Choosing a hat for the summer

January 22, 2018

To create a good summer image will help not only properly selected wardrobe. One of the leading roles of the image was and remains for accessories, and especially for a beautiful summer hat. Decorate a headdress with artificial flowers and envious sighs of your friends are provided for you. Buy artificial flowers and decorate not only your hat, but also your home interior. You can by clicking on the link.

Choosing a hat for the summer

In addition to participating in the creation of the image, the summer hat will help you protect your hair from burning out, will not allow them to become brittle and dry under the influence of aggressive ultraviolet radiation, will cover your eyes from harsh sunlight and will not allow you to burn your face.

It is important to choose a summer hat that fits the shape of your face. If the face is round, fit a small size, neat cap. If the facial features are small, do not put something bulky on the head, full of ornaments. For tall girls, the hats will be wide and flat in shape. If you are short, try on a hat with a high crown.Stylists believe that a thin, small girl of the field of a cap should in no way be greater than the width of her shoulders. But pyshechek freedom more - they can easily choose a wide field and various options for hat styles.

Choosing a hat for the summer

A summer hat should match the overall color of the outfit - respond to it within the color spectrum, or contrast with its brightness, if it is not out of the general style.

One of the leading places is occupied by straw heads - artificial or natural. Such a hat in a dark brown tint, decorated with a ribbon in tune, looks good. This headdress is unique for its versatility - it can be used with a variety of images.

While relaxing by the sea, Panama will help out with voluminous fields of milky, beige or white colors - if you wish, you can decorate it with an artificial flower or a bright scarf.

Wide-brimmed hats are still popular. And there are no color restrictions. When choosing, pay attention to the skin color of your face. If the skin is pale, choose hats of bright colors, if dark and tanned - all pastel shades will look great.

You can choose a baseball cap or cap, but be careful. This choice is justified if you dress in a pure sport style or jeans.

Choosing a hat for the summer

If you have great difficulty in choosing a hat, you can try to wear a headscarf in a turban shape. There is no special algorithm. Take a light scarf or kerchief and spin it on your head as your fantasy tells you. A shawl will allow you to create an easy, memorable and, at the same time, unique image.

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