Christmas post in the 2017-2018 year

The beginning of the Advent in 2017 - November 28, like every year - is not a passing date and ends on the night of January 6-7, 2018. Autumn holidays and entertainment were left behind, the people this time of the end of weddings, and it is time to prepare spiritually for the great event in the whole Orthodox world - the Nativity of Christ. In 2017, zagovhenie (the eve of fasting, or Fillipovka) falls on Monday, November 27th, this is the last day when in many ways you can not limit yourself.

How long does a Christmas post mean

Advent was born a long time ago and has been observed since apostolic times. Initially, it was a time of prayers to God during any trials or tribulations, when a person was aware of his insignificance and sinfulness. It was at such moments that it seemed that ordinary daily prayer was not enough, and therefore all words were reinforced by action, that is, strict restriction of oneself in something and repentance.

Christmas food

Christmas fast lasts exactly 40 days, and precedes a great holiday - Christmas.January 6, 2018, on Saturday, is Christmas Eve, or Holy Evening - the most solemn day of fasting, when believers prepare to welcome the holiday. This is the day of dry eating before the Evening service (which begins at about 5 pm), and then before the night liturgy, it is forbidden to eat anything at all in order to properly prepare for Communion. The Christmas Liturgy begins in all the temples in different ways - it is around 23.00 and lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours. Thus, believers expect when the Advent is finished in 2018 (what number), this happens after night service, that is, on the calendar of January 7, and when you can congratulate each other on the bright holiday. Believers break their fast and taste pre-cooked sochivo - grains of rice or wheat with honey or raisins.

How to eat in the Christmas post

During the whole fasting, any food of animal origin is prohibited - milk, eggs, meat, butter.

  • On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the Constitution prescribes stricter meals, which are called desolation. This means that you can not eat heat-treated foods, the main diet of such days is salads from raw vegetables, fruits, bread, honey, nuts, homemade preparations and preservation without the use of oil.For laypeople, an indulgence is made allowing oven-baked products - potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, apples with honey.
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays, hot food with vegetable oil is present on the table - vegetable stews, cereals, soups, potatoes.
  • On Saturday and Sunday fish are allowed and some wine is acceptable.


Fasting does not mean fasting at all. There are many ways to diversify the table in winter, while adhering to the Charter and follow all the rules. Here is a sample menu that you can use:

  • Breakfast These are cold-cooked cereals, when buckwheat is poured with cold water in the evening and drawn overnight. In the same way, you can make muesli, bran, oatmeal, and then add nuts or honey - you get a very useful and rich breakfast.
  • Lunches. Fresh vegetable salads (carrots with raisins, cabbage and apple, greens and nuts, vinaigrette), seasoned with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, cabbage soup and borscht without broth, ear, cold soups (in the days of dry meat) Pea, mushroom or bean soups, rich in vegetable proteins, will help to avoid health problems and recuperate, especially during heavy physical work.
  • Dinner.Very popular among fasting tasty dishes are buckwheat with mushrooms and vegetables, vegetarian pilaf, cabbage and carrot cutlets or pancakes. On weekends you can serve boiled or fried fish, seafood.

Christmas food

Not by bread alone

Strict holding of fasting is now observed in monasteries or among clergymen, and for the laity, significant easing is possible. This may be due to the state of health, age or still lack of moral strength to withstand such a long test.

If you feel that you are not able to fully withstand the fasting and will obviously succumb to temptation, then it is better to immediately discuss these points with the priest in order to receive the blessing for some indulgences.

The most important thing to remember that fasting is the ability to purify the soul. And the essence of 40 days is not not to eat prohibited foods, but to get rid of passions, gluttony, indulging one's own habits. The salvation of the soul is achieved by self-denial, prayers, repentance, forgiveness of loved ones, help to the needy, thereby gaining a special attitude, with which we later celebrate the bright Christmas of Christ.

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