship.

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