Chevrolet-Niva: stove and its repair

In every car plays an important rolea heater, that is a stove. It is difficult to imagine how to make a move during sub-zero temperature, without having it in the car. In this article, we will consider the heating system on a Niva-Chevrolet car. Also we learn about the ways of replacing both the stove and its radiator separately, without resorting to the help of service stations and auto-masters.

how to remove the stove on the field

The stove on the "Niva" is installed in a liquid type, itis connected to the cooling system. In the instrument panel is a casing made of plastic, it is in it that the radiator of the heater is located. In the car "Chevrolet-Niva" the stove does not have a tap and is controlled only by flaps.

Stove components

First of all we will understand what the stove consists of. "Niva-Chevrolet" has the following layout:

  • vent duct;
  • air duct, heated windshield;
  • intermediate housing;
  • air intake filter;
  • fan;
  • air heating duct;
  • airway heating duct;
  • radiator heater.

For perfect operation the stove must be strictlyobserve the rules of operation and promptly carry out preventive cleaning of the entire system. If there is a breakdown, there is a need to eliminate it. Next, we'll look at ways how the stove and radiator are disassembled and replaced on the Niva car.


Now it's time to talk about how to take offstove on the "Niva". Its dismantling is performed due to a breakdown or in the event that it interferes with the repair of other equipment. To remove the stove, prepare a set of tools.

field stove

Before the car is removed from the stove,"Niva-Chevrolet" is initially de-energized. In other words, you need to disconnect and remove the battery. Then remove the instrument panel. On the control panel of the stove are the handles, which are responsible for heating and air circulation. We remove them.

After carrying out the above-mentioned works, we removedecorative stove control panel. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screw securing the bracket. Next, we remove the light bulbs that serve to illuminate the levers. We unscrew the screw securing the bracket, and disconnect the damper drive rods. Then we uncouple all wires and remove the remaining traction. The next step is to remove the fan switch and the heater after unscrewing the element to which it is attached to the instrument panel.

At this stage, the removal of the stove is over. After necessary maintenance, the assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

How to replace the heater with a car "Niva-Chevrolet"

With frequent trips through the forest or simply byoff road your car can upset you with the smell of antifreeze or misted windows. In this case, you either need to repair or change the stove. If your heater can not be repaired or repaired, it means that it needs to be replaced.

stove heater

Replacement of the stove on the "Niva" is enougheasily. First remove the heater as described above. We install a new stove. The whole process is reversed. Before the decisive step of removing and replacing the stove, it is worth paying attention to the radiator of the heater. It may well be that the reason for the non-working condition lies precisely in it. In the car "Chevrolet-Niva" the stove is put and dismantled without any problems, the main thing is to follow the order of actions.


The heater of the stove "Niva-Chevrolet" is a sensitive anddeserves a separate consideration. The standard heating system in this car does not always work well and gives off little heat. The regular radiator starts flowing with time, and it is necessary to change it. But do not rush, perhaps it makes sense to clean or solder? But if there is no option other than a replacement, then it's worth it. Before replacing the radiator you need to understand the existing types of such devices.

Types of radiators

Radiators from two kinds of a material are made: copper and aluminum. Each has its own minuses and pluses. The aluminum radiator quickly heats up, is inexpensive and has good rigidity at a low weight. However, such a device can not be repaired, since it is very problematic to solder. Also, aluminum does not hold heat well, so it quickly cools.

replacement of the furnace in the field

Copper radiators are more expensive in price, but they have their positive characteristics:

  • Unlike aluminum, they last longer, because copper does not lend themselves to corrosion.
  • Long retained temperature, despiteon the fact that they are slowly heating up. In the off-road car "Niva", the stove requires heating more space than conventional sedans. That's why the radiator should choose a quality one.

The downside of a copper radiator is one thing: it is not very easy to acquire details of acceptable quality. The device made of copper is more expensive than aluminum. Its price is in the range of 2000-2500 rubles.


Replacing the radiator heater is fairlysimple, but it can take a long time. The main thing is to prepare the entire instrument and spare parts before use to start using high quality.

The replacement will take place in stages:

  • We overlap the entire heating system. If it is not sealed, it is required to drain the antifreeze.
  • It is better to cover the car with a cloth, since some of the antifreeze will in any case get inside.
  • Removing the console, dismantling the glove box. It is desirable to unscrew the gearbox lever (gearbox).
  • We unscrew the fixing of the radiator bracket.
  • Remove or relax the panel screws.
  • Remove the cover with the fan.
  • We remove the radiator, before it drain the antifreeze.

heatsink heater

To install a new radiator we produceactions in the reverse order. During the work, pay attention to the condition of the device itself and the nozzles. Do not install a radiator or pipes that have cracks or cuts. It is better to spend one time on a new one than constantly repairing the old one.

After installation, be sure to make sure that there is no airlock in the system, otherwise you'll have to go through everything again. A new radiator is installed. It can be used for a few years.

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