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Characteristics of stained glass ceilings

January 26, 2018

Characteristics of stained glass ceilingsStained glass ceilings are a novelty in the field of construction, being one of the most beautiful and expensive ways to finish the ceiling. The history of the use of stained glass windows as a decoration of the rooms dates back several hundred years, but earlier it was a privilege of elite buildings - palaces, temples, churches. Thanks to modern technologies for decorating the ceiling with stained glass windows, it has become available to the general population. They are painted square elements, assembled and fastened on a special suspended structure, located slightly below the base.

The resulting stained glass surface has a number of advantages:

1. Easy to install. Especially if the ceiling has a flat surface, the installation of the mounting system is not difficult. In this case, the main surface does not need to finish, because it is completely covered with stained glass windows. If the ceiling has a complicated configuration, in this case the installation of a stained glass ceiling will take less time than, for example, a tie.

2. Ease of care.Recommendations for the operation of the ceiling are very simple: keep from mechanical damage and wipe with a damp cloth from time to time. In case of damage to one of the panels, it is easy to replace, without dismantling the entire system.

3. Long service life. With proper and careful care, such a ceiling can last for decades.

4. Environmental friendliness. The basis of the stained glass material is glass, characterized by perfect harmlessness to human health. The same applies to stained paints, the use of which there are no restrictions with regard to residential premises.

5. Resistant to moisture. Due to composite materials, the coating perfectly tolerates moisture (including direct exposure). In some cases, the stained glass ceiling can act as a waterproofing.

6. Decorating properties. Stained-glass windows are distinguished by their beauty and aesthetics, and it is precisely because of their uniqueness that they are often chosen as finishing for ceilings in houses. They are able to complement any original design, as there is a large selection of shades and colors of the coating. Particularly beautiful is the finish of dome forms with the help of stained glass windows.There are a number of non-standard forms of stained glass panels - flowers, petals, animals, polygons, etc.

Thanks to its extraordinary design possibilities, stained glass ceilings find their wide application in private construction, as well as in decorating cultural and public institutions.

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