Collection autumn winter 2017-2018 by Valentino

Persistence is a sign of mastery. It is this phrase that guides the creative director of the fashion house Valentino. Fashionistas of the whole world love the recognizable style of the brand, which successfully combines elegance, grace and femininity, and therefore in the season of 2017-2018, the models of the collection showed a variety of fabrics and colors, interesting prints and stylish combinations of textures. The images turned out to be refined and stylish, but without bright outrageous and radical experiments with cut and silhouette.

In the season of winter-2017-2018 fashion house Valentino offers fashionable women two luxury collections:

  1. which was shown in New York;
  2. presented at the Paris Fashion Week.

Valentino collections autumn-winter 2017-2018

Fashion trends Pre-Fall collection Valentino autumn-winter 2017-2018

This year, fashionable women were looking forward to Valentino's shows, wondering how Pierpaolo Piccioli would cope with the role of a full-fledged creative director of a fashion house after 8 years of working with Maria Grazia Curie. Although this collection is not the first, released couturier in an independent voyage, interest in the works of eminent maestro fashion does not fade.

What does Pierpaolo Piccioli see a woman in 2018 and will his creative vision of the female image coincide with the longstanding traditions of the brand? These questions were fully answered by the preliminary collection, the display of which on one of the best podiums in New York was crowned with enchanting success.

From the fashion trends proposed by the pre-collections of Valentino, it is worth noting:

  1. a variety of colors;
  2. exquisite floral print;
  3. classic feminine silhouettes;
  4. stylish double-breasted jackets and elegant raincoats;
  5. a coat with a fur collar and fur coats with unusual patterns;
  6. knitted tops;
  7. high leather boots.

A variety of color palette Pre-Fall collection

The color palette of the collection did not come as a surprise. Like most famous designers, Pierpaolo Piccioli took as a basis the shades recommended by the Phanton Color Institute.

  • delicate nude beige with lavender notes;
  • deep red and orange;
  • luxurious pink;
  • noble gray;
  • saturated lime
Valentino dress nude shadesBright dresses Valentino 2017-2018Crimson Dresses from Valentino 2018Elegant dresses fashion house Valentino

Classic images

Fashionable women who prefer the classic style will find in the new collection many stylish dresses, trouser ensembles, jackets, coats and coats for everyday looks and special moments.Feminine fitted silhouettes, harmonious combinations of colors and shades, elegant decor - everything is aimed at creating a fashionable and at the same time elegant female image emphasizing elegance and a sense of style.

Pierpaolo Piccioli offers several classic variations, from restrained and laconic images that business women are sure to appreciate, to bows with retro elements, as well as alternative classics.

Classic images of Valentino 2018Classic dresses brand ValentinoElegant classic Valentino 2018Alternative classics from Valentino 2017-2018

Flower print

The main highlight of Valentino's autumn-winter collection is a small floral pattern. Exquisite sophisticated pattern gives the image a tenderness and emphasizes femininity.

Long dresses in the floor from light transparent fabric and cocktail models of midi length look very stylish, which the designer added with fashionable accessories and high boots.

Delicate Floral Print Valentino DressesFloristic theme prints in the images of ValentinoElegant Valentino dresses for 2018Dresses showing Valentino autumn-winter 2017-2018Female bow showing Valentino New York 2017

Stylish jackets and raincoats

In the 17-18 autumn-winter season, the Valentino fashion collection offers to combine elegant dresses and pants with long double-breasted jackets. On a rainy day, a light raincoat will be indispensable, which this season should be chosen in one stylistic design or similar color scheme with other things.

Jackets Valentino autumn-winter 2017-2018Raincoats Valentino autumn-winter 2017-2018Fashionable raincoats by Valentino

Coats and fur coats

Nothing makes a woman more stylish than natural fur. That is why Pierpaolo Piccioli recommends stopping the choice of an elegant coat with a large collar of silver fox or muskrat, and for the winter to get an unusual coat of patchwork colored fur.

Fashionable coat with fur collar by ValentinoStylish coat Valentino 2017-2018Fashionable fur coats from Valentino winter 2018

Knitted tops

Minimalistic knitted tops - the original design decision from Valentino. Couturier offers to combine this creative element of wardrobe with light transparent dresses.

Knit Tops by Valentino

High leather boots

Treads - the trend of 2018, which again confirms the collection of Valentino. Unlike many designers who offer a variety of textile boots in the autumn-winter 17-18 season, Pierpaolo Piccioli favors practical and always-on leather. Rate this stylistic decision can be on the photo from the fashion show, held in New York.

Valentino High Leather BootsStylish Valentino TreadsBoots from Valentino 2017-2018Stylish boots showing Valentino autumn-winter 2017-2018

See alsovideowith the Pre-Fall Valentino fall-winter 2017-2018 season (New York):

Fashion trends of the Valentino READY-TO-WEAR collection

Valentino's ready-to-wear collection was presented at the Paris Fashion Week. Pierpaolo Piccioli fully justified the expectations of admirers of a famous brand, presenting many stylish models combining elegant classics and modern fashion trends.

The new collection of Valentino offers for 2018 such fashion trends as:

  1. total bow;
  2. monochrome images;
  3. a combination of similar in tone colors in one image;
  4. bright extravagant prints;
  5. fashionable pleated;
  6. embroidery;
  7. rough boots with lacing.

Trendy total bow

Judging by the trends that dictate the collection from the trendsetters, the total bow is a full-fledged trend of 2018. The combination of different elements of clothing, designed in the same color and style, allows you to create fashionable and incredibly stylish images in classic black, as well as delicate beige and peach tones.

Total bow from valentinoMonoluk Valentino 2017-2018Stylish images in black color Valentino 2018

Monochrome images

Dresses with a small abstract pattern, which plays beautifully in motion, giving rise to the most unusual visual illusions, look very unusual.

Monochrome images from Valentino

Combinations of similar colors

Love bright colors - pay attention to the stylish color combinations suggested by Pierpaolo Piccioli. Gentle pink perfectly complement bright scarlet and rich raspberry, and pale green - the color of dense forest greens. Boots of bright yellow color will help to emphasize nude beige, and light-violet dresses - accessories of a deep noble burgundy shade.

Valentino Fashionable Bows in PinkElegant images of Valentino 2018Delicate shades in the images of ValentinoBright images of the fashion house Valentino

Extravagant Prints

The youth audience will appreciate the images, the highlight of which are bright prints in the spirit of expressionism. It is worth noting that this season in the Valentino collection in this style are not only stylish dresses. Special attention should be paid to the unusual cloak and creative fur coat.

Creative prints in the images of ValentinoImpressionism in Valentino modelsUnusual bows from ValentinoFashion Print Autumn-Winter 2017-2018

Fashionable Pleated

Pleated back in fashion! Along with the classic models in 2018, you can safely wear unusual variations of midi and maxi length dresses with a pleated or corrugated skirt, as shown in the photo.

Skirt Corrugated by ValentinoFashionable Pleated in Valentino ModelsSkirt pleated showing Valentino 2017-2018

Embroidered decor

Embroidery on light translucent fabrics looks very delicate and elegant. In the coming season, this decor promises to be especially popular. Especially when it comes to handmade embroidery.

Embroidered Valentino dresses

Lace-up boots

Classic dress designs and coats are trimmed with coarse high lace-up boots made from genuine leather of dark shades.

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