Chinese New Year 2019. Traditions and wishes

Good day! On New Year's Eve, all members of the family, wherever they are, come home and gather at the richly laid festive table. Therefore, the Chinese call this holiday "meeting after separation." This is the most enduring tradition of celebrating the Chinese New Year.

The whole family is discussing the outgoing year - what they have achieved, what they have learned and what remains to be done.

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Chinese New Year celebrations

The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom believe that on New Year's Eve there are spirits of deceased ancestors at the table, who are also participants of the holiday.

The main dish on the New Year's table are dumplings, which are shaped like a gold bar. The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire are confident that this symbol of wealth and wealth will bring good luck with the first minutes of the new year according to the Chinese calendar.

On the table should also attend such treats as fish and soy tofu.With these dishes, the Chinese thank the patron of the outgoing year for their generosity and condescension.

Festive clothing must be bright colors - red, gold, pink, green. The brighter the outfit, the greater the chance that an insidious and cunning spirit will not enter the house, which can bring grief and loss.

On the New Year is not accepted to give serious gifts. More often present red envelopes with money, various souvenirs, charms and amulets, sweets and images of the symbol of the coming year.

Any gift, according to the rules, must be paired. The owner must be presented with two mandarins.

The color of the gift also plays a huge role. The main rule is that neither gift nor gift paper should be white or blue. In this country, these colors represent death and burial.

The gift itself is presented only in private and with both hands. But giving away presents is necessary not chaotically, but from the elder to the younger.

It is indecent to open a gift for all, it is necessary to do it alone so as not to offend with a careless look or the word donor.

In Singapore and Malaysia, there is an interesting and romantic tradition on this holiday.To do this, single ladies on a mandarin attach their phone number, and then send the fruit along the river. Single men, in turn, catch these tangerines, eat it, and then call to get acquainted with the lady.

What you can not do on the holiday of the Chinese New Year 2019

In the New Year, during the holiday feast, it is not customary to talk about the past year - all thoughts and conversations should be directed to the future.

Festive attire can not be combined black with white, since black is a symbol of failure, and white is the color of mourning.

The figure “4” is also a symbol of death, therefore it should not be anywhere - neither on a gift, nor on money, and the number of bills should be either more or less.

In the first three days of the Chinese New Year in the house can not be cleaned. During the New Year, good deities appear in all houses, giving happiness and good fortune, which accumulate in the form of dust.

Usually, after the onset of the Chinese New Year, you cannot buy shoes, so as not to cause trouble. And all because, "shoes" in Chinese are consonant with the Chinese "difficult."

Also in the first month you can not get a haircut, otherwise failures avalanche fall on the uncle on my mother's side.

In the first days of the New Year celebration, knives and other sharp objects should not be used so as not to cut off your happiness.

To wash your hair on New Year’s holidays is to wash away your luck.

You can not quarrel, sort things out, swear, shout and utter curses.

Lend money. It is necessary to distribute all the money that you borrowed.

According to the Chinese calendar, February 16 will be the year 4716 - the year of the Yellow Dog, which will last until February 4, 2019, when it will be replaced by the Year of the Yellow Pig.

The Chinese consider the Yellow Pig to be the most interesting animal in the eastern horoscope. They believe that thanks to the wisdom and loyalty of the Pig, they avoid conflicts, and justice is always on the side of those who deserve it.

And esland you decided to celebrate Chinese with chic after the New Year and Old New Year, welcome. Original poems and SMS, as noisy Chinese fireworks expel evil spirits and pleasantly delight your friends, relatives and loved ones attracting peace and happiness to every home. Good and tender greetings in prose, like New Year's Chinese lanterns, will be a pleasant surprise for your loved ones and will create on the night of the celebration of the Chinese New Yearatmosphere of mystery and tenderness at the same time

Congratulations on the New Year on the Chinese calendar in 2019 in verse

Although a year has already entered the law,
It is February, but here -
Suddenly the holiday came again,
Chinese New Year!

Everywhere music and laughter,
The glasses are full again,
We hurry to congratulate everyone soon.
We are happy with the winter!

Let the house be a full cup,
Let life go easy
And let us bring happiness
Chinese New Year!

Slavic New Year has passed,
Now the Chinese turn.
Let him bring all
A life without sorrows and worries,

Health strong more,
And rest as long as possible
Yes to always be personal
You have everything on excellent!

Well, the turn has come
Meet the Chinese New Year.
Not be superfluous again
Say a nice couple of phrases.

And wish to have fun
It was spring dripping,
The year was easy and successful
To have all the strength!

Let the Chinese New Year
Give joy and fun
And bring a big income,
That the life gave pleasure!

I wish you happiness, prosperity,
So good luck to fly!
Let the wishes come true
May the heart always sing sweetly!

With the new spring will come an update,
Believe the Chinese, they are wise!
Happy New Year and new excitement,
May the forces not leave you on the way,
With the new spring and with the new task,
May it be yours today,
You believe in the sky and believe in luck,
They have happiness for everyone!

Funny congratulations on the Chinese New Year in verses

New trends in favor
At the end of the hoary winter
Happy New Year to all!
Heartily we congratulate.

One month from the solstice!
Taking the Chinese calendar,
New Year's hunt again
We celebrate as old.

Why argue with the century?
Looking for a reason people
Carnival, Fireworks
Meet the lunar new year!

Let's have fun again
Let's celebrate the New Year!
It doesn't matter that February is already,
Holiday in the house goes.

Come on Chinese New Year
We will meet, as in China,
Firecrackers will clap we
Salutes launching.

Let's arrange a holiday of lanterns,
Dances and feast,
May the New Year bring us all
Chinese health!

Here came the holiday today.
New year is waiting for us again.
Here is a poem accept idle,
What to congratulate all ready.
I wish you all a lot of happiness
And, of course, love.
So happy dear
This year they were able to pass.

The best holiday is the New Year!
Let today New Year is Chinese,
But the Russian people are glad to him,
We do not care whose it is important to us - a holiday!

The breadth of the soul is enough for us,
To congratulate on the holiday of the Chinese,
We will raise a toast to their success,
We wish them good and happiness!

Hooray! Chinese New Year
From the East on a visit to us goes!
He is dressed in the thinnest silk.
We will give him congratulations:
So that he was good every time
Russian New Year looks like!
To bring home light
To sing his poet!
That all met him again,
Giving both tenderness and love!

Short wishes for the Chinese New Year 2019 in verse and prose

Congratulations to all the Chinese New Year! According to Chinese traditions, we wish all people that a wonderful New Year's firework scare away all the troubles, misfortunes and failures. Let the new year there will be new pleasant changes: someone in his career, someone in the family. Happy Chinese New Year!

In China, it’s time to
In China, the new year,
Celebrate this holiday
And ours, of course, the people.

It's already February, and we will light
Chinese lanterns,
And let us fire salute to the sky,
And Bengal lights.

Give us a reason to take a walk,
Chinese New Year is great
After all, our people are the most fun,
So in the world they say it is not in vain!

The Chinese are celebrating their new year today. Traditions are slightly different, but in general, the principle is the same as ours: New Year - New happy life cycle. We wish this holiday, so that no one is left without a piece of happiness. Happy holiday, dear!

Again Chinese New Year
From the east to visit us comes,
He will bring us fun
All the people walk in the world.

Today we congratulate everyone,
We sincerely wish happiness
We have fun, relax,
Eat, dance, drink!

The Chinese are very hardworking and interesting people with their centuries-old rich culture. Today they celebrate the new year. We wish them prosperity, fulfillment of desires and peace. Let the red Chinese lanterns protect their homes from evil spirits, from misfortunes and bad thoughts. Congratulations from the heart!

Let the Chinese New Year
Happiness will enter the house again,
Forever remain
After all, everyone likes to celebrate.

Let everyone always waiting for success
This holiday is the best
All warmth, love, kindness,
Happy New Year, cheers!

Chinese New Year 2019 - beautiful verse greetings

Here again, there is a reason to get together
And once again sit down at the table!
And the New Year is now Chinese -
To us in February came again!

Well, I want to congratulate you
And in Chinese New Year wish
May there be happiness in the house to rule
And so you do not stop dreaming!

Let all the luck be,
And everything comes true soon!
Everything that you will guess today
By the light of the scarlet lanterns!

If the Russian soul wishes a holiday,
Although the Chinese New Year also celebrates!
Russian vodka pour il Scotch whiskey
So that the Chinese are not offended, we eat rice!

As the Chinese toast sounds, we don’t know!
Only we have already penetrated the spirit of the Middle Kingdom!
Let the Chinese New Year come late
But we can make new wishes!

Us chinese new holiday
Generously donated
To New Year Chinese
You and I were stupid!

Well, let the salutes thunder
And the glasses are ringing,
To celebrate New Year
Another start!

I'll give you a Chinese holiday
I sincerely wish:
Do not miss my prank friend,
New Year's Day!

In load to cheap salutes
China gave us with you
Even your holiday passing
To celebrate this winter!

Yes, actually we do not mind!
Let it be - tea is not poorer!
After all, the oil does not spoil the rice,
And we understand the sense of porridge!

Let the Chinese holiday gives us
Health and happiness, like ours!
But only today we fill
Drink "native" their bowls!

After their holidays not to be bored,
We will celebrate Chinese New Year!
Creatively, we will lay the table, that is, not for show!
Here we are when we get olivier with chopsticks!

We inflated balls to our New Year,
In Chinese, we will light red lanterns!

Chinese New Year 2019 - sms greetings

Do not miss the New Year
Even Chinese!
Christmas is over,
Far from May!
Well, why should we
Do not drink for the Chinese?
For the dates divorced
Thanks to all of you!

Us Chinese New Year
This is a new holiday!
But we know in advance
It will be fun!
So let the glass ring
To make the year happy!

New Year comes to us
From China come from!
But we can handle it easily.
And with this happy new year!
A salute will thunder again,
Drink again, they'll pour it!

What is for Russian New Year?
This is a cause for concern!
This is an occasion for everyone to gather
Have a good laugh together!
And he is our Chinese il
Same landscape!

For Chinese New Year
Sending a message!
Accept honest people
Today congratulations!
This holiday though not ours
There is a stir at the table!

Chinese New Year 2019 - congratulations in prose

Learning all the wisdom of the Chinese New Year is quite difficult! Therefore, I wish you to meet this holiday as well as ours, but let it bring the wisdom of the ages into your life! Let the Eastern philosophy from now on help you make the right decisions! And may your health be tremendous like the whole of Celestial!

Meet the Chinese New Year is necessary so that the desire for the implementation has become even more! Let the coming “Chinese” year bring the wisdom and power of all the animals from the Chinese horoscope into your life at once. May your health be strong like the wall of China! Congratulations, dear, with the Chinese New Year!

I want to congratulate everyone who was waiting for the New Year on the Chinese calendar! Let this year be a symbol of the awakening of a new life! Let the new cycle of the moonwill help just solve the most difficult problems! And may something new and unusually good happen to each of you in every lunar month!

After the whole series of winter holidays, I would also like to congratulate you on the Chinese New Year! As in all previous, I wish you the best health, the realization of dreams and the implementation of plans! Let on your way meet those people who will bring you good luck and help if necessary!

Chinese New Year is another reason to meet friends, family and friends! I wish you this meeting to be warm and joyful! Let those people with whom you like to communicate gather at the table! Let the wishes that you make come true! And let the animal, in whose power this year is, help in this!

Congratulations on the Chinese New Year 201 in your own words

Chinese New Year is the final stage of the new year’s entry into its legal rights. Congratulations to all on this holiday and we wish everyone a lot of success, fabulous surprises and magical accomplishments of all desires. Let one of the 12 animals embellish your life with serpentine wisdom, the lion’s share of happiness or horse power!

Dear compatriots, we congratulate you on the Chinese New Year - another holiday that can diversify your life by adding a little color and warmth in the first cold spring days. We wish you all the fulfillment of the newly conceived desires, creative successes and many pleasant fateful meetings!

To all our compatriots, we wish to celebrate the Chinese New Year with fun and friendship. Our neighbors celebrate this holiday very long and brightly, traditionally eating dumplings, bean curd and giving money instead of gifts. We wish everyone during this period to enjoy the same goodies, get a portion of positive and have a rest so that there is something to remember!

The symbol of the victory of good over evil in China is the New Year. This is a fun holiday, with Chinese lanterns, lots of fireworks and dancing. We wish everyone in these seven days of celebrations just as fun to have a rest, to once again remember the New Year and to wish each other all the best, bright and warm!

In the Chinese New Year, we want to wish everyone a wonderful mood, new beginnings, success in work and good health. Let it be for everyone the beginning of a new love, big victories, the realization of all plans and just a time for a pleasant stay.

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